Published: 9 December, 2022

10 Most Popular Hobbies That Are Common All Over the World

We’ve all heard the infamous quote about working tirelessly and no play (that is, without taking a break) makes Jack a dull boy. It is essential to unwind especially  after fruitful long day at work. Downtime is just as important as time spent putting in the hard work. There are many ways one can unwind and have fun. This article can help you find a new hobby, a new way to tap into your creative, fun side.

What makes camping so popular?

After the current changes to how we work and earn a living, more people are inclined to spend more time in nature just to decompress. It doesn’t not take much to go camping. You only need a car to get you to your destination, a tent, and a few essential supplies. You might also want to take something to keep you busy since most camping grounds are out of cell service.

Why video games are so popular

Video games might get a bad rap, but more and more people are starting to find them entertaining. Video games are a positive way to keep the mind occupied while spending little to no money. The best part is people of all ages can play video games, so it’s a great way to bond with loved ones. The only downside to playing video games is you might get addicted and neglect other parts of your life.

Working out

There are many ways to break a sweat, including lifting weights, running, or even yoga. Most office jobs require employees to remain seated for stretched periods which can lead to health issues in the long run. Most people work out for the physical benefits of a toned body. Whichever reason gets you moving, working out is a great hobby to keep you healthy.

Cooking – an ongoing trend

Many people are taking up cooking as a hobby, and some have even transformed it into a business. Cooking became a crucial skill during the recent pandemic when access to takeout was limited. Putting together a decent meal for the loved ones doesn’t necessarily have to take much effort, and it’s one of the greatest and effective ways of keeping yourself on a healthy diet. Whether you are the type to follow the recipe to the T or eyeball, everything cooking is a great way to pass the time.

The advantages of gardening

You have probably seen numerous videos online encouraging people to regrow veggies after cutting them up. This is one of the many effectives and practical ways that people across the world get interested in gardening. Gardening as a hobby is a great way to train your mind on delayed gratification, which can have a positive impact in the long run.


Books are available in most parts of the world and provide an excellent escape for readers. Whichever genre you are interested in reading is sure to keep you entranced and improve your knowledge base.

Korean literature and music has become a favorite hobby for many. Suppliers like Daebak offer a range of products for dedicated collectors.

Arts and crafts – the new creativity

Working with your hands to create a beautiful ornament is a great way to unwind and decompress after a hard day at work. Maybe it’s time you grab a brush and try your creative side. If you don’t have a knack for art yourself, you can also take advantage of offers to create custom artwork, such as Pet Creations Art.

Board games – a popular hobby for family and friends

Board games are perfect if you have a large family to entertain after dinner. Whether you like monopoly or chess, board games are an undeniably entertaining way to pass the time for the whole family.

Audiobooks and podcasts

You can get a lot done while listening to your favorite audiobook or podcast. There are podcasts on pretty much any topic on the internet, so you will be spoiled for choice. This hobby is a great way to get brighter on the move.

Learning – The desire to discover new things

Yes, learning can be a great hobby. You can try and learn a new language or pick up a new musical instrument during your free time. Whatever you try, be consistent with your learning, so you can succeed.

Crafting and Music and other Hobbies

In addition to gardening, reading and other pastimes, music and crafts among the popular hobbies. There are some providers, such as Soundtrap and Sewing Machines Plus, where you can pursue your hobby. Providers such as Stündenglass are also interesting. It’s worth taking a look at the store!

By the way, you can also be creative in your spare time and maybe write your own book? Tips on how to get from the idea to the finished book can be found in numerous articles on the Internet.