Published: 15 February, 2024

10 important questions for consumers about AIDA cruises

Cruises are growing in popularity worldwide and AIDA Cruises is considered one of the leading brands in this segment. With its fleet of modern ships, AIDA offers unique travel experiences ranging from breathtaking itineraries to first-class onboard offerings. This article highlights various aspects of AIDA cruises to give potential travelers a comprehensive overview. From cost and cabin amenities to food, entertainment and special children’s programs to safety and environmental standards, you’ll find detailed information to help you plan your next cruise.

How much does an AIDA cruise cost?

The cost of an AIDA cruise varies considerably, depending on the duration of the trip, route, cabin category and season. Short trips often start at a few hundred euros, while longer, exotic trips can cost several thousand euros. Inside cabins are cheaper than outside cabins or suites. The price includes full board, use of many on-board facilities and entertainment programs. Additional costs are incurred for extras such as drinks packages, shore excursions, wellness offers and internet. Early bookers benefit from discounts. Last-minute offers can also be cheap, but offer less choice. The time of travel influences the price: high season trips are more expensive than in the low season.

What routes does AIDA offer?

AIDA Cruises offers a variety of routes worldwide. Mediterranean cruises are popular, calling at ports in Spain, Italy and Greece. Northland cruises include destinations such as Norway and Iceland. Caribbean cruises lead to beautiful islands such as Barbados or Jamaica. In Asia, metropolises such as Singapore and Hong Kong are visited. AIDA also includes more exotic destinations such as South Africa or the Seychelles. River cruises on European waters are also on offer. Transatlantic and world cruises make it possible to experience various continents on a single trip. Each route is characterized by unique cultural and scenic highlights.

How are the cabins on AIDA ships equipped?

AIDA ships like AIDAprima offer different types of cabins: Inside cabins, sea view cabins, balcony cabins and suites. All cabins are modern and comfortably furnished, with beds, desk, seating, TV, telephone, air conditioning, hairdryer and safe. The bathrooms have a shower and WC. Sea view and balcony cabins also offer windows or balconies. Suites offer more space, often with a separate living area, larger beds and some with additional amenities such as a whirlpool or private sun terrace. WLAN is available for a fee. The cabin decor is stylish, with maritime accents. Bed linen and towels are changed regularly. The cabins offer practical storage space for luggage.
Food and drinks AIDA

What catering options are available on board?

AIDA ships offer a variety of catering options. Buffet restaurants are included in the cruise price, with a selection of dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Here guests will find international, Mediterranean and local dishes. À la carte restaurants offer specialty cuisine including seafood, Italian, Asian and vegetarian options, additional charges may apply. Snack bars offer light meals and snacks. Cafés are on board for coffee and cake. Several bars offer drinks, cocktails and refreshments. Dietary and allergy-friendly meals are also available. Room service is available on request. Quality and freshness of ingredients are a top priority on AIDA ships.

What is the entertainment on AIDA ships like?

The entertainment on AIDA ships is varied and of high quality. Evening shows in the theaters impress with professional music, dance and acrobatic performances. Live music, from classical to pop, creates atmosphere in various bars. Discotheques invite you to dance. During the day, creative workshops, sports tournaments and lectures on travel destinations offer variety. For movie fans, there are cinemas showing the latest films. Art lovers can visit galleries and take part in art auctions. Children and teenagers can enjoy age-appropriate entertainment in supervised clubs. Those seeking relaxation will find peace and quiet in wellness areas. Guest artists and experts enrich the program on some routes.

Are there offers or activities for children on AIDA cruises?

AIDA cruises offer an extensive program for children. Supervised kids’ clubs are divided into age groups: Seahorses (ages 3-6), Dolphins (ages 7-9), Sharks (ages 10-11) and Teens (ages 12-17). Activities include games, sports competitions, crafts and treasure hunts. Special children’s pools and water slides offer fun in the water. Family-friendly excursions on land are geared towards younger travelers. Teenagers enjoy disco evenings, gaming tournaments and sports activities. AIDA also offers childcare during the evening hours so that parents can enjoy the evening program. On some ships there are youth rooms with the latest video games and chill-out areas. Children’s dishes in restaurants and buffets are tailored to young palates.

What are AIDA’s cancellation and rebooking conditions?

AIDA cancellation and rebooking conditions vary depending on the fare. With Flex fares, cancelations and rebookings are possible for a fee, which increases as the travel date approaches. Vario fares offer less flexibility; high cancellation fees are common. AIDA Premium fares allow more flexibility for rebooking, often without additional costs, depending on the time of booking and travel date. Cancellations in the Premium fare follow a staggered fee structure. The following applies to all tariffs: the closer the departure date, the higher the cancellation costs. Travel cancellation insurance is recommended. Different conditions may apply during special promotions. Details can be found in the AIDA General Terms and Conditions.

What safety measures are taken on AIDA ships?

AIDA implements strict health and safety measures. A health check is carried out before boarding. On board, regular disinfection and cleaning ensure hygiene. Air filter systems ensure high air quality. Masks are often compulsory in public areas and when people gather. Hand sanitizing stations are accessible everywhere. Medical staff are always available, with well-equipped clinics for emergencies. Emergency plans for various scenarios are implemented. Passenger safety drills are mandatory. Crew members receive regular training in hygiene and safety protocols. Capacity restrictions in certain areas prevent overcrowding. These measures are adapted to current health guidelines and regulations.
Environmentally friendly AIDA ships

How environmentally friendly are AIDA cruises?

AIDA strives to make its cruises environmentally friendly. Some ships use liquefied natural gas (LNG), which reduces emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and particulate matter. Energy efficiency measures, such as LED lighting and optimized propulsion systems, reduce energy consumption. Water treatment plants enable the use of seawater for technical purposes. Waste management on board separates and reduces waste, with the aim of avoiding landfill. AIDA is involved in projects to protect marine ecosystems. Despite these efforts, the cruise industry remains an environmental challenge. AIDA is working to further improve its environmental footprint.

What experiences have other travelers had with AIDA cruises?

Travelers report mostly positive things about their AIDA cruises. The diverse routes and the modern, clean ships are particularly praised. The cabins are described as comfortable and well equipped. Guests appreciate the varied and tasty food as well as the high-quality entertainment programs. Family friendliness, with a wide range of activities for children, is frequently emphasized. The friendliness and professionalism of the staff are also praised. There is occasional criticism regarding waiting times for embarkation and disembarkation and the organization of shore excursions. Some travelers would also like to see more comprehensive environmental protection measures. Overall, however, satisfaction with the AIDA experience prevails.