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About 24S

24S is an online marketplace for designer shoes, accessories, clothes, bags, and jewelry from over 12,000 designers and 2,000 reputable stores. The 24S store has a unique taste that allows them to provide customers with the best collections and collaborations from highly appreciated labels like Chloe. A collection of elegant women’s and men’s wear reflects the satisfaction people get once they buy their clothes from this store.

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Customer Reviews

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 by RoZo

The bags are stylish and well made, the shoes are comfortable and stylish and the clothes are figure flattering and well made. I have never had a bad experience with 24S clothing or accessories. Everything I have bought from them has been high quality and stylish. I would definitely recommend 24S to anyone looking for fashionable, high quality clothing and accessories.

 by Tara

I was very pleased with the selection of designer fashion at 24S. I found some great pieces that I couldn't find anywhere else. The delivery was very fast and I was pleased with the quality of the clothes.

How well is 24S rated?

Every review on your store online matters, whether good or bad, as this is what potential customers look for to decide if they want to be engaged with your store or products. A company achieving a good rating does have a positive impact on its sales, and this is why ratings are vital.

Based on different sites, 24S has different ratings about their products and customer service. Overall, all these ratings are excellent and show that this is a store you can trust to provide quality products serving a hundred countries and is available for twenty-four hours in case you require their assistance or want to inquire about them.

Is 24S legit?

The 24S launching took place in 2007; since then, the store has been providing customers with luxury fashion for footwear and clothing from coveted collections and designers globally. The authenticity of this store is not on the radar as they work with big names like Louis Vuitton and Dior to create incredible products for interested parties who are ready to spend their money on designer things.

On their social media platforms, 24S has over 180K followers who write about them as you will find a review about anywhere on their social media pages which does say much about the legitimacy of this company. The customer reviews on this store speak highly of the products people have bought from the company and urge them to improve on aspects where they are lagging.

Are there 24S coupons or discount codes?

Using a reliable source, you can get active coupons and discount codes online on some of your most frequented stores and save some pennies. Discounts are not frequently seen for designer goods. Like fine art, 24S's items are often only appreciated with time, so it's a pleasant surprise to know that they occasionally have Black Friday sales with a 20 percent discount sitewide.

During the Black Friday sale, you can use BLACKFRIDAY20 at checkout to take advantage of the discount.24S also has coupons and discount codes for different deals and items to attract as many customers as possible. There is 20 percent off any new collections on the store, first order discounts, and coupons for existing customers at the 24S official site. Currently, one can get one deal and seven coupons on the site and enjoy the perks of possessing one.

Which products/categories do 24S offer?

24S is an all-around company with different products for both genders. The brands that work together with this store are highly respected, so most people trust the store to provide the best products without mishaps. This online store sells designer clothing, footwear, beauty products, accessories, jewelry, and bags.

The best thing about the different products you can get from this site is that they are not from just any brand but only the top ones which is a plus. Shop now and enjoy the incredible deals available for you as you can find something that can suit your personality and look classic wearing it around. There is no better feeling than feeling glamorous without trying too hard.

Which are the 24S order process and payment methods?

When exploring the 24S site and finding something suitable for you, opt to purchase it; the process is not long as you only need to click on the item and go ahead and place your order where you have to pay for it. The ordering process is not complicated as you get to take a step at a step move until you finish purchasing whatever you were buying as the site guides you through the process.

When it comes to the payment process, you can pay using Visa, Union Pay, MasterCard, PayPal, Alipay, JCB, Discover (for USD currency only), and America Express. After payment, the order undergoes the shipping process and gets to you at the expected time as on the site; they give an estimate on when to await its arrival.

What are 24S' delivery times, shipping service, and costs?

24S serves about a hundred countries with 24/7 delivery in cities like London, Milan, and New York. Depending on the country your items are being shipped to, the shipping cost can be a bit higher than expected, but there is a usual range as shipping to the European countries for the standard shipping is between €8 and €10 and €8 to €15 for express shipping.

For any other country, it costs between €9 and €25, depending on your selected shipping. The shipping fees are free for EU orders beyond €200 or US ones over $300. Your order is likely to arrive between one and two business days, and in case this is not the case, you can log into your 24S account and find out if there is a hold.

What is the right of return/return policy of 24S?

Every product-selling store has a return policy to govern customers on where to start when they want to return a product. With 24S, you are rewarded with thirty days to return the items you are dissatisfied with, all for free, with the option of picking them up from your house or a nearby pick-up point. When replacing the product, ensure it has not been worn or damaged and still has the brand’s labels, as this is the only way it will be accepted.

In accordance with this store’s return policy, if they agree to take back the product, they will refund your money in full through the initial payment method. Remember, a bad review on the return policy can affect your numbers, and this is why you need to be competent with this.

Which is the contact/support for 24S?

There are several ways of contacting 24S as they have an email address and contacts you can use to reach them. The phone number is +33 1 70 37 14 79, and the email address is bonjour(at) These are the effective way of reaching this store as the phone number is always on and answered around the clock in case you need to speak to someone about the products or seek information about the store.

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