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About AIDA

AIDA is a company that operates a fleet of cruise ships. On the portal of the travel provider you can book ship trips. Among the choices are Mediterranean cruises, Norway cruises, Baltic Sea cruises and Orient cruises. Caribbean cruises can also be booked. The ship fleet counts a total of twelve ships. These include AIDAcosma, AIDAnova, AIDAmar and AIDAsol..

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What is the experience with AIDA?

AIDA is a German cruise line that has an ever-growing fleet and now consists of more than 10 large cruise ships. AIDA ships have received extraordinarily positive reviews in recent years and are known for their excellent service and great experiences – many positive cruise reviews speak for this. In particular, the staff is praised, often being extremely friendly and helpful. The food also compares very favorably to many other competitors.

Which AIDA ships are there?

Aida ships are a class of cruise ships operated by the German cruise line AIDA Cruises. The first ship of the class, was delivered to the shipping company several years ago. She was followed by her sister ship, AIDAluna. A third ship, AIDAcara, was delivered somewhat later. There are now over 10 ships, including:

Which AIDA ship is the best?

It is difficult to judge which AIDA ship is the best. It depends on where you place your emphasis when evaluating ship travel. There are a few factors to consider, such as the service, the itinerary, or the age of the ship. It really depends on what the vacationer is looking for or what they particularly like about cruise ships.

If one rather likes a large cruise ship, one is probably already better off on the AIDAprima. The larger AIDA ships have more amenities and activities to offer, but the smaller ships offer a more intimate experience and are often more advisable, especially for older clientele.

Which AIDA itineraries are the best?

Just as with AIDA cruise ship favorites, itineraries are nice for some and not so great for others. It all depends on the taste of the travelers.
AIDA’s most popular itinerary, at least judging by reviews and testimonials over the past few years, is the Mediterranean cruise, which includes a number of countries on the itinerary, including Italy, Spain, Greece and Turkey. Excursions on this itinerary include visits to ancient ruins like the Parthenon in Athens and natural wonders like the Blue Grotto in Capri.



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