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Read reviews on Ancheer and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did Ancheer get and what are the reasons for this?

About Ancheer

Ancheer is a company that specializes in the production of e-bikes. Ancheer has been on the market since 2008 and has become one of the leading suppliers of e-bikes in Europe and North America. The company emphasizes sustainability and offers environmentally friendly alternatives to the conventional bicycle.

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 by George

The Ancheer electric mountain bike is a solid bike that performs well for its price range. I used it for a few months and was generally pleased with its performance.

The electric motor assist is helpful for hill climbing and longer rides, although I found that the battery power was limited and I had to recharge it often. The bike's frame is sturdy and well built, but it's not the lightest mountain bike on the market. It can be a little hard to maneuver, especially on tight trails.

The brakes work well and the gears are accurate. However, I had a few issues with the rear derailleur coming loose occasionally, forcing me to stop and readjust it. This could be a problem if you have a longer ride planned.

The design of the bike is appealing, with a nice finish and clean aesthetic. It is also easy to assemble and adjust, so you can use it quickly.

Overall, the Ancheer electric mountain bike is a good value for those looking for a solid bike without having to spend a fortune. It may not be the best mountain bike on the market, but it's a good option for casual riders or those just getting into the sport.

 by Holly R.

I purchased some accessories from Ancheer for my e-bike and I must say that I am very satisfied. The products were of solid quality and worked well, but there were some limitations.

For example, I purchased a bike bell from Ancheer that was easy to install and had a clear sound. However, the lever to operate the bell was a bit too small and bulky. Also, the bell sound was not particularly loud, which could be problematic in some traffic situations.

Another product I purchased was a saddle cover to add some comfort to my saddle. The cover was easy to put on and did the job I wanted. However, it shifted a bit after a few weeks of use, so I had to realign it more often.

Finally, I also purchased a bike lock from Ancheer that looked sturdy and secure. Installation was easy and it worked well to secure my bike. However, it was a little heavy and bulky, which can be a bit awkward when transporting the lock on the bike or in a bag.

All in all, I think Ancheer offers solid and reliable products at a good value. The products are functional and serve their purpose, but there is room for improvement in terms of design and usability.

 by PetE90

I recently purchased an Ancheer e-bike and would like to share my experience. The e-bike has a sleek but modern design and is easy to use. The electric assist works well and helps on longer rides, especially on inclines. The brakes are reliable and the bike rides very stable overall. I also appreciate the practical features, such as the luggage rack and integrated lighting. The e-bike is also light enough to be easily transported. However, there are a few things that I didn't like as much. The display is small and hard to read, especially in bright sunlight. The suspension could also be improved, as the e-bike is a bit jerky on uneven roads. Overall, I am satisfied with my Ancheer e-bike. It is a good choice for someone looking for a reliable e-bike for everyday use. The performance is sufficient for normal routes and the price is reasonable compared to other e-bike brands on the market.

How good are the Ancheer experiences?

The Ancheer experiences are mostly positive. Customers are satisfied with the quality of the e-bikes and especially praise the price-performance ratio. Customer service is also often rated positively, as employees are competent and helpful. Ancheer’s ratings, customer opinions and reviews show that customers are satisfied with the company’s products and service. Many customers report a quick and uncomplicated ordering process as well as fast delivery. The return policy is also rated positively by customers.

However, some customers criticize the build quality of some products as well as the lack of comfort on longer routes. However, it should be noted that this can vary from person to person and often depends on individual preferences. Overall, Ancheer’s experiences are mostly positive and show that the company is a good choice for customers looking for a high-quality e-bike at an affordable price. However, it is always advisable to read ratings and reviews to get a full picture of other customers’ experiences.

Is Ancheer reputable & trustworthy?

Ancheer is a reputable company that maintains high quality standards. The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified, meeting the requirements for a quality management system. Ancheer also offers a one-year warranty on all products. Customers can contact customer service at any time if they have any questions or problems.

How to buy an Ancheer 26 inch e-bike?

The ordering process at Ancheer is simple and straightforward. Customers can select the desired e-bike 26 inch online and add it to the shopping cart. Then they have to enter their personal data and the desired payment method. The choices include credit card, PayPal and bank transfer. Once the order has been sent, the customer receives an order confirmation by e-mail.

What payment methods does Ancheer offer?

Ancheer offers various payment methods to provide customers with the greatest possible flexibility. The choices include credit card, PayPal and bank transfer. Credit card and PayPal payments are instant, while bank transfer payments require a longer processing time.

What is the delivery time at Ancheer?

The delivery time at Ancheer is 2-7 business days, depending on the customer’s location and the availability of the product. Customers receive a shipping confirmation email after submitting their order, which includes a tracking number. With this number, customers can track the status of their order and see the estimated delivery date.

Is there an Ancheer warranty?

Ancheer offers a one-year warranty on all products. In the event of a defect or problem, customers can contact customer service at any time and return the product for repair or replacement. The warranty does not cover damage caused by improper use or external factors.

Does Ancheer offer a return policy?

Ancheer offers a 14-day return policy from the date of receipt of the product. Customers thus have the opportunity to return the product within this period if it does not meet expectations or has defects. It is important to return the product in undamaged condition and with all accessories. After receipt and inspection of the product, the purchase price will be refunded. For return shipping, the customer can either choose their own shipping provider or use the return label provided by Ancheer.

How to make an Ancheer return?

In case of a return, customers can send the product back to Ancheer. For this, the product should be returned in undamaged condition and with all accessories. After receiving and inspecting the product, the purchase price will be refunded. In this case, the customer is responsible for the return shipping costs. Alternatively, customers can use the return label provided by Ancheer to make the return free of charge.

Is there an Ancheer contact?

Ancheer offers its customers extensive customer support via email and phone. Customers can contact customer service at any time with any questions or concerns. Ancheer employees are knowledgeable and helpful and provide information about products, ordering process, payment methods and delivery time. In addition, Ancheer offers a FAQ section on its website to answer the most frequently asked questions.

Does Ancheer offer coupons?

Ancheer offers coupons that customers can use on their purchases. Coupons can either be purchased on Ancheer’s website or offered as promotions. Customers can enter the coupon code in the shopping cart to get the discount. However, it should be noted that coupons usually cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts.

How to redeem an Ancheer coupon?

To redeem an Ancheer coupon, the customer simply needs to enter the coupon code in the shopping cart. The discount will then be automatically deducted from the purchase price and the customer will receive the price advantage. However, it should be noted that vouchers cannot be combined with other promotions or discounts. A coupon code is often also called a discount code, promotion code or promo code. It is a unique combination of numbers and letters that gives the customer a specific discount on the purchase price. The discount may be expressed as a percentage or as a fixed amount.

Before the customer enters the coupon code, he should make sure that the coupon is still valid and can be redeemed for the desired product. For this, he should read the terms and conditions of the coupon, which are often stated on the Ancheer website.


Ancheer is a reputable company that maintains high quality standards and produces eco-friendly e-bikes. The ordering process is simple and straightforward, and payment is made by credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. The delivery time is 2-7 business days, the warranty is one year and there is a 14-day return policy. Customer service is knowledgeable and helpful, and coupons are offered. Overall, Ancheer is a good choice for anyone looking for a high-quality e-bike.

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