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Barbeques Galore Reviews

How satisfied are customers with Barbeques Galore grills? Here you can find customer reviews and testimonials about the outdoor kitchens, grills and patio furniture of the online store.

About Barbeques Galore

Barbeques Galore was founded in 1980 and has been offering BBQ grills, outdoor kitchens and more at the company’s online store ever since. One can find built-in grills, freestanding grills, pizza ovens and portable grills in the store. The assortment of Barbeques Galore is completed by patio furniture, fireplaces and fire pits.

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Barbeques Galore

Customer Reviews

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 by BobZ

We ordered a grill island and refrigerator from Barbeques Galore for our new outdoor kitchen. The equipment is very good and the grilled meat is very tasty with the grill. We are convinced of the grills and will soon buy more accessories for our new outdoor kitchen in the online store.

 by Travor Z.

Lots of great grills, but you have to choose and that's why we bought a Weber Smoker at Barbeques Galore a while back. The smoker works perfectly and the meat becomes very tender and delicious. Very good we also find that you can buy grills and patio furniture free shipping at Barbeques Galore.

 by Montgomery

A few weeks ago my old electric grill gave up the ghost and I searched the internet for a new grill. This time I wanted to buy a gas grill. In my search for a new grill, I came across the Barbeques Galore online store. After being skeptical at first about buying a gas grill online, I took a chance and ordered the Blaze LTE from the online store. I must say, my doubts were unjustified. After three days, the gas grill arrived and works perfectly.

Is Barbeques Galore legit?

All the greatest memories are made around food. Barbeque Galore guarantees memorable times, from impressive barbeque skills to beautifully comfortable patio furniture. Since its inception in the 1980s, barbeque galore has kept the simple love for barbeque alive, spreading it around the world with its legit grills and outdoor living products. Barbeque galore provides high-quality grills from top-notch manufacturers and their own private-label grills to ensure that all products are authentic and trustworthy. Barbeque Galore has positive reviews on leading review websites, where customer service is praised. Barbeques Galore has been featured in major new articles by the New York Times, proof that you can trust their services.

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