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Want to know how well Beachly is rated? Here you can find the latest experiences and opinions of customers about the online store.

About Beachly

Beachly is an online store for beach clothing and beach accessories. You can order the products as a box subscription and get a discount from Beachly when you sign up.

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Customer Reviews

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 3 reviews
 by Table89

I have since received my second beach box from Beachly. The accessories and care products for the beach are very good. And I also like the beach clothes very much.

 by Billy B.

Recently bought the Beachly Box. I received my first box after a few days. Very good I find the selection of beach fashion and beach accessories. I'm looking forward to more items.

 by Linny89

Pretty and practical fashion and accessories for the beach. I like to buy the box from Beachly and I'm always happy when the next box is delivered. Beachly had recommended to me a friend and so far I am very satisfied with the articles.

Beachly Surf Box Review

Are you a beach lover and a water sports enthusiast looking for creative ways to soak up the sand, sun, and water? With Beachly, you’re one step to enjoying your outdoors with the best beach-inspired goodies. Beachly provides a subscription box to people who love opening boxes and enjoying the surprises right to their doorsteps.

So whether you’re interested in men’s, women’s, or beauty boxes, Beachly has got you covered! So if you’re wondering if Beachly is your go-to subscription box and what to find in the box, we’ll offer an honest Beachly review to help you make an informed decision. Are you ready? Let’s get rolling.

What is Beachly & Beachly Surf Box?

Beachly is an ideal quarterly subscription box with seasonal beach-inspired apparel and accessories. The box is perfect for men and women who love recreations at the beach, lakes, or pools. Besides men and women goodies, Beachly offers a beauty subscription box with beauty products that beach lovers can use. You'll love their beach-inspired items, since they're customized to match people with various tastes and preferences.

Their high-quality items in the box ensure you feel close to the ocean, even if you're in a park or a poolside. Beachly box comes with items from the most trusted brands like Havaianas, Roxy, Aloha, Nixon, DIFF Eyewear, Billabong and several others.

What if you're interested in surf items to help you broaden your experience in the lake or sea? With a Beachly Surf Box, you're guaranteed a box with premium surf items. Whether you want men's or women's surf apparel and accessories, Beachly Surf Box has something for you. Their surf subscription box will deliver premium surf items that match your needs.

How much does Beachly cost?

Beachly takes care of your pocket by delivering high-quality beach items with a bang for your buck compared to online retailers or traditional retail stores. Each box comes with 6-8 items valued at different charges. For instance, women's box is valued at $250 or more, while men's box is valued at $180 or more. In addition, the beauty box comes with beach-inspired products valued at $100. These costs are similar to what most subscription boxes charge. But what makes Beachly stand out?

The subscription box allows you to enjoy two membership options. First, you can choose to pay quarterly or annually, depending on the option that fits your budget allocations. So when on a budget, you can opt for the quarterly option. With this option, you'll be paying $99 plus shipping for the box you'll receive every quarter.

On the other hand, if you choose the annual membership, you'll be receiving one box every quarter but pay an upfront fee of $340 plus shipping. Beachly charges $4.95 for shipping within the US if you're worried about an exorbitant shipping fee. (including Alaska and Hawaii). If you'd prefer saving a few bucks, you can opt for the annual option and save the extra $65.

What's inside a Beachly Box?

This is the part you'll be anticipating the most. To open the box and explore what Beachly packed for you. As we mentioned earlier, the box features 6-8 premium apparel, accessories, and lifestyle goodies. In addition, you'll find a variety of men's and women's products or beauty products in the beauty box.

With every quarterly box, you'll find seasonal items, so you can reap the most when you go outdoors each season. So whether you want sweatshirts for summer recreation or a sweater for fall recreations, the box will have something for you. In the women's box, you'll find apparel and accessories, beach essentials, jewelry, skin and hair care products, coastal home décor, healthy and active living.

On the other hand, the men's box will feature tees, sandals, boardshorts, shorts and pants, button-downs, hats, hoodies, and fleece. When you request a beauty box, you'll find lip balms, fragrances, cleansers, nail polish, hair masks, and moisturizers. You can also find others such as sweatshirts, flip-flops, towels, candles, and sunglasses, among others.

How satisfied are customers?

Beachly has a 3.8 overall rating, with some customers happy with their services and products offered. Those satisfied with Beachly say that every product in the box is worth every penny. Beachly's items are beautiful and of high quality. When compared to other subscription boxes, Beachly's products stand out. Whether it's winter, summer, or fall boxes, everything inside offers the perfect satisfaction. Some customers are also happy about the delivery services since Beachly delivers their boxes at the doorstep of their customers.

While some customers are happy with Beachly, several are not satisfied with their apparel, accessories, and lifestyle items. They complain about highly-priced items that they could easily find elsewhere at lower prices. They also complain about failing to find things they anticipated in the box. Other items don't fit some customers, so they have to try exchanging them.

Also, other customers complain about the subscription fee failing to refund their money after canceling their subscriptions. Finally, some say that the company substitutes items in the box with different or substandard items. However, Beachly is doing all it can to address these issues and improve its services.

Is Beachly legit?

Beachly is a legit company that has served as a subscription box, its takeoff in 2016. The company has been providing its subscribers with beach items quarterly. Lighter Capital funded this subscription box in 2019, and since then, the company has demonstrated impressive growth. Its founder, Kevin Tighe, and cofounder Mark Healey created the first subscription box to provide beach-inspired items.

The company has also partnered with various widely-known brands and other upcoming brands like California, Bali, and Hawaii. Beachly also takes a portion of its earnings from each box to support SeaTrees. SeaTrees is a nonprofit organization that works hard to restore coastal ecosystems. As an outdoor enthusiast, you can try Beachly and enjoy using their apparel and accessories when hitting the beach or spending hot afternoons in the pool.

What benefits does the Beachly Surf Box has over other surf boxes?

  1. Access to Member Market

After becoming a member of Beachly, you'll get access to their Member Market. This Member Market is a shop that offers incredible deals on its premium products.

  1. Giving Back

If you love giving back to the community, purchasing Beachly's boxes helps you give back while still receiving high-quality items. The company donates a given portion of its ernings from each box to fund beach clean-ups.

  1. Straightforward pricing policies

Their pricing of various boxes is straightforward. For example, Beachly has standard charges plus shipping fees indicated on their site when paying quarterly or annually. That means no one will trick you into hidden fees or secret contracts.

The overall verdict

You don’t have to wait until you’re heading outdoors to scroll through various stores for beach items. With Beachly Surf Box, you can enjoy using premium beach-inspired apparel, accessories, and lifestyle products delivered at your doorstep!

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