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How well is bluehost web hosting rated? Here you can find experiences and opinions of consumers who use bluehost web hosting.

About bluehost

Bluehost is a web hosting company that belongs to the Endurance International Group. Bluehost’s services include cloud-based solutions, web hosting and tools for e-commerce. Bluehost has its own servers and supports the open source community.

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 by Freddy 78

With bluehost I built my online store. I really like the many design templates and the tools to customize the website. The backup data protection is also practical and secure.

 by Vicky R.

I think bluehost is very good. The prices for hosting are very reasonable compared to other web hosting providers and the support is very extensive.

 by webfreak

Have been using bluehost for wordpress for a few weeks. It is very easy to use and the domain name is even free for the first year. I also find the support at bluehost very good.

Bluehost Review: Are They the Best Web Hosting Providers?

It’s the dream of every website owner to use a reliable web hosting provider. A perfect hosting provider will help you set up your site in real-time. It’ll also guarantee a fast website, a variety of hosting plans, and dedicated customer service. So if you’re a beginner launching your first website or a large eCommerce website, we have something for you.

In this Bluehost review, we’ll discuss the advantages of Bluehost over other providers, its hosting plans, and whether it’s a legit web hosting provider or not. Ready to find out whether Bluehost is your go-to provider? Read on for reliable insights.

What/Who is Bluehost?

Bluehost is one of the most widely accepted web host providers globally. It's been the recommended WordPress hosting provider since 2006 and powers over two million websites globally. With Bluehost, you only need minutes to get your website up and running. If you're a beginner wondering how to set up your WordPress website, Bluehost has got you covered. Unlike other providers, it simplifies and demystifies all complicated processes of setting up a website. That means you can navigate its interface and follow through with the instructions given without the need for help.

When you explore its homepage, you'll learn why Bluehost is a popular web host among people. In its portfolio, you'll find a variety of hosting products. Also, it takes care of people working on a budget. Bluehost has the best pricing options that cater to small to large enterprises. The web host will also ensure your site runs fast even when there's much traffic. Finally, you don't have to worry if you experience challenges when setting or running your website. Bluehost offers 24/7 customer support that you can access via a phone call, live chat, or emails.

Which Hosting Plans Does Bluehost Offer?

As we said earlier, Bluehost takes care of people with different budget sizes. So whether you want to use a cheap provider that'll help you launch a website and save some cash or spend more money when launching a website for your large enterprise, Bluehost is your perfect bet. Some of the hosting plans it offers include:

  • Shared hosting: Shared hosting is your perfect plan if you're a beginner interested in starting a new website. The plan is cheap and ideal for new websites with low traffic volume. With this hosting plan, your website will share the resources from the server with other websites.
  • Dedicated hosting server: With dedicated hosting, you will be managing all the server's resources on your own.
  • Cloud hosting: Cloud hosting allows the use of multiple cloud servers. In case of high traffic or hardware failure, your website can automatically switch to another server.
  • VPS hosting: VPS (Virtual Private Hosting) plan uses virtualization technology to offer you private resources when using a server with multiple users.
  • WooCommerce hosting: WooCommerce hosting offers essential features for anyone interested in launching an e-commerce store.

What Are the Advantages That Bluehost Has Over Other Providers?

While there are several other hosting providers, Bluehost is the most popular. It stands out among other providers due to the following reasons:

Offers Basic Hosting Packages for All

Bluehost offers cheap and reliable basic hosting packages ideal for people with different budgets. If you're a beginner, you can use its shared hosting that comes with a basic plan. The basic plan is cheap and worth your money. If you compare Bluehost with some providers, you'll realize that it has a bit more expensive plans. However, you won't regret using it since it will offer quality hosting, mature technology, and the best performance. That means you'll enjoy value for your money.

Fast Web Hosting Servers

Your wish is to use a web hosting provider to create your website quickly. In addition, you'd wish to make a website a fast loading speed to ensure you reach out to your target audience. Bluehost is known for its fast servers and guarantees a fast website loading speed. In addition, you can access their servers from anywhere with excellent speed.

Dedicated Customer Support

When setting or running your website, you might experience challenges that you can't work out independently. This is where customers support comes in. With Bluehost, you can enjoy the services of an excellent support group that responds to your queries in a friendly manner. You can contact them 24/7 via phone calls, live chats, or emails.

How satisfied are the customers?

When you explore various customer reviews, you'll realize that most customers offer 4-star or 5-star ratings. This indicates that the provider is widely accepted due to its quality of services. Also, most customers are satisfied with Bluehost, thanks to its customer support, hosting types and reliable pricing.

Customers say that whenever they experienced issues with the plugins or any other matters, they contacted the support group that quickly responded. Some say they've enjoyed using various hosting plans, especially shared hosting. Also, most appreciate the provider's cheap plans, and every penny used is worth the investment. In addition, some love the provider due to the free domain name, easy-to-control panel, reliable security features and high-performance servers.

However, some are dissatisfied with Bluehost. They complain about expensive hosting plans compared to other web hosting providers. Others complain about high renewal charges and may even be more than the amount one paid for when buying the domain.

Is Bluehost legit?

If you're wondering whether Bluehost is legit or not, you have less to worry about. This web host provider has been hosting websites since 2003 and hosts over two million websites worldwide. Bluehost is a reliable hosting provider that guarantees value for your money. You can enjoy using an entry-level shared hosting plan at $2.75 monthly. In addition, you'll enjoy a free domain name in your first year and free SSL certification.

WordPress recommends Bluehost as their best provider. The two have worked together for over ten years to provide their customers with perfect websites. You can explore their website to determine whether they offer valuable and legit services. Also, you can read various reviews to find out what people are saying about Bluehost.

The Final Verdict

Bluehost has everything you need to create your website in real-time. Most websites have ranked it as the number one web host provider. You’ll enjoy choosing from a wide range of hosting options and cheap plans when starting. In addition, the hosting provider has dedicated customer support that’ll take care of any issues your raise in record time.

So whether you’re a beginner creating a new website or you’re upgrading your website, Bluehost has all you require to get the job done. You can head over to their website and learn more about everything they offer to help you make informed decisions.

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