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In our Boll & Branch test you can find experiences and reviews from customers. Read now the opinions of customers about the online store for home textiles and mattresses.

About Boll & Branch

Home textiles for bathrooms and bedrooms, Boll & Branch offers this and much more. The online store also has mattresses and bathrobes made from sustainably produced cotton. There are also gift cards with coupon codes. This gives gift recipients a discount on bedding, towels and more.

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Boll & Branch

Customer Reviews

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 6 reviews
 by Vicky

I like buying bed linen and sheets from Boll & Branch. I really like the fact that the products are produced sustainably. I also like buying organic bed linen from Boll & Branch because I can pay by credit card and I don't have to pay shipping costs for orders over $200.

 by Ricarda

Nice selection of high quality sheets and very good customer service

 by Sara bello

I shop regularly at Boll & Branch for bedding and blankets.. the fabrics are very nice and even after frequent washing the quality remains. have also bought towels from the online store and the quality is unbeatable. I'm happy to pay a little more for that...

 by Lenny Z.

Short delivery times, great special offers and very nice bedding, I am always very happy with my shopping at Boll & Branch.


Very high quality bedding, which is a little more expensive than other suppliers, but you have timeless bedding with beautiful design. I also find practical at Boll & Branch that you can pay with credit card. I will soon also buy a mattress in the online store.

 by Chewing789

Great bedding and very good quality, but I deduct one star because the customer service of the online store could not help me when I wanted to return a comforter.

Boll & Branch Review

After spending busy days meeting deadlines or in the hustle and bustle of the big cities, your wish is to spend nights on a cozy bed. You’ll be spending more than seven hours of sleep on your bed each night. That means the bed should be in the best condition to help you sleep comfortably.

While there’re several factors to consider for a comfortable sleep, you’ll need a good pair of bedding. Unfortunately, finding suitable sheets, duvets, blankets, and pillowcases may seem like a daunting task. It’s also challenging to find a reliable supplier with a soft, luxury and organic fabric for.

Luckily, this is where Boll & Branch comes in. This bedding and accessories brand has something for everyone looking for comfortable and durable bedding at lower prices. In this review, we’ll cover who Boll & Branch is, what it provides, what’s special about its bed sheets and whether it’s legit or not.

Who is Boll & Branch?

Ball & Branch is a bedding and accessories brand that makes soft and 100% organic cotton luxury bedding and bath accessories. The company’s co-founders, Scott Tannen and Missy Tannen, established this brand after shopping for bedsheets in 2013. They realized that all sheets they came across didn’t reveal information about who made them or how they were made. So they saw the opportunity and opened a textile company.

Besides selling suitable bedding for people with varied needs, Boll & Branch takes care of their customers, workers and the environment. They make comfy and luxury sheets, duvets, pillowcases and bath towels that you’d find in your favorite hotels. Their cotton bedding is purely organic and guarantees a comfortable sleep routine. In addition, the company emphasizes using sustainable farming practices to take care of the environment. Also, its pure products, eco-friendly practices, and good working conditions put them ahead of other suppliers.

Boll & Branch ensures that everything they provide is free of harmful chemicals. They also package products with recycled paper and offers eco-friendly shipping. Most of their products are manufactured in India, USA and Portugal. Their employees are adults who work willingly and are fairly paid and treated with respect.

What Does the Boll & Branch Online Store Offer?

Boll & Branch offers a range of bedding and accessories such as sheets, mattresses, duvets, pillowcases and bath towels. You can opt to purchase some or all of these products that match your bedroom and bathroom décor.

When purchasing sheets from the store, you may opt for Classic Hemmed Sheet Set, Colorblock Sheet Set, Eyelet Sheet Set, Signature Botanical Sheet Set, or Percale Tailored Sheet Set, among others. The sheet sets are 100% organic cotton and come in different colors to match your bedroom décor. In addition, you can find flat sheets, fitted sheets, and pillowcases in the sheet set. In the duvet set, you can opt for a Classic Hemmed Duvet Set, Signature Botanical Duvet Set, Colorblock Duvet Set, or Eyelet Duvet Set, among others. If you want to be creative, you can look for a color that matches your bedroom aesthetics or find a duvet with suitable colors and drawings. For pillows, you can opt for Down Pillow or Down Alternative Pillow. You can also purchase the Boll & Branch Mattress made of natural materials and feature five layers.

For your bathroom accessories, the company provides bath towels and bath sheets such as Spa Bath Towel Set, Plush Bath Towel (Single), Signature Framed Bath Towel and Signature Framed Bath Sheet. You’ll also find other accessories such as Women’s Spa Robe and Men’s Flannel Pyjama Pants.

What is Special About Boll & Branch Bed Sheets?

Besides offering 100% organic cotton sheets, Boll & Branch ensures that their sheets stand out from the rest. They are soft to the touch and very breathable. When cleaning or packing their sheets, you’ll find the tasks easy and quick. You can wash them and tumble dry them in real-time. You’ll also find sheets with different colors. When looking for a sheet set with color that matches your bedroom decor, there’s always something for you. Also, you will find sheets with botanical prints to improve your bedroom’s aesthetics. In addition, when you buy a Boll & Branch sheet set, you’ll find a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. These bedding are superbly soft and are cheaper than what you’ll find in other stores. And the good thing is, their bedding is of high-quality and always available in their store.

How Satisfied Are Customers?

Would you like to know what various customers say about Boll & Branch bedding and accessories? Luckily, the company enjoys thousands of five-star reviews, thanks to its comfy sheets, duvets, pillows, and towels. Most customers love the company since it offers what it promises. They love Boll & Branch bedding due to their 100% organic cotton that’s soft, light, beautiful and airy. Some customers say that sleeping in these beddings elicits a heavenly feeling.

While the bedding is a bit expensive, customers say they certainly get what they pay for. The bedding offers a luxurious feeling, and one will feel pampered when sleeping in them. However, several customers are not satisfied with the quality and prices. But most customers appreciate the products and services that Boll & Branch offers. This guarantees that the company provides perfect bedding and accessories for everyone.

Is Boll & Branch Legit?

Are you wondering whether to trust Boll & Branch with your hard-earned money for their bedding and accessories? Once you go through most customers’ reviews on different sites, you’ll find honest reviews of customers who’re satisfied with the company. This online store is best known for providing high-quality and 100% organic bedding. The company uses GOTS certified organic cotton from India. Boll & Branch is a reliable company for taking care of their customers, workers and the environment. They boast of having paid nearly $500k as additional wages to their farmers and factory workers. Thanks to their eco-friendly shipping, they’ve also saved thousands of metric tons of carbon emissions.

If you’re still unsure whether to trust Boll & Branch, you can read various honest Boll & Branch reviews to learn more about their products and services. You can also head over to their website and explore the products offered to decide if they are worth purchasing.

The Final Verdict

We highly recommend Boll & Branch bedding and accessories. Whether you’re interested in cozy and luxury sheets, duvets, pillows, pillowcases, mattresses, or robes, Boll & Branch is your go-to online store. Their products are 100% organic cotton, high-quality and well worth your investment. You can explore their site to learn more about the products and services they offer.

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