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ø 4.80 of 5 stars

Find here Boohoo reviews from customers who rated the online shop Read here why customers were satisfied or dissatisfied with the purchase in the online store.

About Boohoo

Founded in 2006 Boohoo focuses on the sale of dresses and tops and meanwhile offers a selection of more than 27,500 styles of clothing.  The UK-based fashion retailer mainly targets younger shoppers and grew into one of the world’s leading clothing retailers in this segment.

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Customer Reviews

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 7 reviews
 by Telly T.

Fit of pants and skirts from Boohoo is very good. I often have problems with buying fashion, because often the standard size does not fit, because it is too tight either on the legs or hips. But when I order fashion online from Boohoo, the pants always fit.

 by Vince

Ordered a pair of dresses, they were both as I expected them to be. Good service and it was very easy to order. helpful people wo answered to all my questions.

 by Sarah O.
nice online store

Boohoo is pretty nice.

 by Lilly456

Great jumpsuits and dresses. Buy very often online at Boohoo, because there are very trendy fashion. Have also ordered pants and tops, and the quality is also very good.

 by Catherine D.
my Boohoo review

All my good of always arrived on time. love their online store and all the different styles they have on their website. I buy from them almost every week.

 by Robin Spring
Very Nice

Good experiences with bohoo. pretty nice quality products and good prices. I am sure am going to shop on again.

 by Milla O.
my Boohoo review

The tops I've bought had good quality so far. What I like is that there are cool deals for every little section. I only rate with 4 of 5 because the sizes confuse me.

Our Boohoo Review

Boohoo is a public listed online shop that was started out by Mahmud Kamani and Carol Kane in 2006; the two decided to set up the store to cut out intermediaries and sell directly to their customers online. Initially, Mahmud sold low-cost clothing to market stallholders and high-street retailers in the United Kingdom, such as H&M and Primark. On the other hand, Carol used to work as a senior designer at pinstripes clothing which belonged to Kamanis father, and these two, with a rich background in clothing and fashion, led to the birth of Boohoo. The target market for Boohoo is aged between 16 and 30 years old, which makes it easy for them to market on social media platforms since this group spends so much of their time on social media.

What to buy at Boohoo?

Boohoo has an endless list of new fashion trends with over 100 styles coming in every day that are trendy, fashionable, and affordable. It is a one-stop online store since it offers a wide variety of clothing categories, including womenswear, menswear, lingerie, maternity, plus size, tall, petite, accessories, bags, jewellery and footwear. Even with all these clothing categories, customers can find many designs, colors, and textures of each type.

The classes are also occasion-based, such as weddings, parties, corporate events, bridal and baby showers, and more. When it comes to accessories, they have a wide variety that adds class and style to their outfits, including belts, handbags, hats, gloves, and many more. Their footwear completes everything. Boohoo can develop very trendy shoes starting from sandals, sneakers, boots, and much more for both men and women. Boohoo also has unique jewelry from necklaces, earrings, rings which completes the style look. Their handbags are also very classy and ovary good quality.

How to order from Boohoo?

Boohoo works tirelessly to ensure that their customers are delighted with the orders they place, and in case of queries, they respond impromptu. Orders are placed from their website or the App. Here is a well-detailed procedure on how to place an order at Boohoo:

  • Search for the items you would love to order and add them to your cart.
  • Enter your name, address, and telephone number
  • Select a delivery method that you’re comfortable with.
  • Choose your payment method. They accept Visa MasterCard, American Express, Afterpay, Klarna, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Zip Pay.

Once the order has been placed, they check whether the relevant information has been provided, since it will make it easy to process your order. They will process the payment after the order is complete, and the order has now been processed. The warehouse prepares the items ordered for dispatch and delivery. Once the customer receives the items, they inspect them for any damages and ensure that they have received everything they ordered; in case of anything, they report immediately where the action is taken to ensure the customer receives everything they ordered.

Are there discounts and offers at Boohoo?

In order to encourage its customers to shop from the App, Boohoo has a 20 % discount on everything shopped directly from the App. At times, Boohoo provides an excellent offer where you get free express shipping if you spend over $25, depending on the day or season. Black Friday sales at Boohoo are to die for; they’ve got great deals and coupons with 30 % off Groupon local deals.

During various seasons such as Christmas, Halloween, or even summer, Boohoo has the best deals and offers to ensure you’re not left out with the seasonal trend. Boohoo has not left out students when it comes to discounts and offers; students only have to register and verify their status as students with the student’s been, which is absolutely free. Uniday is an offer provided by Boohoo strictly for students where there offers such an extra 10 % off on all items purchased, and college students are also given free gift cards.

How is Boohoo rated by customers?

After checking on the reviews from customers online, different customers have different experiences with Boohoo. On a scale of 5 stars, Boohoo has managed to secure 4 stars, which is quite impressive and encouraging. Boohoo has an excellent customer service system where customers get help fast, especially on lost and delayed deliveries; they are able to recover them back within 24 hours, which is commendable.

In regard to returns from customers, Boohoo has a very good strategy where you can return within 28 days since you received your order. Customers are also happy with the great prices that boohoo offers, their products are very affordable, and they don’t compromise quality.

It is also very easy to track your order from the day you ordered until it is delivered, although Boohoo has four stars out of five, the things they need to work on and improve, few customers have complained about delayed deliveries and some customers have also complained about the App being slow which is very frustrating. Boohoo is keep to listen to its customers and is working on issues addressed.

Is Boohoo serious?

Boohoo is a public listed company that demystifies the question of whether it’s legit. Being a listed company, all information concerning the company is available to members of the public, and boohoo has made sure it has put its information out there as compared to other fashion stores. It has a corporate social responsibility program where it works together with a teenage cancer trust and other institutions and has made huge contributions, especially with the teenage cancer trust. The company has also been heavily involved in welfare and charity programs in the previous years.

In conclusion, Boohoo has managed to build a huge customer base from good customer service, cheap and quality stuff, a variety to pick from, and above all, very classy and trendy products. Boohoo should click first when you think of fashion online.

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