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Budget Energie & Mobiel Review

Read reviews on Budget Energie & Mobiel and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did Budget Energie & Mobiel get and what are the reasons for this?

About Budget Energie & Mobiel

Budget Energie & Mobiel, often referred to simply as “Budget Thuis,” is a Dutch company that offers both energy and mobile services. They strive to offer affordable and simple solutions without unnecessary extras. With energy services, they emphasize green power and try to help customers reduce their carbon footprint. They also offer different phone tariffs and data packages with their mobile service, allowing consumers to choose a package that suits their needs. Customer friendliness and transparency are at the heart of Budget Energy & Mobile. They want their customers to know exactly where they stand, with no hidden costs or surprises. Combining energy and mobile services under one roof makes it easier and often more affordable for consumers to manage their household services.

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Budget Energie & Mobiel

Customer Reviews

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 by John P.

I have been a customer of Budget Energie & Mobiel for over a year now. From the beginning, the switching process was seamless and easy. Customer service has always been helpful, responsive and understanding with any questions I've had. What I especially appreciate is their transparency in pricing and commitment to green energy. It's comforting to know that I'm not only saving money, but I'm also helping to protect the environment. The mobile services are reliable and offer great value. No hidden fees, no fine print - just straightforward, honest service. I have already recommended several friends and family members to switch to Budget Energie & Mobiel and will continue to do so. It's an all-around satisfying service!

What are the experiences with Budget Energie & Mobiel?

Experiences with Budget Energie & Mobiel are mostly positive. Many customers praise the company for its transparency, affordable prices and excellent customer service. They also appreciate the user-friendliness of the website and clear communication. On the other hand, some customers have reported problems related to billing or technical support. As with any company, it is important to do your own research and read reviews before making a decision.

Does Budget Energie & Mobiel offer real green power?

Budget Energy is known for its commitment to sustainability. They offer green power that comes primarily from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy. By choosing Budget Energy, consumers are making an environmentally friendly choice and contributing to a greener future.

Is Budget Energie & Mobiel’s Internet offering DSL?

Yes, Budget Energie & Mobiel offers DSL internet. But they also offer other forms of Internet connections, such as fiber, depending on location and availability. It’s always a good idea to contact Budget Energie & Mobiel directly for specific information about available services in your area.

How do I log into my customer account?

To log in to your customer account, go to Budget Energie & Mobiel’s official website. Click on the “Login” button, usually at the top right of the page. Then enter your login information, such as your email address and password. In case you forgot your password, click on the ‘Forgot password’ option to reset it.

What are the costs of Budget Energie & Mobiel?

The cost of Budget Energie & Mobiel depends on the specific package you choose. They offer different packages for energy, Internet, TV, and mobile services. Each package has its own price, benefits, and features. For detailed pricing information and package descriptions, you should check Budget Energie & Mobiel’s official website or contact their customer service team directly.

What payment methods does Budget Energie & Mobiel offer?

Budget Energie & Mobiel offers several payment methods. You can choose direct debit, where the amount is deducted from your account every month. They also accept payments via credit card, iDeal, and sometimes even PayPal. Be sure to check the payment terms and possible fees of your chosen payment method.

How can I cancel my contract with Budget Energie & Mobiel?

If you want to cancel your contract with Budget Energie & Mobiel, it is advisable to contact their customer service team directly. They can inform you about the termination process, possible termination fees and the notice period. In general, you should allow for a notice period unless you are in the trial period or your contract has already expired.

What are the benefits of Budget Energie & Mobiel’s mobile tariffs?

Budget Energie & Mobiel’s mobile tariffs are known for their competitive pricing and flexibility. They often offer unlimited calling and texting options, attractive data packages, and the ability to roam in the EU at no extra cost. In addition, customers can take advantage of regular promotions and bundle discounts when combining multiple services.

Can I get a smartphone with a contract at Budget Energie & Mobiel?

Yes, Budget Energie & Mobiel offers the possibility to purchase a smartphone in combination with a mobile contract. This means you can pay for the phone in monthly installments, often at a reduced price. It is always a good idea to check the terms of such offers, including the term of the contract and any additional charges.

How can I redeem a voucher at Budget Energie & Mobiel?

Redeeming a voucher at Budget Energie & Mobiel is usually easy. Go to their website and look for the section where you can redeem codes or vouchers. Enter the unique code of your voucher and follow further instructions. If you encounter problems or if the voucher does not work, contact customer service for assistance.

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