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Read reviews on Citarella and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did Citarella get and what are the reasons for this?

About Citarella

Citarella is a supplier of fish and delicatessen. In the store you can find among other things lobster, crabs, fish steaks, fish fillets and culinary gift ideas. You can also buy wines and spirits at Citarella.

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Customer Reviews

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 by ManDy

Have been buying seafood and fish regularly from Citarella for some time. The quality of the products is very good and everything always arrives fresh. I also like the fact that you can pay for your purchase with a credit card at Citarella. If you have any questions, there is customer service. When I had a question, I was helped very quickly. A great service.

 by Conny

I am very satisfied with my purchase from Citarella! The fish was very securely packaged and arrived quickly. The quality of the fish was excellent and it tasted great. Will definitely buy fish from Citarella again soon.

Water creatures appear to be the most fascinating organisms on earth. However, not only are they fascinating animals, but they also provide foundation for a great deal of mouthwatering cuisine in the shape of prawns, crabs, and shellfish, just to mention a few. Seafood has endless positive effects on the body of a given individual explaining why it is held in high regard by a number of consumers. Consuming seafood regularly helps to fortify and nourish our immune systems.

There are very many vitamins and nutrients that can be found in seafood, including Vitamin A, fatty acids, and folic acid. The best part is you can order amazing healthy seafoods from online platforms such as Citarella and you will have everything delivered on time.

How Well is Citarella Rated?

Customer feedback is specifically important to both customers and online webstores. For starters, it is through the highlighted feedback that most customers are able to make informed decisions concerning particular services. Reviews are important guidelines that are meant to steer buyers towards making reliable decisions. No one wants to purchase seafood from an online webstore only to regret later after spending loads of cash on the purchase.

On the other hand, the company benefits from customer reviews by having a better understanding of areas that need to be fixed and improved. Fortunately, Citarella is an online brand that has managed to gather many positive reviews from many customers who have commended the platform’s ability to offer buyers high quality products and fresh fish all the time. The platform has been rated 4 out of 5 with most buyers explaining how they had a nice experience shopping from the platform.

However, the platform has experienced a few backlashes from unsatisfied customers who had a bad experience with the provided products. According to the reviews, some of them complain about receiving seafood that got spoiled a few minutes after it was taken out of the package.

Most of them even complain about not getting refunded by the company after reporting the matter to the company’s customer care. However, since seafood is easily perishable, we can conclude that its difficult to overcome such occurrences at times. Generally, there are more positive reviews about the company than there are negative reviews and we can comfortably conclude that the company has managed to achieve customer satisfaction.

Is Citarella Legit?

Determining whether a company is legitimate or not is important as it guides your decision towards seeking particular services. Today, most people lose thousands of dollars to fraudulent individuals who have created online webstores that do not make deliveries once they are paid for particular products or services. It is, therefore, always important for someone to determine whether a particular company is legitimate or not before seeking their services.

One good way to do so is determining what year the company was founded. In this case, Citarella was founded in 1912 and the company has been operational for more than a century. Clearly, for a company to be functional for that long it only means that its services are reliable and can be trusted. Additionally, the company’s official website has hundreds of positive reviews from customers who ordered specific items and got exactly what they were searching for. This alone proves that Citarella is legitimate.

Are There Citarella Coupons or Discount Codes?

Citarella coupons and promo codes are available and can easily be obtained from the company’s official promotion page. Customers should always be on the lookout for these promocodes as they help them save on money that would otherwise be spent on shipping fee or products. With Citarella discount codes, customers can save up to 15 percent on purchases. Alternatively, customers can get coupons and discount codes from other portals.

Which Products / Categories Does Citarella Offer?

Citarella has been selling quality items for almost a century. The company is unique as it because it cuts, chooses, and prepares customer perishables to their exact specifications. It takes care of its customers with only the freshest and highest quality seafood options that they cannot find anywhere else. Generally, Citarella is a top-quality seafood and fresh fish market.

What Is Citarella Order Process & Payment Methods?

All Citarella orders are prepared using accurate weight. Once the customer places the order, the customer’s credit card is charged by the company. The best thing about Citarella is that it accepts all forms of payment including PayPal, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.

All payments are authorized on the day of the purchase, but isn’t processed until when the orders are shipped and packages are delivered. The company discourages its customers from including sensitive payment information in their e-mails. Fortunately, the company uses its servers to encrypt its customers’ financial details before they are sent over the internet.

What Is Citarella Delivery Times, Shipping Service and Costs?

Before any order is prepared for shipping, it is chosen, cleansed, and dressed by professional fishmongers hired by the company. The company ensures that all perishable goods have been wrapped carefully and insulated in a box before they are stored inside a refrigerator. To ensure that it stays in its pristine condition, the order is shipped overnight and guaranteed to arrive no later than 12pm. Shipping is done from Tuesday to Saturday. However, an additional fee of $25 is charged on deliveries done on Saturday.

What Is Citarella Right of Return / Return Policy?

Citarella allows its customers to return delivered items so long as they are still wrapped within their original paper. The customer will get fully refunded if they received spoiled items from the company.

How Is Citarella Contact / Support?

It is imperative for companies to provide with superior customer services especially if its businesses are operated online. Customers always want to be in a position where they easily and quickly get in touch with the company providing them with specific products and services.

For instance, customers can access a chat bubble that enables them to communicate with s virtual assistant at any time of the day. Customers who have questions or concerns about their orders can contact the company through (212) 874-0383 or through help(at) By doing so, they can anticipate receiving a response in shortest possible time.

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