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Read reviews on E-file.com and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did E-file.com get and what are the reasons for this?

About E-file.com

E-file.com offers a tax software. With this software, users can do the tax return online and save the hassle of paperwork. The tax program leads step by step to the submission of the tax return. Taxpayers automatically receive a notification when they have to pay or receive a tax refund.

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Customer Reviews

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 2 reviews
 by RED90

With E-file.com, I was able to file my tax return electronically in just 15 minutes! The process was easy and I saved myself the paperwork. I would definitely recommend e-file.com to anyone who wants to prepare and file their tax return online quickly and easily.

 by Paddy S.

I was hesitant to try online tax filing, but with e-file.com it was so easy and fast. I received my refund within three weeks, no problems at all.

How well is E-file.com rated?

There are many online tax filing services on the web and to clarify that they are safe and good to use, you ought to do an extensive background check. Tax filing systems are sensitive since you are putting in your personal details. E-file is one of the tax filing systems found online and the reviews left by previous clients are not entirely welcoming.

E-file has a customer rating of 1 from four reviews meaning most clients were not satisfied with the services offered. It is up to you to know whether you want to proceed using E-file or not. Remember to stay away from websites with more bad reviews than poor since they are most likely a fraud.

Is E-file.com legit?

Determining the legitimacy of a certain website has to be one of the first things a customer does. Whether it is a physical company or a web-based one, you have to avoid being on the wrong side of the law since there are severe consequences that come with it. If you are looking into using E-file and you are worried that the service may not be legit, then you are stressing over nothing.

E-file is a safe and reliable website since it is IRS approved. IRS authorizes the electronic filing program so your data is kept safe, meaning E-file is in fact legit. Illegitimate websites tend to share your personal information with third party sites increasing chances of being hacked.

Are there E-file.com coupons or discount codes?

Online tax filing services are not free and you are charged for most services. Lucky for you, you can still save money while paying for these services, all you have to do is find a suitable website that offers discount codes and search for a code that suits the services you need.

E-file offers free federal filing program to taxpayers but if the service you need needs payment, you can use coupons for a discounted price. Using coupons and discount codes can save you up to 30 percent of your money. It is best that you also dig into the reviews of customers who have used discount codes on E-file before to get information on how the experience was and whether they got to pay less than they needed to.

Which services does E-file.com offer?

E-file as said before, is a tax filing service that allows taxpayers to file their taxes online at the comfort of their homes. E-file allows you to fill in your tax information and the software prepares the income tax form. You can then send the tax form electronically to IRS and your state.

Sending your tax form electronically guarantees that you get a refund in less than three weeks. If you qualify for the E-file basic software, they offer you a free federal tax return. Read reviews online about E-file and from them, judge whether the services offered are worth it or not. With E-file, tax filing doesn’t have to be time-consuming, you only need fifteen minutes and that’s it.

How does the order and payment work at E-file.com?

Once you get to the E-file official website, you will see an icon written start here. Click on it and you will be redirected to page in which you are supposed to fill in your personal details. These details are required to start an account on the website for easy navigation around the site. Starting an E-file account is completely free so you don’t have to worry about paying a single coin.

After creating an account, you can start filing your tax forms and send them to IRS electronically. You can also mail and print a copy of the tax forms. On the website, there are no clear payment methods but you can go through customer reviews to determine the means of payment they used.

How much does E-file.com cost and how to cancel?

The federal basic edition on E-file is totally free so if you have uncomplicated tax returns, everything is going to be free. However, if you have complicated tax returns, you have to pay a tax service fee. The tax service fee accommodates the preparation of a tax return on the website. Basic tax return preparation costs about $220. Using E-file is quite an advantage since you are offered a chance to prepare and file your individual income tax return using tax preparation and quality filing software all for free.

Come to think of it, filing tax returns for free saves you a lot of money and you can redirect the saved money to cover other expenses. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel a tax return after e-filing it. If you wanted to change anything in the document, all you can do is wait for the IRS to reject it.

Does E-file.com offer a right of withdrawal?

On the E-file official website, there is no official right of return page but it has been made clear on the web that once you have filed a certain tax return form and sent it automatically to IRS (Internal Revenue Service), you cannot get it back. If you made a mistake on the form and would like to change it, there is nothing you can do. However, IRS can reject a filed tax return form and if yours happens to be rejected, you can make the changes you want.

E-file uses quality software to prepare your federal individual tax return form so there is a fat chance that you will not make any mistakes while filing. It would be wise to also go through reviews left on the web by previous customers and see what they did in the event of having a rejected tax return form.

Is there an E-file.com contact or support?

Creating an E-file account is easy but sometimes you might face challenges while navigating the site. This is why it is essential for a company to have contact options for their clients. With E-file, they offer telephone support to clients who have signed up for the premium software. If you are utilizing the basic software, then you are at a disadvantage since you can’t use the telephone option. However, you can still make use of the email option and inquire about any issue you may be having.

If you are looking into getting personalized tax advice, then the customer support at E-file won’t help you. If you have any questions concerning your taxes, it would be best to contact the IRS directly on their telephone number 1-800-829-1040. Make use of the customer care set up and avoid keeping all those questions and issues to yourself. Please go through customer reviews and gain more information from previous clients since reviews give more information that what is displayed on official company websites.

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