Published: 3 December, 2022

5 new and useful trends for pet owners

For pet owners, trends keep on changing every now and then. For those who are not familiar with the changing trends, the health and well-being of their pets might be affected negatively. If you wish to keep abreast with the numerous changing trends, this article is your best resource.

What strategies help to support your pet in combating anxiety?

The lockdown occasioned by the COVID-19 epidemic meant that people had to keep indoors for long periods of time. This also means that pet owners could not get out of their homes to walk their pets. Staying indoors for a long period of time increased the anxiety of pets tremendously.

In fact, there are some professionals who have indicated that anxiety among pets increased more than twice the pre-epidemic levels. Accordingly, there is a trend of looking for new solutions to help pets cope with anxiety better. For instance, chew toys have become a common trend after the epidemic.

There are select vendors, such as Honest Paws, that specialize in pet health support products.

Going Green

Going green is a new trend among pet owners. Pets have been shown to be major contributors to the carbon footprint. Accordingly, pet parents are not sitting idly by without action. This is why many pet owners are resorting to the use of eco-friendly products.

There are new sources of pet food protein that are eco-friendly. The packaging of pet products and foods is one of the areas where owners can go green. Actually, there are some platforms that have been designed with a view to guiding pet parents on how to go green. Among these providers is Revival Animal Health.

How to improve the diet of pets?

In 2022, more pet parents are committing to not only improving the food quality for their pets but also enhancing their overall nutrition. A well-balanced diet will go a long way towards improving the pet’s health. When you feed your pet a balanced diet, there are high chances that it will be better equipped to deal with stressful situations.

Exploring alternative sources of protein for pets is also a common trend this year. This entails finding proteins that have equal or better nutritional value to the pets in comparison to the conventional sources of proteins. Actually, the alternative proteins are also less harmful to the environment. It has also become a common trend for pet parents to buy fresh food options that are healthier. Many pet owners also prefer dietary supplements for dogs and cats. The dietary supplement can be bought on the Internet. One of the reputable suppliers in this segment is Front Of The Pack.

Embracing Pet Tech

Caring for your pet will need you to have some routines. However, for those who have a busy schedule, it becomes easy for you to forget to do certain beneficial things for your pet. Fortunately, there is cutting-edge pet tech that exists and hence making your work easier. This is why more pet parents are investing lots of money in buying technology-based solutions for the challenges they experience in caring for their pets.

Today, there is a wide range of pet apps that you can explore. One great example is dog-induced video calls. This app helps dogs to experience less stress since they can see you and know that you are doing fine. Moreover, if your pet is experiencing some form of distress, you can know from the video calls.

What does the humanization of pets mean?

The humanization of pets is a trend that is becoming more popular by the day. In essence, this entails pet parents giving according to the pets similar treatment as they do to their kids and family members. The pet industry has caught up to this trend by developing a wide range of products for pets.

For instance, organic bedding and tv subscription services are now available for pets. Actually, there are now effective meal delivery services that ensure that your dog is well fed at all times. All you have to do is pay for the meals and leave the rest to them. By the way, there is also a trend in terms of exotic pet food. You can find numerous articles about this online.