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About Gabb Wireless

Gabb Wireless offers smartphones and smartwatches to protect children from digital dangers. The applications on the smartphones are designed to control screen time. In addition, the smartphones protect against cyberbullying and certain content that is dangerous or offensive cannot be displayed.

Phones are exceptional as they provide the perfect means of communication and the freedom to explore different social media platforms. Phones have made so many things accessible for many, such as using your phone; you can purchase things online quickly and easily. Unfortunately, phones have been a nuisance for kids as they give them so much more freedom to visit different sites, even those that are not kid-appropriate.

Gabb Wireless specifically creates secure phones for young users. Kids having this kind of phone is a plus as they will adore it as it has apps they need, and they can communicate with their loved ones. Here is a review about Gabb Wireless that can help you identify more concerning the company.

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Gabb Wireless

Customer Reviews

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 3 reviews
 by Peter T.

The Gabb Wireless smartphone is a very good option for me. Bought the smartphone for my son. It has no access to the Internet and inappropriate content and games. I think that's very good, because I don't want my son to spend hours with a smartphone.

 by Rachel R.

The Gabb Wireless Phone Plus is a great phone for kids! It has safe features and GPS tracking. The smartphone also comes with kid-friendly apps already installed. My daughter's favorite feature is the walkie-talkie function. It's perfect for staying in touch when we're out and about.

 by Tibi

I bought a cell phone for my kids from Gabb Wireless and I am very happy with it. It's a great, safe option for my kids and the prices are reasonable.

How well is Gabb Wireless rated?

Gabb Wireless is an ideal company for you who wants to buy your kid a phone and have some peace of mind about it as the phones are secured. Different people have different ideas about the products and services of the company, as reviews have a good balance between positive and negative feedback.

Gabb Wireless has been rated with 4.8 stars. With these ratings, it is safe to say that people are satisfied with the products they get from Gabb Wireless. Gabb Wireless has quality and outstanding products that you will love, and they sell them at reasonable prices.

Is Gabby Wireless legit?

There is no question about the legitimacy of Gabb Wireless as this company has many indications that it is legit. There are countless reviews regarding the products people have purchased from this renowned company. This indicates that the company is legit, as there are people who can attest to its existence. The company has been operating for over four years as Stephen Dalby, a dad of eight kids, is behind the company's development.

Gabb Wireless was established in 2018, and its goal is to keep young minds safe and in contact with their guardians. The company does this aiming limit the dangers associated with giving them cell phones, such as accessibility to games and connect to internet access. The fact that they are also known globally for how great their products are. Because of this, you can rest assured that the company is legit.

Are there Gabb Wireless coupons or discount codes?

Sometimes, there aren't direct sales or promo codes available on Gabb Wireless devices. Despite this, they continue to be a marketing-savvy business, running sporadic competitions and refer-a-friend campaigns. For this program, the company offers current and potential customers the chance to receive discounts.

The process involves the fried referred using a current customer's phone number, and as a result, both the current and the new customers will enjoy some discounts. The new customer will get a discount on any product they purchase from the company, and the current customer receives a free service per month. This company also has various discount schemes like arbitrary prizes and spending sprees.

Reviews show how people have used the discounts and coupons offered by this company, which shows they are real. When you purchase any accessories or devices from this company, you get a 50% discount. You can save $10 on some orders and even receive a 25% off any purchase.

When you buy any of Gabb'sGabb's products from Store Wide, you get $10 off the things you get. To always be updated with offers and promotions, you should sign up with the website and receive these notifications. You will never miss out on any great opportunities, and always be aware of when the coupons expire.

Which products/ categories do Gabb Wireless offer?

Gabb Wireless offers a variety of products like screen protectors, watch bands, watches, phones, Gabb speakers, buds, and phone cases. Phone from this company offers a phone with a GPS feature which means parents can track the location o their kids wherever. It allows parents to manage to parent their kids from wherever they are. Kids cannot lie to their parents about where they are, as they will always get caught.

The phones have apps like music, Video, Phone, Gallery, Calendar, FM radio, Contacts, and Messaging, among others. These are the essential applications that kids need. Kids' not accessing social media platforms prevents them from becoming cyberbullying victims. Reviews show how parents appreciate this fact and are happy for this company's existence.

Which are Gabb Wireless's order process and payment methods?

To order anything from Gabb's official site, select the items and add them to your cart. Once you are done adding to your cart, you can go ahead to pay for the things, and here is where you will add your home address, email, and phone number. You will get a confirmation email with your purchase details when you complete this process.

You then receive an email informing you that your order has been shipped. Gabb Wireless offers you the contract payment program as there are one- and two-year contracts where you will pay money monthly or annually. You can pay using visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Discover, and American Express.

What are Gabb Wireless delivery times, shipping service, and costs?

You can track your order after this, and in most cases, it takes about fourteen business days to get your delivery, but it can even be fewer days, depending on your location. The good news is that they ship their orders for free, and their effective shipping system can even have your items delivered within hours. All of their products lack a specific delivery date, but they try to deliver things to you as quickly as possible.

Which is Gabb Wireless’s right of return/ return policy?

You have got about 15 days after receiving your order from Gabb to start a return. If the product is not returned packed inside its original packing, you will be charged a fee of $50. The return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer. You won’t get a refund on your order cost for any items that are returned past the allotted return window, physically harmed, altered, or harmed by anything beyond the scope of the Customer Limited Warranty or Extended Warranty, if one was bought or is seriously lacking any part.

What is Gabb Wireless contact/support?

Reviews show that Gabb Wireless has reliable customer service. The company has different ways in which one can contact them, from their live chat to their email and phone number. Their contact is 1-385-235-6646, and the email address they use is support(at) The team is at your service from Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm and Saturdays from 7 am to 3 pm. On Sundays and holidays, they are closed.

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