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Harvey Nichols Reviews

Read reviews on Harvey Nichols and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did Harvey Nichols get and what are the reasons for this?

About Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols is a fashion chain with stores and company-owned online store. The store offers women’s fashion, men’s fashion and children’s fashion. You can also order accessories and gift ideas in the fashion store.

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Harvey Nichols

Customer Reviews

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 3 reviews
 by Nina-R-R

I ordered a pair of pants from Harvey Nichols and was very disappointed when they did not arrive on time. However, the customer service team was very friendly and helpful. Overall, I had a good experience with the store despite the late delivery.

 by Parry D.

I ordered a few clothes from Harvey Nichols and was very pleased with the quality. The jeans and dresses were delivered quickly. The clothes were a bit pricey but definitely worth the money.

 by W.P.

I was looking for a beautiful evening dress and found a great selection at Harvey Nichols. I ordered a dress there and it arrived quickly. The quality is excellent and I will definitely buy something from the store again soon.

How well is Harvey Nichols rated?

If you take a closer look at some of the customer reviews, it becomes clear that Harvey Nichols is well rated. This essentially means that most people who have shopped at this brand are satisfied with one aspect or another. It also means that the products are of very good quality. Harvey Nichols' customer service also gets very good reviews.

Is Harvey Nichols legit?

There are no doubts that Harvey Nichols is a legit brand, especially after doing some background search on them. First and foremost, the brand has been around for a long time considering that they were founded in 1831 with its headquarters in the United Kingdom. By that alone, we can conclude that they are a legit brand since if they were not, there is no way they could have lasted for such a long time in the industry.

Over the years, the company has done well in offering a wide range of goods to its customers. Although the brand was established in the UK, it still has chains in different parts of the world and currently operates in 14 locations which is a remarkable achievement in itself.

Are there Harvey Nichols coupons or discount codes?

If you want to save money on Harvey Nichol’s amazing products, you should take advantage of their coupons and promo codes. Actually, the company avails numerous types of coupons and discount codes that their customers can take advantage of. For students, the student unlocks package will enable you to save up to 10 percent of a product’s price. If you have a great friend that you care about, maybe it’s time to let them know about Harvey Nichol’s products.

By referring them to the luxury goods chain, you will be entitled to discount codes that can enable you to save about 10 percent of the usual product’s price. What is even better is that by referring a friend to the chain, you will also be eligible for a discount of about ten percent on the next items you purchase from there. Among some of the customers who reviews the company favorably were impressed with their discount codes.

Which products or categories does Harvey Nichols offer?

Harvey Nichols is a chain that is well-reputed for sourcing a wide range of products for its customers. Some of the main categories of products that the company deals with include fashion, drinks, and beauty products among others. By visiting their website, it becomes clear that the chain has a lot of products that an ordinary household would need on a day-to-day basis. Harvey Nichols’s products are synonymous with high quality.

By visiting their website, you are not only guaranteed of finding some of the top brands but also the latest trends that are almost impossible to find elsewhere. This platform offers fashion collections for both genders. If you are looking for various types of accessories and homeware, the platform will have you covered.

How would you assess Harvey Nichols order process and payment methods?

Placing an order at Harvey Nichols is quite easy. All you need to do is visit the platform and create an order. For you to do this, you need to share with the platform your real name, telephone number, and also your current email address. You will also be required to share with them your payment details and also all the other information that is required from you.

After sharing all this, you will then proceed to the stage of making a payment. The luxurious product chain avails different types of payment options that you can utilize. Some of the platforms you can use to pay for the products include visa, MasterCard, and American Express among many others as indicated on the platform’s main page.

How can you rate Harvey Nichols's delivery times, shipping service, and costs?

Global-e is one of the main shipping services that Harvey Nichols utilizes to deliver products to their customers. The beauty of this shipping company is that it has transnational networks implying that for those who would like Harvey Nichols’s products delivered outside the UK, the same will be done relatively easily. As a rule, the luxurious goods chain will have products ordered between Monday and Friday and delivered within three working days.

This implies that if you purchase their products on a weekend, it might take longer for them to be delivered to your destination. The average cost of having the products shipped to your destination is usually not more than 5$. However, if you place an order of more than 200$, the products will be shipped to you free of charge.

What is Harvey Nichol’s return policy like?

Sometimes, it so happens that you do not like a product that you have purchased from the chain. If this is the case for you, no need to worry. The luxurious goods chain gives you up to fourteen days to decide whether or not you will return a product you ordered from them. Actually, the company has shared a telephone number with their customers to call in instances when they would like to return a product to the chain.

The number is 02072018088. When you elect to return a product, there are various options available to you. For instance, you can drop it at a local store closest to you. After returning a product to the company, you should expect to receive a full refund within a period of ten working days. This flexible return policy is one of the factors that endear them to some of the customers who reviewed them online.

Does Harvey Nichols have a customer support department?

The company makes it easy for customers to reach out to them on various issues by having a customer service department you can count on. In this regard, the customer service department at the company is open between Monday and Saturday. However, you must call between 10 am-6 pm. If you have a pressing issue that you would like resolved on a Sunday, make sure to call between 11 am-6 am.

The officials at the company are committed to responding to your call as fast as possible so long as you get in touch within the hours that have been indicated. If you would like to get in touch with them via email, the option is open to you. On the company’s website, there is an email address shared that you can use to get in touch with them.

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