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Helly Hansen Reviews

Read reviews on Helly Hansen and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did Helly Hansen get and what are the reasons for this?

About Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is a brand of sports and outdoor fashion. The brand has been around since 1877. In the Helly Hansen online store you can find ski pants, ski jackets, outdoor jackets and many other fashion for sports and leisure. Also equipment, such as bags, backpacks and wetsuits are available in the store.

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Helly Hansen

Customer Reviews

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 3 reviews
 by Danny R.

I'm not a big fashion person, but when it comes to sports fashion, I definitely know what I like. And Helly Hansen is definitely my favorite brand. The quality is great, the delivery is always reliable and the returns are straightforward.

 by Khiara

I am a big fan of Helly Hansen hoodies. There is always a great selection in the store. The payment methods are secure and the return policy is fair. Very happy to buy there.

 by Michael Z.

My new Helly Hansen ski jacket is very good. The jacket is very high quality and excellent protection from the cold. The delivery was also very fast.

How well is Helly Hansen rated?

Helly Hansen is one of the most appreciated online shops that make high-quality jackets and pants available for customers. This may be attributed to the fact that most of the people that visit these sites are pleased with what they get from the company. Helly Hansen also takes these reviews very seriously because they contribute to how it is rated.

Based on our evaluations, it is clear that most customers who ordered their pair of jackets and pants got exactly what they ordered. Others also comment about receiving their products on time, explaining why the company has managed to secure such fantastic ratings from customers.

Is Helly Hansen legit?

There is a plethora of swindlers who lurk on the internet, ready to strike their victims the first chance they get. Unfortunately, most people become victims of such people and are frustrated when they lose a lot of money. Most of the swindlers pretend to be selling products that have lowered prices as compared to those sold on the original platform.

Luckily, this is not the case with Helly Hansen. The brand has been operational since 1877. The fact that it has been operational for so long and is still running means that they are doing its things right by providing buyers with high-quality rain jackets, plus other works wear that they may be searching for. The fact that the company is still operational to date and continues to provide durable and functional products only means that it is legitimate and dependable.

Are there Helly Hansen coupons or discount codes?

Discount codes are significant to every customer as they help customers have the best shopping experience. One of the reasons explaining why most people prefer to shop from the platform is the fact that it allows them to continue saving money while shopping by providing coupons.

If you are interested in getting Helly Hansen coupons or discount codes, you might want to sign up with the platform’s official website. This way, you will be able to save money after you shop for your pair of jackets or pants from the platform. Alternatively, you might want to visit other sites that are committed to providing discount codes.

Which products/categories do Helly Hansen offer?

Helly Hansen is a professional company that manufactures professional-grade gear meant to keep people comfortable and feeling alive. The company was among the first to make supple waterproof fabrics. This means that most of their products are high quality and can be relied on. It was also the first company to make fleece fabrics.

If you are interested in getting technical sailing and top-notch ski apparel, you might want to consider seeking the ones provided by the company. By visiting the platform's official website, you can browse through their most reviewed products. Someone can't visit the platform and fail to access something that catches their eye, including high-quality polo shirts that are hard to find on any other platform.

What are Helly Hansen's order process and payment methods?

While Helly Hansen’s products are not entirely cheap, they are affordable. However, you should look past the prices if you are searching for high-quality products. Most of the products provided by the company, especially their jackets, range from 90 USD up to 200 USD. However, the good thing about the company is there are some exceptions, especially because they make other models more affordable for buyers.

As the review shows Helly Hansen accepts multiple forms of payment, including Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, and Apple Pay. Once you’ve placed an order and paid for it, the company will ensure that it has been sent out immediately. They will email you informing you about the dispatch. If you have an account with the platform, you can easily track your order through My Account and find the area denoted by Order history. This is the area of your account where you can review your previous order and track the status of your current order.

What are Helly Hansen's delivery times, shipping services, and costs?

It takes approximately 3 to 7 business days for Helly Hansen to package and get the goods delivered to their respective customers as per the review. However, the company doesn’t operate during weekends and public holidays. UPS is also responsible for delivering dispatched products from Monday through Friday to the submitted shipping address.

However, the company insists that it doesn’t deliver ordered items to PO Boxes. Customers should utilize the provided UPS tracking number in their confirmation email to track their orders. All deliveries are signed once the customer receives their order.

What is Helly Hansen’s right of return/return policy?

If you have placed an order only to realize that whatever you ordered was not what you wanted, you can always cancel the order. However, the company only assigns one hour to cancel the order, past which the customer will have to receive the dispatched product. The company is equipped with systems that cannot alter the order once it has been placed.

It is, therefore, imperative that customers should be extra careful while placing orders to prevent such situations. Helly Hansen allows its customers to return canceled orders within 90 days of receiving them. However, for the product to be accepted, it needs to be in its original state and packaging.

How is Helly Hansen’s contact/support?

Helly Hansen has highly efficient and responsive customer support that will assist you with any questions that you might have about their products. If you are worried about making transactions with the wrong, illegitimate platforms that might be trying to scam you online, contact Helly Hansen’s customer support at +1 866 435 5902 if you live in the United States and Canada, (+420) 246 019 225 for those living in the Czech Republic, and (+32) (0)258 84 255 for the people living in Belgium. Alternatively, you can contact them through workwear.sweden(at)hellyhansen.com if you do not live in the mentioned countries.


Shopping online for clothes has a lot of its advantages. We are currently living in a world where shopping has been made easier, and everything is more convenient. Online shopping has transformed the retail industry because anybody can shop wherever they are without necessarily having to experience a lot of problems in the process. Helly Hansen is one of the platforms that has been selling jackets, pants, and more to customers for years. It is also one of the sources that sell workwear, making them available for customers that visit them daily.

Buying your jackets and other wear from the platform is beneficial as you are promised to find them at cheaper prices. The platform allows all its buyers to continue saving on cash by spending on high-quality items that cannot be accessed on any physical platform.

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