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HEXCLAD offers cookware with a lifetime warranty. In the assortment consumers can find pans, pots and lids. In the online store there are also complete cookware sets.

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 by RichieT

Unfortunately, it took two weeks for me to receive the order from Hexclad. But I am very satisfied with the cooking pots. I also find the service in the online store very good. And I will, even if my experience with the delivery time was not so good, certainly buy pots again.

 by Vienna90

ordered the hybrid cookware set from Hexclad... Within two days I received the pots and pan... cooking is a lot of fun with this awesome cookware... Nothing burns and the pots are very easy to clean. My girlfriend is very excited now also wants to buy a new pan in the online store.

 by Mia Ling

Hexclad pans and pots are very good. Have so far only very good experience and will also buy another wok in the online store. I also like that you get a guarantee on the pans and pots and that the orders are delivered free of shipping costs.

Our Hexclad Review

If you are a professional chef or love to cook, you know the best way to deal with non-stick cookware is to replace them often. After some time, because of the abrasive scratch, or the scouring pads we use to clean our utensils, we eventually scratch off the non-stick coating on our pans. However, the new Hexclad technology gives you a non-stick pan that will serve you for years. Today, we will review Hexclad to understand who they are and what they offer.

Who is Hexclad?

Hexclad CEO Daniel Winer launched the company in 2016 as a direct-to-consumer business, but it ventured to other markets like Amazon after some time. Their innovative cookware is designed in Los Angles and manufactured in Asia. According to their CEO, HexClad's cookware stands out from the competition because of its distinctive features, including a hybrid design that combines clad stainless steel with nonstick technology.

The pans are made of conventional tri-ply covered stainless steel with aluminum sandwiched between them for quick and equal heat distribution. Their cookware also has a nonstick coating covered with laser-etched stainless steel. Hexclad gets its name from the lattice, which comprises hundreds of small hexagons. Their lattice system comprises stainless steel peaks and nonstick coating valleys.

According to their founder, the projected steel is designed to protect the non-stick coating from getting damaged while providing a nonstick benefit at the same time. The nonstick coating and the stainless steel lattice are also applied to Hexclad’s cookware’s exterior. This design is most likely for aesthetic reasons, but it also makes them simple to clean and scratch-resistant both inside and out.

What does Hexclad have to offer?

The 12-inch HexClad Hybrid Pan: The 12-inch HexClad hybrid pan is ideal for family meals since it can cook different dishes simultaneously. For instance, if you love your steak medium rare and your kind love fish and veggies, you can prepare them simultaneously. Even for a beginner kitchen, this pan comes in handy since it’s flexible. It works on all stovetops, including induction and electric. The tri-ply design of HexClad allows for easy cleaning and uniform heat distribution.

The valleys of the hexagonal pan are non-stick, while the peaks are stainless steel. This may be used to precisely sear a fish fillet or sauté vegetables. It is also oven-safe up to 500 degrees, so if you're making a one-pan dinner or adding a little additional broiling to your dish, this pan can handle it. Also, as you may already know, you should avoid using metal utensils on non-stick cookware. However, this pan is entirely scratch-resistant.

HexClad 12-inch Hybrid Wok: The 12-inch Wok is designed for large dishes and versatile enough for stir-fries, pasta, and sauces. Its depth makes it lovable since it eliminates any spills when cooking. You won't have to worry as you toss your ingredients in the wok. With a flared form that enables deep-frying, it's extremely adaptable. There's no need to pre-rinse this wok at the end of the night since the non-stick technology will work with your dishwasher to get rid of any leftovers. Even yet, the 12-inch Wok is so simple to clean that you might not need to run it in the dishwasher. You will enjoy this wok especially if you live with your family.

How can products be purchased?

If you love HexClad products, you can purchase from or other reputable partners. To buy from

  • Look for the cookware you want to buy and add them to your shopping basket.
  • Enter your name, address, and telephone number.
  • Select a delivery method that you’re comfortable with.
  • Choose your payment method.

Once you submit your purchase order, they will check to see if you have given the necessary information to make a swift delivery. Also, select your suitable local pickup point from a nearby UPS Access Point.

What promotions does offer?

When it comes to offering discount codes, HexClad issues coupons and discount offers regularly. Currently, they are offering 10% off to all military purchases. HexClad is a newer, brand and as such, they do not have many discount codes and promotion searches. However, you can still find some fantastic discounts if you follow them on social media. One of the best approaches is to subscribe to their website, and that way, you will get notified via email when some fabulous discounts are up for grabs.

How satisfied were customers?

Most home chefs love HexClad, and independent product testers give them excellent marks. HexClad offers almost 4,000 confirmed good ratings on their main website. The company is known for its high-quality and long-lasting items. Most folks who purchase these sets appear to be home cooks wishing to upgrade, and while performance is far more important than appearance, these pans are also stunning!

The hexagon-shaped design is both functional and attractive. What's the last touch? Diamond dust creates a gorgeous blue shine and is placed in some mystical, technical method to boost the pans' endurance. Although the brand has not been here for long, its products are worth purchasing for many reasons.

Is Hexclad legit and safe?

Although HexClad products do not contain PFOA, they have Polytetrafluoroethylene, a different chemical used in nonstick cookware. This product is also used in dental implants and other implants that go into the body. It's a non-stick ingredient widely used in other non-stick goods and therefore can be considered safe unless you are allergic and your doctor restricts you from using it.

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