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About HomeCraft

HomeCraft is a provider of gutter protection. Founded in 2016, the family business specializes in the production of products that provide a durable solution for gutter cleaning. With the gutter guards you can save the cleaning of the gutter in the future. The gutter guard is made of stainless steel micro mesh and prevents dirt from getting into the gutter.

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Customer Reviews

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 2 reviews
 by RogTer

I was really pleased with the service I received from HomeCraft. The gutters were cleaned very well and the dirt guard was applied professionally. The workers were professional and courteous. Thanks to HomeCraft, I will save myself the hassle of cleaning the gutters on my house in the future.

 by Peter T.

HomeCraft service and products are very good. After cleaning the gutter, the gutter guard was installed. Everything went smoothly and the service date was met. The price-performance ratio of HomeCraft is very good.

How well is HomeCraft rated?

All websites have audits in which previous clients leave a comment about them and the type of services they received. Before indulging in any online store, one is advised to at least go through the audits to avoid any future unpleasantries. If you haven’t heard this before, then you ought to know that customer reviews tell you more about a site, including the services and products they sell.

The customer ratings are also a great way of knowing whether the online store is great to use. Homecraft has numerous high ratings from their customers compared to the poor ratings meaning it is a wonderful store and it actually delivers what is asked from it. Most renown businesses have poor ratings and that should not scare you unless the poor ones are more than the good ones since that will automatically mark the online store as a red flag.

Is HomeCraft legit?

There are various ways of checking whether a store is legit and one of them is looking for an issued license from the local authorities and customer reviews online. With web-based stores, this method can prove to be difficult since you won’t find a business license lying around on their page. So, you could look at other alternatives. Look at the social media presence of the store in question and also the awards gotten or nominated for.

Homecraft is active on all the known social media platforms and that is a good sign since it proves its legitimacy. The gutter protection company has many awards proving that the services they offer are worthy. An illegitimate company wouldn’t be active on social media, would have a sketchy webpage and would also have no awards.

Are there HomeCraft coupons or discount codes?

It is essential to get products and services that make your stay comfortable. However, we are all faced with the challenge of spending money economically and that’s why there are various tips and tricks to help you save money while shopping or paying for services you need. Use of discount codes and coupons will help you get the services you need but at a less than actual price. Lucky for you, there are promo codes, coupons and discount codes that you can use while getting services from Homecraft to get discounted prices.

All you have to do is search on the web for websites that offer discount codes and choose the coupon or discount code that suits the service you want. You can go an extra mile and look through reviews and confirm whether coupons and discount codes have worked for them before while getting services on Homecraft.

Which products / categories does HomeCraft offer?

Homecraft is a company completely dedicated to providing services related to gutters. Gutters are normally fixed right beneath the roof to collect and carry off rainwater. After gutters serve you for quite some time, they often get dirty and cleaning them is pretty hectic. The company offers gutter cleaning services, saving you the hustle of doing it yourself.

Other services include gutter installation and gutter repairs so you can say goodbye to the ladders and instead call up the homecraft team and schedule a day for them to do magic to your gutters. Homecraft also offer gutter protectors, also known as, gutter guards to their customers. You can book an appointment with the company on a suitable day so that they can fix up your home gutters efficiently.

How does the HomeCraft order process & payment methods work?

If you are looking into getting any service from the Homecraft company, visit their website first and look for the estimate icon on the page. Once you find it, click on it and put your zip code as requested. They will show you the number of homes they have attended to around your place.

You are also required to give details like your name, email address and phone number to receive calls and messages concerning your project as well as an estimate for the project. However, the Homecraft company offers its services to specific areas only so it would be wise to see if they have expanded to your area beforehand. You should also consult the homecraft team to see what payment methods they allow.

What are the HomeCraft delivery times, shipping service and costs?

The prices charged for the services depends on the size of your home and the extent to which your gutters are damaged or dirty; meaning that the costs vary from home to home. On the Homecraft website, there is no clear information regarding the delivery times and shipping services and this gives you the more reason to go through customer reviews since there, you will get information concerning everything about the company.

See if there are any complains about the shipping services and what the average costs are like. Shipping costs, however, always vary depending on where you are located. The further away you are from the Homecraft warehouse, the higher the shipping costs thus it would be wise to search for a homecraft branch close to you.

Does HomeCraft have aright of return / return policy?

Return policies are crafted by companies to entail to customers what products can be returned after purchase and what valid reasons they accept. The return policies also entail how to return the unwanted products and also the timeframe in which it should be done. Once you visit the homecraft official website, you will realize there is no clear return policy.

However, there is a lifetime transferable warranty. A warranty guarantees that the said company will repair or replace the products bought. In the case of the Homecraft company, their lifetime warranty means that they will repair or replace the gutters every time they need fixing and you don’t need to worry about your gutters anymore.

What is the HomeCraft contact / support option?

Every reputable company has contact options for their customers incase of any issue. Homecraft offers their email which is homecraftgutters(at) and a phone number 877-366-3207 to allow their clients to reach them if they have any problem with their gutters or services offered. If you have any questions or concerns, there is a customer support page in which you fill in your personal details such as name, address, phone number, email address and your job number.

You are also required to fill the questions or concerns you have and you can also attach images for them to understand your issues better. If you are experiencing any gutter problems, don’t shy away, instead contact the homecraft customer care to have your problems fixed. Homecraft is sure to provide reliable services since their customer reviews are great and their rating is also excellent.

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