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i-KOOK Review

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Read reviews on i-KOOK and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did i-KOOK get and what are the reasons for this?

About i-KOOK

i-KOOK is a Dutch kitchen supplier offering custom solutions for kitchen needs. With multiple showrooms in cities like Almere, Roosendaal, and Utrecht, the company caters to a wide customer base. i-KOOK sets itself apart with a customer-centric approach. Expert advisors guide customers from initial design to kitchen installation. The product range covers various styles, from modern to country, and offers extensive choices in materials and appliances. Price transparency and clear warranty terms are other important features of i-KOOK.

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Customer Reviews

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 by B. Smitt

The selection of kitchens at i-KOOK is diverse, from modern to country designs. The consultants took time to explain the different materials and appliances. Have then decided to buy a kitchen. The assembly was done by professionals and everything went smoothly.

What are the experiences with i-KOOK in Almere?

The experiences with i-KOOK in Almere are notably positive. The team there has built a reputation for expertise and customer focus. Upon entering the showroom, you are immediately surrounded by various kitchen styles. From modern to country, there’s something for everyone. Advisors thoroughly assist you in selecting materials and appliances, considering your budget and taste.

Is i-KOOK a reliable kitchen supplier?

i-KOOK is known as a reliable kitchen supplier. This is partly due to the quality of the kitchens but also because of the transparency in pricing. No hidden costs, no last-minute surprises. Employees are trained to guide you at every step, from design to installation.

How is customer service at i-KOOK in Utrecht?

In i-KOOK’s Utrecht location, customer service is taken seriously. Advisors have deep product knowledge and are well-trained in understanding customer needs. As a result, they can provide detailed advice on material selection, appliances, and layout options. This location also has a good reputation for aftersales service.

What payment methods does i-KOOK offer?

Payment convenience is a focal point at i-KOOK. Here you can pay with various methods such as iDeal, credit cards, and bank transfers. Financing options are also offered, making installment payments possible. This is especially useful for those who can’t pay the full amount upfront but still want a quality kitchen.

Can you buy a kitchen on credit at i-KOOK?

At i-KOOK, you can buy a kitchen on credit. The company offers various financing plans that allow customers to pay for their purchase in installments. The terms for such financial agreements are clear and transparent. No hidden costs; everything is explained upfront. This makes i-KOOK accessible for people who can’t pay the full purchase price upfront but still want a quality kitchen.

How do you use i-KOOK’s online kitchen planner?

i-KOOK’s online kitchen planner is designed for ease of use. You can virtually design a kitchen using various templates and also add your insights. The platform provides a detailed view of your future kitchen, from cabinets to appliances, allowing you to be well-prepared when visiting the showroom.

Are there warranties on i-KOOK’s kitchens?

Speaking of warranty, i-KOOK offers comprehensive warranty terms. Depending on the chosen product and manufacturer, these warranties may vary but are always in the customer’s favor. A good warranty is essential in case of issues, and i-KOOK recognizes this.

How do you request a quote at i-KOOK in Zoetermeer?

Quote requests at i-KOOK in Zoetermeer are straightforward and customer-friendly. After a thorough advisory conversation, where all options and prices are discussed, you receive a detailed quote. This document is clear and easy to understand, so you know exactly what to expect.

What are the locations of i-KOOK in the Netherlands?

i-KOOK has strategically dispersed showrooms across the Netherlands. These are located in Almere, Roosendaal, Alkmaar, Utrecht, The Hague, Eindhoven, Zoetermeer, Veenendaal, and Hengelo. This geographical spread makes it easier for customers in different regions to visit a showroom. Each location offers an extensive range of kitchen designs and has expert advisors for personal guidance. The locations are easily accessible by public transport and car, with generally good parking options.

How do you make an appointment for kitchen advice?

Making an appointment at i-KOOK in The Hague for kitchen advice is easy. You can do this both online and by phone. During the advisory meeting, the advisor delves deeply into your wishes, options, and budget. You leave the store with a wealth of information and a good feeling about your impending purchase.

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