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Read reviews on Iberostar and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did Iberostar get and what are the reasons for this?

About Iberostar

Iberostar Hotels & Resorts is a family-run hotel chain. The company was founded in 1986 in Mallorca, Spain. Through the portal you can book hotels from Iberostar. Iberostar has more than 120 hotels in 19 countries.

When going for a trip or vacation to a particular destination, you need a great decent place to stay while you visit different places in the area. The leading hotel group Iberostar Hotels and Resorts is there to provide you with numerous hotel options that fit you. This is because it boosts over one hundred four and five-star hotels spread around well-known vacation spots in Africa, America, and Europe. With the city, heritage, and beachfront hotels, the Iberostar is there to provide you with the best ones. Here is a review on the Iberostar that will assist you in learning more about this hotel group.

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Customer Reviews

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 3 reviews
 by R.T.

Iberostar 70 Park Avenue Hotel is an optimal accommodation for business and city trips. The hotel is in a prime location in New York, close to many stores and attractions. The rooms are comfortable and the staff is friendly and helpful. I will definitely book again when I am in the area.

 by Henry T.

I have stayed at the Iberostar Cozumel five times and it is by far my favorite hotel. It is clean, comfortable and the staff is amazing. They make you feel like family. The food is great and the price is unbeatable.

 by Saly D.

The Iberostar Club Palmeraie Marrakech is a great hotel and it was easy to book through the hotel portal. The service was very good. The location was also great.

How well is Iberostar rated?

Iberostar is a great company that finds the means to give you the perfect vacation accommodation from one of their hotels. With a five AAA four-diamond rating, Iberostar Hotels has several all-inclusive resorts in Mexico and Jamaica. This is a rating the company got in recognition of its unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and superb services and amenities.

Most Iberostar hotels have between 5 and 4 stars. Apart from these, the customer reviews are mostly positive, with the highest percentage being positive ones. You can book a hotel from the company and enjoy the benefits.

Is Iberostar legit?

Iberostar is owned by Miquel Fluxa Rosello, one Spanish billionaire business mogul who chairs the Iberostar group. He does not share this membership with any other person. Since 1956, Iberostar has been perfecting its services and skills in how they provide vacationers with the best accommodation options. The company is still active, which the first step towards trusting its legitimacy is.

You can trust that Iberostar will attend to your need successfully, and they even give you amazing deals on different rooms in their hotels. They ease the burden of looking for a decent hotel once you get to your destination, as this can be confusing since it is a new place. The company has over 34,000 employees, which is also a big contributor to its being legit and reliable. Contact the company for any inquiries you have, and the customer reviews can help you out with some if you were to read them.

Are there Iberostar coupons or discount codes?

Iberostar possesses several coupons and discounts that they offer their customers as a promotional tactic. You can access a free deal for a spa and golf package once you book a room from one of their hotels. There is the winter travel discount that saves you 30% of the initial money spent and 15% off the fall holiday hotel deals. In Cuba, one can enjoy 30% off their bookings, and if you have kids, they can stay at the hotel for free. Iberostar has couples in mind, which is why they have the romantic coupon package offered when a couple books a three-night stay at one of their hotels.

When you book any of Iberostar's America hotels, you get a 35% off the supposed amount you should pay. If traveling to Brazil, you can enjoy 15% off your booking as this is what they offer the customers. There is the Iberostar App that you get the liberty of downloading for free and safe to use. You will only need to update the app frequently whenever you receive notifications about the updates. You'll consistently receive the greatest deals with no reservation fees whenever you book directly through Iberostar's website, as opposed to a third-party booking agency. As a result, you can travel for less money and obtain a better deal on your subsequent trip.

Which service does Iberostar offer?

Iberostar is known for its traveling services as they provide people with different options on the hotels they can stay at. With over a hundred hotels, they have high-end options for you to work with, and the hotels are between 4 and 5 stars which means that quality is ensured.

The company owns hotels in Barcelona, Lisbon, Majorca, Montenegro, New York, and Santiago de Cuba. When traveling to any of these destinations, you can contact the company and book a room. The hotels and resorts offer an airport shuttle service that provides the guests with transportation from the airport to the hotel.

What are Iberostar's order process and payment methods?

One can use various payment methods to pay for a room in one of Iberostar's hotels. One can use Amazon Pay, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Amex, Aura, Maestro, Diners Club International, Discover, and PayPal. These payment methods make booking a hotel at Iberostar easy and fast.

How to cancel with Iberostar?

As per Iberostar's cancellation policy, you are presented with the Pay at the Hotel Rate, which allows you to freely go about things without worrying about some situations. This is because this method makes it easier to cancel your booking in case an emergency occurs and you cannot make it to your vacation.

Canceling your booking will cost you nothing as it is free, and you have up to four days prior to your hotel check-in to cancel it. If you cancel your booking one day before your arrival, the cancellation will incur an $18 charge; this also applies to those who might cancel in less than four days from when the hotel is expecting you.

The process requires you to contact customer service and handle the whole process with them. Reviews from previous customers show that the cancellation does work out, as some have successfully canceled without paying any fee.

Which is Iberostar’s right of return/ return policy?

In most cases, hotels have no issues with refunding money in full, but some policies are set aside that some use. The Iberostar Company has a set of return policies that travelers must adhere to. The Travel at Ease package provides you with some advantages, like getting reimbursed for any days that you had remaining due to an early departure. Customer reviews might help determine whether you can book accommodation from this company concerning its return policy.

What is Iberostar’s contact/support?

Iberostar’s customer service is at your service when you need advice on the best alternative for your holiday. The company has advisors who provide you with the necessary information for all your questions. From the reviews, people are grateful for how friendly the agents are, and with their skills, they make you feel at ease and explain things slowly and surely.

To speak to one of the agents, you can call 833 399 78 88, and it is free to converse with them. They are available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 11 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to 4 pm. The only days when they are not operative are during public holidays.

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