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ICEBURG offers a wide range of outdoor shoes for men and women. In the assortment you can find running shoes and winter shoes. You can also order insoles and socks at ICEBURG. The company attaches great importance to climate protection in the production of shoes.

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 by Ricca

In search of new running shoes, I found and ordered the Arcus Women's RB9X GTX shoes from ICEBUG. The delivery was very fast and I like the running shoes very much. The size fits perfectly and nothing presses or chafes. Would not want to do without these running shoes.

 by Funnymountain

Bought the Rover Mid Women's RB9X GTX for mountain hiking at ICEBUG! The shoes are sturdy and provide optimal protection for the feet. In addition, the outdoor shoes are comfortable and easy to adjust.

Online shopping was not popular until recently, but now it is one of the fastest growing sectors of the digital economy. Previously, there was restricted options of purchasing several goods online, including a pair of running shoes. ICEBUG in particular sells everything from necessary to high end luxurious winter shoes that have the ability to excel on hard iced trails. Essentially, shoes are essential to human survival.

They are a reflection of the person wearing it, and although you are buying shoes to use outside, they should be able to reflect your taste and style. When walking outside, it is shoes that protect you from certain elements including cold pavements, dust and heat. You do not want to navigate a path littered with rocks and thorns barefoot.

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing your outdoor shoes from ICEBUG is that they are readily available for you. It is a simple, productive option that works for anyone. Today, everyone is preoccupied with their own lives to go out and shop, making ICEBUG a particularly attractive option.

How Well is ICEBUG Rated?

ICEBUG takes customer reviews very seriously particularly because they contribute to the platform’s overall rating. According to the vast majority of evaluations, customers who have ordered their pair of winter shoes from ICEBUG are pleased with the quality of shoes offered indicating that they hold the platform on high esteem. Having said this, negative reviews are also present particularly because not all products and services are perfect.

The best part is the platform utilizes the negative reviews to improve their goods and highlight the root source of their problems. According to reviews from a variety of websites, ICEBUG is highly regarded because its ratings are outstanding, with the maximum possible score being 4.8/5 stars. It is specifically impressive that this platform provides high quality shoes for its customers and most of them are pleased with what they get.

Is ICEBUG Legit?

Swindlers lurking in the shadows of the internet are always ready to take advantage of unsuspecting victims by sucking them of their money dry. Sadly, the majority advertise themselves as businesses that sell lovely and high-quality things at reasonable prices that are substantially lower.

As a result, the majority of buyers end up buying products that don’t even exist. However, this is not the case with ICEBUG. One of the most reliable way to determine whether a platform is legitimate or not is by considering the number of years it has been operational. In this case, ICEBUG has been selling winter shoes since 2001, showing that its services are totally legitimate.

Are There ICEBUG Coupons or Discount Codes?

ICEBUG provides coupons and discount codes for its customers to help them save on shipping fees. Unfortunately, although buyers might have a discount code, sales taxes may be applied when someone purchases a pair of shoes from the company. However, the company rewards first time buyers by providing coupons to encourage them to continue buying from the platform.

Which Products / Categories Does ICEBUG Offer?

ICEBUG is an industry leader in studded shoes for a variety of running purposes, including trail and winter running. The ICEBUG ROUTE is an example of an ICEBUG shoe that is regarded to be an entry level shoe since it has a blend of characteristics that are designed to appeal to seasoned runners as well as rookie runners.

What is ICEBUG Order Process & Payment Methods?

The platform has established a good relationship with Klarna that allows it to accept payments across Europe via part-payments, direct payments, invoice, and debit card payments. At this time, the only acceptable method of payment that the company accepts from United States buyers is via debit card or credit card.

When the order is shipped from their facility, a separate email including the invoice will be issued to the customer. The invoice has a credit period of 14 days for payments to be made. You can find additional information as well as the complete terms for Klarna’s method of payment through their official website.

What Are ICEBUG Delivery Times, Shipping Service and Costs?

ICEBUG’s overseas shipments are handled by UPS which is their chosen shipping agency. UPS will often make deliveries between 8 am and 6 pm. Packages are delivered to highlighted addresses and not to a pickup location. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t make deliveries to PO boxes. The street address is, therefore, necessary. Shipping costs tend to vary depending on the buyer’s geographical location.

Once you’ve placed the order, you should be able to see the shipping fee. The platform will also send you an email containing your tracking information once the product is dispatched or once the order has been booked by the body responsible for transportation. Products that are currently in stock are typically delivered within 3-5 working days. The company will keep you updated on any changes to the estimated delivery time.

What Is ICEBUG Right of Return / Return Policy?

Any item that the customer buys at full price can be returned within ten days after the order has been placed. Once the customer does this, they can secure a full refund not unless a shipping cost was incurred. The company will also charge an 8 percent handling fee from the total sum of money spent or from the refund. All of the items should show no signs of wear, be pristine in new condition and should never have been worn outside.

The products should also be returned in their original packaging for them to be accepted. Return packages are required to have a return authorization number prominently displayed on the outside of the package. In the event that the delivery time exceeds 30 business days, and this happens to be the company’s fault, the customer has a right to cancel the order not unless the company specifically states differently. If you fail to collect your ordered items, the brand will charge you for not claiming them.

What is ICEBUG Contact / Support

ICEBUG has received multiple reviews and glowing assessments of how constant and dependable their customer support is. The company’s customer support has assisted it in securing its future success particularly because most buyers are impressed with the professionalism displayed by professionals hired in the company. Since the brand constantly delivers what it promised, most people trust their products and services.

ICEBUG has a team of professionals who know how to communicate appropriately and effectively. If you are experiencing issues tracking your order or you’re experiencing a late delivery, you can communicate with the company’s support through their live chat, where you can interact with their internet operators. Alternatively, you can email them through webshop(at) or contact them through 855-201-7694.

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