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About Inc Authority

Inc Authority, established in 1989, offers expert business formation services. Their online platform specializes in helping entrepreneurs incorporate their businesses for free, charging only mandatory state fees. They are renowned for their cost-effective LLC and corporation setup assistance, simplifying the process with a user-friendly store interface.

Inc Authority stands out for providing a complimentary startup bundle that includes name searches, tax consultation, and a year of registered agent service, epitomizing its popularity among startups for making business incorporation accessible and affordable.

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What are customers’ experiences with Inc Authority?

Customers’ experiences with Inc Authority often revolve around the company’s services in business formation and entity management. Many report satisfaction with the user-friendly process and highlight the helpfulness of customer service in navigating incorporation procedures.

There have been mentions of clarity in the explanation of steps and prompt responses to inquiries, which reflects a distinct appreciation for the company’s attention to detail and dedication to client support. A minority of experiences might touch upon upsells or additional fees for services beyond the basic package, which could cause some frustration. Overall, the majority of customer feedback indicates a positive engagement with Inc Authority.

Is Inc Authority legit?

Inc Authority has established itself as a credible player in the realm of business formation services. With over three decades of experience in helping entrepreneurs establish their LLCs, this company has garnered a reputation for providing no-cost business formation services, charging only the mandatory state fees.

Critics might be skeptical of the ‘free’ aspect, but customer testimonials and continuous operation over the years underscore the firm’s legitimacy. It is quite heartening to see new businesses flourish with the support of Inc Authority’s guidance, even if upsells and additional services become part of the journey.

How much does it cost to set up an LLC with Inc Authority?

Setting up an LLC with Inc Authority begins with a tantalizing promise of zero-dollar base service charge, which cleverly attracts many entrepreneurs. Although the basic formation service is free, excluding state fees, this cost leader lures customers into a world of potential upsells.

It’s imperative to recognize that additional services such as operating agreements, EIN registration, and compliance coaching come with a price, albeit often at competitive rates. Prudent entrepreneurs may find the basic offering sufficient, but the shrewdness lies in resisting the plethora of alluring add-ons that could swiftly inflate the final bill.

Is Inc Authority legitimate for starting a business?

Over the course of its operation, Inc Authority has gained a reputation as a credible service provider for individuals looking to establish new business entities, especially LLCs. Their offer of free business formation services indeed sets them apart from many competitors, which oftentimes is met with skepticism.

However, customers more often than not find that the company delivers on its promises, fostering an environment of trust and reliability. It is paramount for entrepreneurs, thirsty for a hassle-free start, to have access to transparent and genuine services. Inc Authority meets this imperative need with professionalism, despite upselling additional services post the initial setup phase.

What services are included in the Inc Authority free LLC setup?

The Inc Authority free LLC setup offers a tempting package for entrepreneurs eager to minimize startup costs. This service includes the preparation and filing of the Articles of Organization, which is the essential document required for establishing an LLC.

The offer is sweetened with a complimentary registered agent service for the first year, a critical component that can save a new business owner a respectable sum. Additionally, clients receive access to the client portal, digital storage, and custom digital LLC documents, such as operating agreements. Satisfyingly, the package extends with a tax planning consultation, effectively positioning new business owners on the path to both compliance and fiscal prudence.