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About JOI

Online store JOI offers pastes and powders for the preparation of oat milk and almond milk. JOI’s offer is aimed at those who prefer a plant-based diet, relying on products that are produced sustainably. In the online store you can also order vegan chips and reusable straws.

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 3 reviews
 by Lasvegas76
my JOI review

Very good products for a delicious almond milk. JOI is my first choice and I like to buy the products.

 by Drew Taylor
my JOI review

Ordered the oat milk from JOI a few weeks ago. Very tasty. Will soon also try the almond milk.

 by Almondfan91
my JOI review

JOI almond milk paste fits perfectly with my vegan diet and the taste is very good.

Is JOI Legit?

As strenuous as it might be to find foods that go hand in hand with your lifestyle can be, makes it easy for you. The world is chaotic enough, and food should not be part of the chaos, which is why you can rely on, which shows how reliable and credible customer reviews are. This store is legit, as seen from the numerous reviews from past customers who most have positive reviews, especially on the JOI products. The almond milk cartons seem to be a favorite for most people, as seen by the reviews, and the fact people have something to say about them is a sign of their legitimacy.

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