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About jortt

Jortt is a Dutch accounting software developed for small to medium-sized businesses. The focus is on automation, efficiency, and accessibility. Various modules like invoicing, time tracking, and payroll are integrated into the platform. The software also simplifies tax filing through the automatic categorization of transactions. User data security is ensured through encryption and regular backups. Jortt offers both a web version and a mobile application, giving users flexibility in when and where they manage their accounting. Customers can choose from different subscription forms, depending on the needed functionalities.

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Customer Reviews

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 by Nick

I have been using jortt for my business accounting for a few months now. The software offers useful functions for financial management, such as creating invoices and payroll. A particular plus is the time registration option, which is ideal for freelancers. However, I find the prices to be quite high. Nevertheless, the performance of the software convinces me.

What experiences do users have with Jortt?

Users of Jortt report predominantly positive experiences. The software is praised for its user-friendliness, making it accessible even for entrepreneurs without an accounting background. Customer service is approachable and knowledgeable, adding to overall satisfaction. Criticisms mostly concern pricing, perceived as high, although many find the costs justified given the functionalities offered. Automation of tasks like VAT filing and payroll is highly valued, making Jortt a reliable, time-saving accounting solution.

Is Jortt a reliable accounting program?

Jortt has established itself in the market as a solid accounting solution for both small and medium-sized enterprises. The software is known for its user-friendliness and intuitive interface, enabling users to get started quickly. The underlying technology is robust, ensuring stability and reliability. Updates and maintenance are carried out meticulously, minimizing downtime. Data security is a priority; Jortt uses encrypted connections and backups to keep data safe. Customer reviews are mostly positive, reinforcing its reputation for reliability.

How user-friendly are Jortt’s functions?

The design of Jortt focuses on ease of use. Both the web version and the mobile app have a clear interface where features are easy to find. Accounting is linked to several handy tools like invoicing, payroll, and VAT filing, streamlining the process. Even those without an accounting background find it easy to use, thanks to comprehensive instructional videos and resources.

How does invoice creation work with Jortt?

Jortt has an invoicing module that integrates seamlessly with the rest of the accounting. This enables quick drafting of invoices and direct booking into the financial administration. Templates are customizable, providing a professional appearance. Periodic invoices can also be set up for recurring costs.

What are the advantages of using Jortt for your administration?

Jortt optimizes administration by automating common tasks like invoicing and VAT filing. The intuitive interface lowers the barrier for entrepreneurs without accounting knowledge. The software offers real-time financial overviews, aiding in decision-making. Integration of various modules in one platform streamlines the administrative process. Time tracking linked to invoicing simplifies direct chargeable hours. Financial data security is ensured through encryption. Customer service is knowledgeable and readily available for questions or issues.

How does time tracking work with Jortt?

Time tracking is a function especially important for freelancers and small businesses. Jortt makes this process straightforward and clear. Hours can be linked to specific projects or clients, aiding in invoicing.

How easy is it to file VAT with Jortt?

VAT filing becomes much less time-consuming with Jortt. Transactions are labeled and categorized, allowing for the generation of a complete return with just a few clicks. This saves time and reduces the risk of errors.

What does it cost to use Jortt as accounting software?

Jortt offers different subscription forms, providing a suitable solution for every type of entrepreneur. Although the software is not cheap, its functionality justifies the cost. There are no hidden fees; everything is transparent.

Is there Jortt support?

Jortt offers extensive customer service. Users can contact support through various channels like phone, email, and live chat for technical assistance or platform-related questions. Support staff are well-trained and possess deep knowledge of the software, leading to quick and effective solutions. Jortt also has an online knowledge base with frequently asked questions and instructional videos, allowing users to find answers to common questions themselves. Customer service generally has short response times, contributing to the overall positive user experience.

What functions does the Jortt app have?

The Jortt app offers functionalities strongly aligned with the web version of the platform. Invoicing can be easily carried out from the app; invoices can be generated, adjusted, and sent directly. The time tracking function is also available, allowing for immediate linking of hours to clients or projects. Real-time financial overviews provide an immediate snapshot of business performance. Transactions can also be categorized for streamlined VAT filing. The app is designed with a focus on ease of use and intuitive navigation, allowing administrative tasks to be performed efficiently, even on the go.

How does canceling a Jortt subscription work?

Canceling a Jortt subscription is straightforward. You can do this online via your account settings, without hassle with notice periods or extra costs. It’s a straightforward process, with no hidden pitfalls.

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