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Read reviews on Klinio and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did Klinio get and what are the reasons for this?

About Klinio

Klinio is a program that helps patients with diabetes monitor their blood glucose levels and improve their diabetes management. It is available in app form and offers several features to help patients keep track of their diabetes levels and adjust their treatment. One of the most important features of Klinio is the ability to enter and track blood glucose readings and other important health data. This gives patients and their doctors important insights into the progression of the disease and helps adjust treatment plans. In addition, Klinio also provides Personalized Notifications and Reminders to help ensure patients don’t forget their medications and other important aspects of their treatment.

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Customer Reviews

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 by JennyT

I have tried the Klinio app for diabetes management and am really impressed with the ease of use and the extensive features available. As a diabetic, it is important that I keep track of my blood glucose levels and can react quickly if necessary. The Klinio app makes this a lot easier by allowing me to enter my values and automatically creating graphs from them to give me an overview of my values. There is also an integrated meal tracker function that helps me keep track of my diet and adjust it if necessary. I also find it very helpful that it is possible to leave notes on each value or meal to understand how certain factors affect my values. Overall, the Klinio app is a valuable aid to diabetes management.

 by ben

I have had good experiences with the Klinio app, especially in the area of diabetes management. The app is easy to use and the rate is very reasonable. The competent support has always helped me quickly with questions and problems.
The app helps me better manage my diabetes symptoms and supports me in my daily routine.
In my opinion, Klinio is a recommendable app for people with diabetes or other chronic diseases who want to take better control of their health. It offers useful features and reliable support at an affordable price.

 by Eve-Tea

I am very pleased with Klinio, a diabetes management app. As someone with prediabetes, I feel that Klinio helps me stay on top of my health and prevent possible secondary diseases. The app offers useful features such as the ability to track blood sugar levels and dietary history. There are also built-in physical activity and medication reminders to help me stick to my daily routines. I also appreciate the built-in community feature that allows me to connect with others who have similar health goals. Overall, I think Klinio is a useful and user-friendly app if you want to improve your diabetes management.

How well is Klinio rated?

With subscribers from a total of 192 countries including the Unites States, Klinio is clearly a favored global brand. Not surprisingly, it was officially launched by Gary Scheiner who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetics and is a certified Diabetics Educator. Klinio, which was formerly known as MyDiabetes, is accessible in seven key languages. Owned by Karma Processing Incorporated, USA, the Klinio app has an average rating of 4.5 stars based on customer reviews.

Though the rating might not be a full 5 rating, but the fact that it was rated such by over 10,000 subscribers from all over the world indicates how beneficial and well-received it is. Also, there are many video reviews and over 300 success stories, which can be read on its online site.

Is Klinio legit?

A key indication as to whether it is legit is its total number of active subscribers that amount to over 180,000 from various corners of the world. Another way to determining its authenticity is by taking a look at the thousands and thousands of written reviews not to mention users’ success stories. Apart from being validated by the Validation Institute, Klinio is also a member of Digital Therapeutics Alliance.

The latter is a non-profit organization that focuses on the advancement of digital therapeutics. Since both Google and Apple have accepted Klinio as one of their subscription apps for Google Play and Apple Store respectively, there seems to be no doubt to Klinio being legit. What’s more, Forbes featured Klinio under their Health section in December 2022.

Are there any Klinio coupons or discount codes?

Though there are various websites claiming to offer Klinio coupons and discount codes, there is no clear evidence of such a thing on Klinio’s official website. Nevertheless, it’s believed based on reviews that Klinio does offer coupons now and then on its various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This doesn’t mean that Klinio has no promotional offers on its website. From time to time, Klinio reduces its monthly subscription charges. Also, it offers an affiliates program for those who are socially active online and wish to earn a good commission while promoting a healthier lifestyle for others.

Which services does Klinio offer?

Klinio’s primary offer is an app, which can be quickly and easily downloaded via Apple Store and Google Play. Simply said, this app focuses on everything to do with diabetics management as you can be evidenced in the customer reviews. It features aspects like medication, workouts, meal planning and grocery list for weekly shopping.

The app also tracks key metrics such as weight, glycated hemoglobin or HbA1c, medication logging and blood glucose levels. A comprehensive active log features aspects such as your water consumption, calorie intake, physical activity and more. Though aimed at those who have prediabetics, diabetics, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level, it is also used by those who wish to reduce weight in a healthy way or lead a healthier lifestyle.

What about Klinio’s order process and payment methods?

To start with, those who are keen on this app have to do a simple one-minute quiz, which is available on Klinio website. Since the app acts as a personalized intuitive assistant with personalized meal plans, workouts, grocery list and more, the quiz gives insight into the person’s lifestyle and health. Klinio’s medical professionals will look into it and recommend a personalized diabetes management or any other suitable health plan.

Once you’ve entered your email address and click See My Results, you’ll see various informative charts. To purchase your plan, click Get your plan. Take your pick from various monthly subscription plans of 2, 4, 6 or any other plan and click Get your plan again. It will take you to the payment section, where you can choose your preferred payment, may it be PayPal or credit cards like Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

What is Klinio’s cancellation policy?

The cancellation policy depends on where you purchased your subscription. If you bought it via Klinio’s website, log into your User Account using the email address that you used during the registration of your account together with your current password. You’ll see your subscription status; cancel it if you wish. To ensure a smooth and fast cancellation process, it’s best to contact customer support with details of payment method, date of purchase and chosen email address for registration.

Since subscription is automatically renewed, you need to inform Klinio at least 48 hours before your subscription ends. For any in-app purchase of your subscription via Google Play or Apple Store, you can only cancel your subscription using Google or Apple account. Bear in mind that deleting your Klinio account only removes your data permanently from Klinio and does not cancel your subscription.

What is Klinio’s right of return or return policy?

When it comes to Klinio’s return policy for subscription purchased via its website, it allows for a full or partial refund based on the issues. If you’re given partial refund, you’ll still be able to access the app until the subscription ends. A full refund would mean that you will have no access to the app any longer. The right of return for subscription purchased via its website is only applicable if you make a refund request within a period of 14 days from purchase.

In order to process a refund request, use the Submit a request form that is available on the website and provide the necessary details including the concerned issues. You’ll receive an answer from one of its customer service representatives within 1 to 3 business days. For any in-app purchase of your subscription via Apple Store or Google Paly, you have to ask for a refund via the Google or Apple site.

How can you contact Klinio’s support?

For assistance from customer support, just click the Support icon. You can see a list of questions with relevant answers. Another way is to have a live chat with customer support using your smart phone or PC. The website also offers a Submit a request form that allows you to choose the type of query, description of the request and even attach a file if you wish. Whether it is to cancel your subscription, make a refund request or for any other vital matter, you can send an email to hello(at)klinio.com.

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