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About Laudius

Laudius offers distance learning in many different areas. For example, there are distance learning courses in management, marketing, communication, IT, esotericism, health and art. There are detailed descriptions of all distance learning courses. Participants can also receive the digital course materials as a printed version. Students have access to the Laudius online campus.

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How good is the Laudius experience?

Students give Laudius very good ratings. Students have positive opinions about the wide range of distance learning courses. Customers have very good experiences with the study support and the course materials. Many participants praise the low tuition fees and the fact that students can extend their studies by three years free of charge after the standard period of study.

Is Laudius reputable?

Laudius is one of the reputable providers of distance learning. Certified by the State Central Office for Distance Learning, all study programs at Laudius are recognized. The provider meets the quality standards according to ISO 9001:2015. In addition, we classify Laudius as trustworthy because there is a study counseling service. You can test the offer for four weeks free of charge and without risk.

Do I receive a Laudius certificate upon completion?

At the end of the distance learning program at Laudius, students take a final exam online from home. If you pass the exam, you will receive a certificate or report card from Laudius. The certificate serves as proof that you have successfully completed the final exam. Many students use Laudius’ distance learning programs for professional development.

What can you study at Laudius?

Laudius offers a wide range of distance learning courses. In addition to languages, you can also study IT, marketing and business. The distance learning program in nutritional counseling and the distance learning program in alternative medicine are also offered. Laudius offers a detailed view of all distance learning courses with information on participation requirements, course content and the standard period of study.

Is there a Laudius study support program?

There are a number of options for financial support for distance learning at Laudius. Participants can deduct the tuition fees from their taxes. In addition, some German states offer subsidies in the form of quality checks and education checks or education bonuses. One should also ask one’s employer whether one can receive financial support for distance learning. If you have any questions about financial support, please contact the Laudius Student Advisory Service.

Is there a Laudius contact?

The distance learning provider has a telephone contact. Interested parties can receive personal advice on the range of courses on offer via the hotline 0800 105 8 105. The Laudius hotline is available Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. Written inquiries to the study advisory service can be sent to the e-mail address info(at) or via the contact form on the Laudius website.

What is the Laudius Online Campus?

After registering for distance learning, one receives access to the Online Campus from Laudius. Via the online campus, one can receive personal study support and view the completion assignments. The assignments can be completed online. There are also distance learning courses for which face-to-face courses are also offered.

Does Laudius offer a money-back guarantee?

Laudius offers a money-back guarantee if you meet certain requirements. The assignments must have been graded at least sufficient and one must have failed the online final exam at least twice within the standard study period. Then one can get the complete tuition fees refunded by Laudius. The money-back guarantee applies for up to three years after the date of enrollment in the respective field of study.

How do I redeem a Laudius voucher?

Laudius regularly offers discounts on selected distance learning programs. You can redeem the Laudius voucher during the registration process for a distance learning program. First, you select the distance learning course and register. If you have a current Laudius voucher code, it will be activated automatically during registration. Therefore, before registering for a course, one should research for current Laudius discount codes.

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