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About Lovesac

Founded in 1995 by Shawn Nelson, Lovesac is a furniture retailer with a compelling online store presence. Specializing in innovative, modular furniture like Sactionals — customizable sectional sofas — and Sac, their unique take on oversized bean bags, Lovesac has carved a niche in the home comfort market.

Their products are praised for their adaptability, durability, and eco-friendly materials. Lovesac’s online store provides a seamless shopping experience, allowing customers to personalize Sactionals and Sacs with a selection of covers, making it notably popular for creating personalized comfort-centric living spaces.

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What are customers’ experiences with Lovesac?

Customers generally report high satisfaction with Lovesac products, notably the brand’s flagship modular sofas and Sactionals. These adaptable, comfort-driven pieces resonate with consumers who praise their versatility in configuration and the convenience of machine-washable covers.

However, some users encounter challenges with higher price points and longer than expected delivery times. The brand garners commendation for its focus on sustainability and durability, while maintaining an edge with constantly evolving designs and accessories. Despite a premium outlay, the emotional joy from the lush comfort and customization options often justifies the investment for devoted clientele.

Is Lovesac legit?

Indeed, Lovesac is a legitimate company that has been revolutionizing comfort in homes with its innovative designs since 1995. Best known for their oversized sacs that redefine the concept of a beanbag, Lovesac has expanded its product line to include modular furniture called Sactionals.

Their commitment to quality is evident in their use of durable materials and a focus on sustainability, offering consumers a responsible choice in furniture. The hefty price tag is justified by an excellent warranty program, hinting at the confidence Lovesac has in its products. Customers rave about the comfort and flexibility, making it clear that this brand delivers on its promises.

How to wash a Lovesac cover?

When it comes time to clean your Lovesac cover, thoroughness and care are paramount to maintaining its cozy feel and appearance. Remove the cover gently, avoiding any harsh tugging that might damage the fabric. Most Lovesac covers are machine washable; however, verify by checking the label for specific care instructions.

Opt for a cold, gentle cycle using a mild detergent, free of bleach or additives that could harm the material. Before drying, one should feel a sense of relief that Lovesac’s thoughtful design makes maintenance a breeze. Tumble dry on low heat or air dry to prevent shrinkage, ensuring your cover returns to its plush state. Regular cleaning not only increases longevity, but also enhances your comforting lounge experience, keeping your space fresh and inviting.

How much does a Lovesac cost?

Lovesac, a brand renowned for its high-quality, modular furniture, primarily offers its signature product, the ‘Sactional,’ along with oversized beanbags known as ‘Sacs.’ Prices for Lovesacs can vary greatly depending on the size, fabric choice, and configuration. A basic Lovesac Sac starts around $275 for the smaller CitySac, escalates past $1,300 for the largest BigOne.

A Sactional, on the other hand, is a more substantial investment, with a standard two-seat, four-sides setup typically starting at $2,000 and can go as high as $5,000 or more with enhancements and premium covers. While the initial cost may cause sticker shock, many consumers extol Lovesac’s durability and flexibility, emphasizing that the long-term value may justify the expense.

What is the warranty on a Lovesac?

Lovesac offers a robust warranty policy, assuring customers of their commitment to quality. The highlight is the lifetime warranty on the sactional inserts and hard pieces. This is a testament to the company’s confidence in the durability of their core products. For the sactional covers, Lovesac provides a limited 3-year warranty under normal household usage, ensuring protection against material defects.

Lovesacs’ plush seat cushions and accessories also come with various warranties, further validating the investment as one that’s cared for long-term. Admirably, the brand understands the emotional attachment customers may form with their furniture, backing it with warranties that promise peace of mind.