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About MeerVordeel

MeerVoordeel is a provider of digital services, including Internet, television and telephony. By partnering with Ziggo, the company offers competitive packages that can meet different needs. Customers have the option to purchase these services separately or in bundled packages, providing flexibility and potential cost savings. The MeerVoordeel Mediabox plays a central role in the offering, facilitating seamless integration of TV, Internet and other digital services. The company emphasizes transparent pricing and a user-friendly experience. Customers can choose from different package options depending on their specific needs and budget. Customer service is available to provide support and resolve any issues, although responsiveness is sometimes cited as a point of criticism. Overall, More Advantage positions itself as a reliable and affordable choice for consumers looking for digital services.

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Customer Reviews

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 by Nike35

MeerVoordeel offers a good selection of digital services that cover my needs for Internet and TV. Prices are reasonable and the ability to bundle services is an advantage. The Mediabox works well and provides a central access point to various digital services. TV channel quality is good, but Internet speed could be more stable during peak hours. Installation was smooth and instructions were easy to follow.

What experiences do customers have with MeerVoordeel?

Customers experience MeerVoordeel predominantly positively because of the competitive prices and the bundling of Internet and TV services. The cooperation with Ziggo is often seen as a plus. The company offers several packages that appeal to different needs. However, some customers express concern about customer service, which is sometimes described as slow. The Mediabox, which gives access to various services, is appreciated for its ease of use. The tariff structures are transparent and switching to MeerVoordeel is perceived as simple. Overall, MeerVoordeel is seen as a reliable choice for Internet and TV services.

How does the Ziggo subscription from MeerVoordeel compare?

The Ziggo subscription through MeerVoordeel offers competitive rates and a wide range of services, including high-speed Internet and comprehensive TV packages. Customers appreciate the clarity of the tariff structures and the simplicity of the switching process. Compared to other providers, the MeerVoordeel-Ziggo package is often praised for its value for money. The cooperation between MeerVoordeel and Ziggo provides an extra layer of trust. The Mediabox, a feature of the Ziggo package, offers added value by integrating TV and streaming services. However, some find customer service less responsive compared to other providers.

Is MeerVoordeel a serious provider for Internet and TV?

MeerVoordeel is considered a serious provider of Internet and TV services. By partnering with Ziggo, an established name in the industry, MeerVoordeel inspires confidence among consumers. The company offers various packages to meet customers’ different needs, including high-speed Internet and extensive TV channel packages. Pricing is competitive and the services offered are of good quality. The presence of customer service, although sometimes criticized for responsiveness, shows the company’s willingness to provide customer support. The user interface of the Mediabox is praised for its user-friendliness, contributing to the positive perception of MeerVoordeel as a serious provider.

What Internet options does MeerVoordeel offer?

MeerVoordeel offers various Internet packages to suit different needs. Customers can choose from broadband or fiber optic connections, depending on availability in their region. The Internet packages have competitive speeds, and are designed to provide a reliable connection. The different packages are designed to provide flexibility, allowing customers to choose a package that suits their usage patterns and budget. Combining Internet with TV and telephony services is also possible, which can lead to cost savings. The partnership with Ziggo strengthens the offer through the integration of the Mediabox, which provides a seamless experience for access to Internet and other digital services. MeerVoordeel strives for easy installation and use, making Internet services accessible to a wide audience.

How does the Mediabox at MeerVoordeel function?

The Mediabox at MeerVoordeel serves as a central hub for digital entertainment services. It allows users to watch live television, record and watch back programs. In addition, the Mediabox provides access to various streaming services. The user interface is intuitive, facilitating navigation and access to services. The installation procedure is simple and well-documented, allowing users to have the Mediabox up and running quickly. The remote control is user-friendly and provides quick access to frequently used functions. The Mediabox also has a search function that makes it easy to find specific programs or movies. Integrating the Mediabox into the MeerVoordeel offerings increases the value and convenience of the services provided.

What tariffs does MeerVoordeel apply?

MeerVoordeel charges different rates depending on the package chosen and the combination of services. There are basic packages available for customers who only want Internet or TV, and there are combined packages for customers who want to bundle both services. Prices are competitive, and the transparency of the tariff structures is appreciated by customers. There are also options for customers to further customize their packages with additional channels or higher Internet speeds at additional costs. The partnership with Ziggo also offers a certain value, and the tariffs reflect the quality and reliability of the services offered.

How can you cancel a subscription with MeerVoordeel?

Canceling a subscription with MeerVoordeel is a streamlined process. Customers can cancel their subscriptions online through MeerVoordeel’s customer portal, where they can fill out and submit the necessary forms. Another option is to contact MeerVoordeel customer service by phone and verbally communicate the cancellation. It is important to check the contract terms to understand what the terms of cancellation are, including any notice periods or fees that may be charged for early termination. After termination, MeerVoordeel will send a confirmation and provide instructions on returning any rented equipment such as the Mediabox. The company is committed to clear communication during the termination process to avoid any ambiguities.

How can I contact MeerVoordeel?

Contacting MeerVoordeel’s customer service can be done in several ways. One option is to call the customer service number provided on the MeerVoordeel website. Customers can submit their questions or concerns directly to a staff member. Another option is to send an email to the customer service email address, also listed on the website. Additionally, an online contact form is available on the website where customers can enter their information and question. MeerVoordeel strives to respond within a reasonable period of time. For urgent issues, phone contact is probably the fastest option, while email or the online form may be appropriate for less urgent questions.

What benefits does a subscription with MeerVoordeel offer?

A subscription with MeerVoordeel offers several advantages. First, the competitive pricing makes it attractive to budget-conscious customers. Second, the bundling of Internet, TV and telephony in one package offers convenience and possible cost savings. The partnership with Ziggo strengthens the offering by integrating the Mediabox, which provides a seamless experience for accessing digital services. Furthermore, flexible package options are available to meet different needs and preferences. The transparent tariff structures and easy installation procedure reduce the threshold for new subscribers. The quality of services offered, combined with the ability to customize services, makes More Advantage an attractive choice for consumers looking for reliable and affordable Internet and TV services.

What are the benefits of TV services from MeerVoordeel?

TV services from MeerVoordeel offer several advantages. A key advantage is the extensive channel selection that includes entertainment, news, and sports programs. The Mediabox facilitates access to live television, program recording, and viewing back, offering flexibility and convenience to users. In addition, the Mediabox allows customers to access various streaming services through a single interface. The picture and sound quality are rated as high, contributing to an enjoyable viewing experience. The ability to add additional channel packages allows users to personalize their TV experience. The clear tariff structure and the ability to bundle TV services with Internet and telephony offer good value for money and convenience for customers.