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About Mindvalley

Mindvalley offers workshops and trainings as well as meditations. Interested people can complete various programs. The programs in the areas of mind, body, relationships and others are designed to support personal development.

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Customer Reviews

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 by Brightly

I think Mindvalley is very good and it is a great experience with the personal development programs. The quality of the videos and material as well as the support from the instructors is very good. It is definitely worth paying for this service. It is very easy to find a lesson or two.

 by Bob89

Mindvalley's program has given me a whole new way of looking at things. It's a great offer and they always say that you never stop learning in life.

Our review

Mindvalley is an online educational platform dedicated to teaching personal development. Unlike traditional schools, Mindvalley equips learners with the life skills they need to live happy and fulfilling lives. Their main goal is to train learners in what our day-to-day world requires to remain relevant and effective. You can subscribe to various topics from relationships, health, physical and mental fitness, finance, and much more.

When Vishen Lakhiani founded Mindvalley in 2003, his goal was to help people keep learning on a daily basis. Mindvalley has grown into a world-leading learning platform with over 10 million students globally. Their popular teaching method focuses on issuing learners with quests daily. Quests take 20 minutes to complete, and learners acquire real-life skills on completing daily quests.

Whether a learner leads a busy life or has a shorter concentration span, they can easily take down the digestible Quests. When you subscribe to their learning program, you meet a strong online community dedicated to helping you learn conveniently. You can interact with other learners and some of the best coaches in the world.

Which Online Learning Programs does Mindvalley offer?

If you feel there’s a part of your self-development you’d want to improve, Mindvalley has a well-curated program dedicated to helping you. Here are the programs that Mindvalley offers:

  • Mind: The quality of your mind determines the kind of life you lead. You can use their program to upgrade your inner thoughts and retune your mindset to help transform your reality.
  • Body: You need a healthy body to be productive. So use any program to get back to your desired shape and look younger again. And the good thing here is, you don’t have to subject your body to unsustainable dieting and daunting exercise.
  • Soul: Find an ideal program to work on your inner world. Then, when you subscribe to any program here, you’ll find peace within and feel inspired to understand your purpose in life.
  • Entrepreneurship: Would you like to approach the world of money from a different and practical approach? Then, make your entrepreneurship career impactful and fulfilling using any program available.
  • Career: You can fulfill your dreams by approaching your career on a positive note. Use the available programs to become an effective leader and achieve financial freedom.
  • Relationships: You need to coexist with those around you. So look for a program that’ll help level up your communication skills, upgrade your sex life and relate well with others.
  • Kids, Teens and Parenting: Does parenting seem to overwhelm you? With an ideal program, you’ll learn how to take care of your kids and teens so you can prepare them for success.
  • Partner Programs: Choose any program that will help transform your overall health and wellbeing. You can use the programs to ensure you’re in the driver’s seat and lead a self-actualizing life.

What are the advantages of a subscription / membership?

Here are some of the advantages you’ll get by being a member of Mindvalley or subscribing to their programs:

  • Professional teachers: At Mindvalley, you’ll meet some of the best trainers like Jim Kwik, Robin Sharma, Vishen Lakhiani, Lisa Nichols, among others. You can rest assured that you’ll acquire quality training sessions and good results with such trainers. You can also benefit from in-house programs or attend training sessions and talks by these trainers.
  • Quality training: When you become a Mindvalley member, you can benefit from free courses every week. You’ll also have unlimited access to your courses and Quests offered by professional teachers. That means you’ll always have something worth reading to improve your health, relationships, financial status, and much more.
  • Strong learner community: Unlike many other online learning platforms, Mindvalley connects you to a strong community of learners and trainers who are always committed, supportive, helpful and fun to be with throughout the course. You’ll bond with this community and learn a lot from them.
  • Special discounts: Mindvalley offers its members special discounts during various global events. For example, Mindvalley hosts legendary events where their tribe of leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries spend time together learning and interacting.

Which courses are the most popular?

You may get confused choosing the best course that’ll match all your needs. Luckily, we have selected the most popular courses offered by professional trainers. Here are some you may consider.

  • SuperBrain: In this course, Jim Kwik helps students use effective and quick techniques to supercharge their brains. The course relies on eight fundamental principles that help students improve their memory, efficiency, brain concentration, self-esteem, among other areas.
  • SuperReading: Jim Kwik offers actionable tips to help learners become quick readers and improve their memory to retain what’s read. In addition, this program can help you deal with the constant flood of emails, updates, and programs without feeling inundated.
  • Speak and Inspire: Use this course offered by Lisa Nichols to become an effective and impactful communicator. In addition, you can use this course to know how to enchant people with top-notch communication skills like a sense of humor, persuasiveness, and engagement.
  • Be Extraordinary: Learn from the founder of Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani, how to be extraordinary. The course will help you master your mind to become more creative and use your mind to shape your future. In addition, Lakhiani helps you set and accomplish bigger goals, handle depression, face defeat confidently, and other skills.

How satisfied were the customers?

Most learners who have gone through various Mindvalley courses have expressed their joy after the programs and courses helped transform their lives. Moreover, most learners have learned to navigate life with multiple courses and practical lessons. However, other learners who joined Mindvalley to acquire actionable life skills and others came with challenges and wanted solutions.

Luckily, Mindvalley has everything learners want to make their lives better. Whether learners were stuck in unfulfilling careers, toxic relationships, or daunting parenting, reliable teachers and effective programs came in handy. Other learners who aimed at mastering their consciousness and the spiritual world gained insights that have helped them accomplish different goals.

Is Mindvalley legit?

Yes. Mindvalley is a legit website and company that has helped transform the lives of millions of people across the world. MindValley has grown from a small business to a larger company that offers over 50 self-development products, reliable and consistent content, an app, and a tribe. You can find several honest reviews online that describe the services that Mindvalley offers.

Find out about prominent teachers who are well known globally as authors, trainers, and life coaches. Browse their courses, and you’ll learn the skills you’ll acquire after the training and within a timeframe. Mindvalley has a few hiccups, especially in their customer support. However, they’re working tirelessly to improve on areas they’re lagging.

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