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Find out what consumers think about MSPY here. Here you can find reviews and experiences about the cell phone tracker, which is used for parental control on smartphones.

About MSPY

MSPY is a cell phone tracker and is used in the field of parental control of smartphones. With the cell phone tracker you can check call logs and text messages. There is also the possibility to determine the location via GPS.

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Customer Reviews

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 3 reviews
 by Zara236

mspy was recommended to me by my sister. I find the cell phone tracker very useful and it gives me peace of mind that my child is not being bullied or harassed via smartphone.

 by parents78

I find the cell phone tracker from mspy very good. The installation was very easy and took only a few minutes. My daughter is eleven years old and got a smartphone for her birthday. We want to protect our child from cyberbullying. With mspy we have a great solution and that too at a reasonable price.

 by Roger O.

As a parent, you worry when your child has a smartphone. The GPS tracker is practical. Our daughter is 14 and so we always know where she is. We have been using mspy for a few months now and feel safe with it.

Our MSPY review

Have you been wondering what your loved ones or employees do on their phones when you’re not around? Maybe you’d like to know what your kids do on the internet, the people they interact with, where they go on weekends, or whether they made it to school. What about monitoring your employees who waste time during work hours or finding out where they are at any given time?

With a reliable spy app, you can stay ahead of everything that happens with your loved ones or employees without them knowing. But in most cases, you’ll find unreliable spay apps out there that are not worth your money. So what should you do to stay aware of all that’s happening in the lives of your loved ones or employees? Luckily, mSpy has all that you’re looking for. Here, we’ll offer you an honest review of this monitoring app to help you decide whether it’s worth using or not.

What is MSPY?

MSpy is a handy spy application that mobile phone users rely on to monitor what other people are doing on their phones. You can monitor several activities that your target mobile phone users are doing from a remote area without them knowing. MSpy has been running for over a decade now and has served as the most reliable spy app globally.

The app has primarily targeted parents who want to keep an eye on their children. More than 1.5 million parents worldwide are using this spy app to monitor the safety of their children. To use mSpy, you need to install it on your target's mobile phone and find out what they've been up to anytime. This app will offer you details about your target's phone calls, messages, social media activities, places visited, and much more.

Whether you want to install it on your children's, spouse's or employee's phones, the app will work in the target device's background. That means the one you're monitoring won't know about its presence. However, if you're using it to monitor a person over 18 years, you should agree on the installation and use of the app. You don't wish to end up violating the privacy of your spouse or employees without their consent.

How much does MSPY cost?

If you're starting with a spy app, you can try the mSpy free trial that will offer you services for seven days. The free trial will help you with your spying needs to help you decide whether the app is worth your money. Then, if you find it suitable for your spying needs, you can subscribe to their various plans. You can choose the basic or premium subscription option for monitoring mobile phones. The mSpy basic subscription is as follows.

  • one month at $26.99
  • two months at $59.99
  • 12 months at $99.99

On the other hand, the mSpy premium subscription runs as follows.

  • one month at $69.99
  • two months at $119.99
  • 12 months at $199.99

You can also install mSpy on computers and family kits. However, mSpy offers basic pricing only for computers and Family Kit. The prices run as follows: Basic Pricing for Computers

  • one month at $26.99
  • two months at $39.99
  • 12 months at $69.99

Basic Pricing for Family Kit

  • six months at $119.97
  • 12 months at $167.97

How to install MSPY

The installation process of MSpy will vary depending on the device you want to monitor or the pricing option you choose. First, you need to ensure that the target phone is jailbroken or has an app rooted in its system. If the phone has a jailbreak feature, you can install the app on the target phone or tablet. You can log into the device's control panel and select the installation option when installing. Here, you must ensure that the installation option matches your target device.

The good thing is that installation is free, but if you enjoy extra benefits, you will pay for the basic or premium subscription plans. After installing the app on the target device, visit to access a secure control panel. This is where the app will record all the information about calls, messages, social media activities, and specific locations. On the upside, you don't have to be tech-savvy to start using this spy app. The dashboard is self-explanatory, and no one will know you're spying on them.

How satisfied are users with MSPY?

When looking into the customers' reviews, one can say that this spy app has a positive reception, thanks to the many positive reviews. However, there are several negative reviews about mSpy, but they are not as common as the positive reviews.

Most customers appreciate how this product has been helpful. MSpy has made their lives easier, and they can worry less about the safety of their children. Some customers have used the app for more than a year and rave about the good experience all through. Also, most customers have appreciated the support team. They have enjoyed how the support team is helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable. When there's an issue, the support team is always quick to respond.

However, some customers complain about the pricing options and refunds. They complain about receiving a product that's not worth their money, and when they ask for refunding, mSpy doesn't respond. A few complain that the app comes without some features advertised. The good thing is, mSpy has tried to respond to most issues their customers address, and it's working tirelessly to up their product and services.

Is MSPY legit?

Every new user of the mSpy app will want to know whether the spy app is legit or not. And there's nothing wrong with that. The thing is, there are several illegal spy apps out there that are after swindling people their hard-earned money. Others fail to fulfil their promises or get updated with helpful features.

With MSpy, you have nothing to worry about regarding its authenticity. It's a legit spy app that delivers the services it promises to its customers. The app is also known to maintain reasonable customer satisfaction over the years. Since it's launching in 2010, MSpy has worked tirelessly to gain trust among its customers. It has top-notch software that offers excellent updates. In addition, the spy app has a dedicated support group that responds quickly to customers' issues. When using the app to monitor people over 18 years, ensure you inform them and make necessary agreements. This will help you avoid any legal liabilities.

The final conclusion about MSPY

Is MSpy the right spying app for you? Undoubtedly, MSpy has proven to be a reliable spy app for parents and couples who want to monitor their loved ones. It’s also a handy spy app for employers who wish to keep their employees on the right track. With its extensive features and friendly subscription option, MSpy will ensure you enjoy its services that other spy apps don’t offer.

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