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About Nadula

Nadula offers a wide range of hairpieces and wigs. The hairpieces can be selected by hair texture, color, length and other criteria. Customers can get human hair wigs at Nadula. Nadula is a huge supplier of virgin hair all over the world. Since its formation, Nadula has adhered to the ways of women putting on natural hair to boost their confidence. Designers at Nadula produce several wig products in more than ten categories, and you cannot miss one product that will meet your needs. They are also cooperating with fashionistas with the hope of developing more unique products so that they can expand their marketplace.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by Penny Z.

I ordered a v part wig from Nadula! The curls are really pretty and the hair has a really nice black color. Thanks to the wig, which is easy to apply, I can create many looks.

 by Wendy F.

When I was looking for a quality hairpiece, I came across Nadula. I really love how natural the hairpiece looks - you can't tell it's a hairpiece at all. It's a great way to change my style without having to commit to a new haircut or color.

 by Tina

Bought a Nadula wig. The hair quality is very good and the order arrived on time. I can definitely recommend Nadula to anyone who is looking for a high quality hair wig.

How well is Nadula rated?

When you start to review Nadula's comments on the internet about Nadula, you will realize they are mostly positive ones. Nadula is rated as one of the most reliable virgin hair shops available on the market. Previous customers have admitted they received good-quality hair with a soft natural luster. Their prices are also low, and you can save a lot when you shop with Nadula.

Customers also admit that they do their shipping fast, and within a few days, you receive your order. Nadula has established itself as a trustworthy brand that will always strive to meet your hair needs. Furthermore, it gets a star rating of 4.8, which is a good score considering the number of companies operating in that category.

Is Nadula legit?

Nadula has already fulfilled million of hair orders since it was established. They deliver exactly what you ordered. If you receive the wrong or damaged product, you can easily return it to their stores for a replacement or refund. Nadula customers admit that the received items are high quality and not counterfeit.

They excel in customer service, and you can always reach Nadula if you have any queries about their products. You can also trust customer care's word as they are honest and straight to the point.

Are there Nadula coupons or discount codes?

You can save money in several ways to buy hair products from Nadula. You can receive a 7-10% off any effect when you use their coupon or discount code. This is how you can apply the coupon at Nadula:

  • After you have finished reviewing your cart, click the checkout button.
  • The promo code box will appear above your total amount, paste or type the code in the space.
  • A discount will automatically be applied to your purchase as long as the valid coupon is present.
  • You can then proceed to choose your payment method.

It is not easy to find a Nadula discount code or coupon, but by following the tips below, you increase your chances of receiving one:

  • Sign-up for Nadula's periodically email newsletter, and you will receive promotional emails straight into your email.
  • Follow and check Nadula's social media handles as they post interesting discounts for their followers.
  • You can as well contact Nadula customer care to ask for a discount.

Which products/categories make Nadula offer?

Nadula provides high-quality human hair services and products to vendors, distributors, and salons worldwide. The company has various products, especially in the hair category, where they supply human hair wigs in different lengths, colors, textures, and packaging. Nadula provides different types of wigs like:

  • Lace front wigs
  • Headband wigs
  • Highlight wigs
  • Glueless wigs
  • V part wigs
  • Ombre wigs and much more

These wigs are mostly best for you if you are a modern woman. Nadula can also make wigs costume made just for you to make you uniquely beautiful. You can be assured that the hair products are high quality and 100% virgin.

What are Nadula’s payment methods?

There are several ways you can pay for your order. They are as follows:

  • Money Gram/ Western Union: For this method, you must contact Nadula customer care after deciding on your order. They will provide you with the order invoice and account details.
  • PayPal: Unlike other online store, Nadula does not require you to create a PayPal account when you choose it as a payment method. After you review your order, proceed to checkout, and will be directed to PayPal's website. You will follow the given instructions to complete the transaction.
  • Wire/bank transfer: If you are comfortable with a bank transfer, contact customer care after confirming your order. They will promptly provide you with an order invoice and account details of where to direct your payment.

What are Nadula delivery times, shipping service, and costs?

The shipping time for your order depends on the location you want your purchase delivered. Shipping to the Eastern part of the US will take approximately 4-5 working days. At the same time, shipping to the middle part of the states can take up to 25 working days for your order to be fulfilled.

For the rest of the world, it takes longer because of logistics and different customs laws that each country has. Nadula uses USPS, UPS, DHL, TNT, and Brazil Post Express as delivery partners. Orders with incorrect delivery addresses or other contact details will remain pending for at least five working days, after which the order will be canceled. The delivery costs depend on your location and the shipping company.

What is current Nadula’s right of return policy?

Nadula takes customer complaints seriously, and they will always act promptly to solve any issues. Below are policies regarding returns and exchange. Orders from have a 30-day return notice from the day you purchase. The returned items must be unused and in their original packaging and tags. If they are not, you will incur extra shipping costs, and no refund will be made. If you are in the United States, you are eligible for free returns and exchange, that is, if the item meets the minimum requirements set by Nadula.

For a refund, follow the steps below:

  • Log into your Nadula account, review your orders, and then click the exchange/return button.
  • Choose refund as the request type and submit your issue.
  • Nadula’s support team will follow up with you within one working day for more instructions on how to get a refund.

How to contact Nadula’s customer care?

If you have trouble ordering a product from Nadula, you can reach their customer support team via Whatsapp, email or telephone. For a refund or return queries, customer care will also be happy to review your request and provide you with feedback concerning the same.

In conclusion

Nadula is a trustworthy company dealing with hair products and services. Previous customers rate them as one of the best hair online stores. Furthermore, they have a capable customer care team concerned about your hair products. For your hair orders or queries, you can visit

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