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Read reviews on namecheap and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did namecheap get and what are the reasons for this?

About namecheap

namecheap is a provider of hosting, domains and WordPress. Solutions for e-mail, apps and security are also offered. Interested parties will receive services such as WordPress hosting, domain transfer and VPN.

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Customer Reviews

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 by Gerry

I was looking for a VPN that was both fast and secure. A friend recommended namecheap to me. The installation is easy and the connection is stable. I haven't had any issues with dropped connections or speed.

 by P.D.

I transferred my domain to Namecheap and was very pleased with how easy it was. The customer service was friendly and the process was smooth.

 by Ted F.

Namecheap has been my web hosting provider for years. They are cheap, reliable and have great customer service. I have never had any problems with them.

How well is Namecheap rated?

After doing some research online, it becomes apparent that Namecheap is rated highly. The domain and web hosting platform are favorably viewed by customers who have made use of the services of the platform at one point or another or are still using their services. In total, the platform has managed to score 4.8 stars out of the maximum 5. Scoring such a high mark is not an easy task and it can only imply that the company really offers high-quality services to its customers.

In reaching the 4.8 stars score, there were a number of parameters about Namecheap that were taken into consideration. These include a reliable customer service department that is willing and ready to listen and resolve issues. The prices of their services are also extremely affordable.

Is Namecheap legit?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Namecheap is a legit company. There are various objective reasons. First and foremost, the company has been around for more than two decades considering that it was established in the year 2000. Over the years, the company has managed to attract more than eleven million customers to use its services.

When you take these facts with the fact that they are rated really highly, it is a major indication that they are as legit as they come. As alluded to earlier, there are millions of people who are making use of their services at this point in time. This implies that the company is a reliable and respectable brand in the domains and website hosting industry and the reviews are a testament to this.

Are there Namecheap coupons and discount codes?

Coupons and discount codes are not a foreign concept to Namecheap. Actually, the company offers some killer deals with its numerous discount codes. The promo codes offered by the company enable potential customers to save tons of money depending on the type of product they purchased from the company.

It is important to note that the company has a wide range of services and products that customers might seek to purchase. Moreover, the company keeps on reviewing and introducing new offers such that on a monthly basis, there is a discount code that is always being introduced. The discount codes enable you to make a saving of up to forty percent when purchasing a service from them. There are also different types of coupons that make you eligible for a 27% discount on a product or service that you are planning to purchase from them.

Which services does Namecheap offer?

Namecheap started off as a domain name company in the Year 2000. In this regard, there are more than seven million customers who have purchased a domain name from the website. However, that has drastically changed with the company offering a host of other services to their customers. Web hosting is another critical service that the company has introduced in its portfolio.

Apart from domain names and web hosting, the company is now in the business of developing different types of apps for its customers. The company is also into email services where they compose and write emails on behalf of customers who have subscribed to the package. According to the website page of the company, the service was introduced to help boost the brand name of their customers’ websites.

Does Namecheap offer their clients a convenient payment method and a reliable order process?

Namecheap has an easy and straightforward order process that enables their customers to save a lot of time. First and foremost, you need to open a Namecheap account. After opening the account, go to the dashboard area. On the top-up area, there are buttons labeled billing and balance. At this point, you can opt to top up your account so that you will always have sufficient money to purchase a service from the company.

Loading up your account will be easy so long as you choose a method of payment that is acceptable to them. Some of the acceptable methods of payment at Namecheap include PayPal, bitcoins, and also card payments. After selecting a payment method, go to the next and indicate the payment medium you want to pay with. After this, remember to share with the platform your billing address and also your credit card address.

What are Namecheap costs and cancellation procedures?

Basically, for those who choose to cancel a domain name registration with Namecheap, it’s important to note that as a rule, Namecheap does not offer refunds unless there is an express refund policy with the specific product you purchase from them allowing a refund. This implies that most domain name services offered by the company are essentially nonrefundable. This is also the case when a domain name service has either been suspended or canceled by the company.

Even in the instances when you might opt to transfer a domain name to another service provider before the current term of your registration expires, you shall not be eligible for a refund. That said, the company states that for new domain name registrations, there is a possibility for a refund. However, the company has the sole discretion to determine whether or not they will make a refund to the customer.

Does Namecheap have a return policy?

For those who have subscribed to an automatic renewal of services by Namecheap, there is an option to cancel it and have the amount paid refunded to their account. However, for this option to be available to the customer, the hosting package must be canceled before the lapse of a period of 48 hours from when it was renewed.

These types of refunds will usually apply in various instances including reseller, VPS hosting, and also shared hosting. That said, the company still has the power to exercise a lot of discretion in determining whether or not they will refund the money to a customer. It is important to note that when a refund is being processed, the company does not cover the additional fees that arise out of the transaction.

Does Namecheap have a customer care department?

Namecheap recognizes the need of having a reliable customer care department. According to the company, a reliable customer support department is essential in ensuring that all their customers thrive. Actually, Namecheap customer service department is not typical as is the case with other companies. Actually, this is one aspect of the company that has been reviewed highly by its customers.

This is because their customer service department is made up of experts who work together with customers to ensure that all issues are resolved fast and effectively. Namecheap’s website also has a chat feature that will respond to all your questions in real-time. The company has also shared an email address that customers can utilize to have some of their issues resolved.

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