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Read reviews on NOLO and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did NOLO get and what are the reasons for this?

About NOLO

NOLO offers a wide range of legal products, including legal forms, online documents, books, e-books and software. The software products can be used to create wills and powers of attorney, among other things, in just a few minutes. The products are updated by legal editors and lawyers. In addition, one can also search for lawyers via NOLO.

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Customer Reviews

Average rating:  
 3 reviews
 by John E.

Nolo is an online legal forms company that offers assistance with LLC formation. I found the website user friendly and the process straightforward. The customer service was excellent and I was able to form my LLC without any issues.

 by Viv90

When looking for helpful e-books on legal topics, NOLO is a great resource. The software is also practical and easy to use, and the lawyer search is straightforward. Overall, I find NOLO very helpful and user-friendly.

 by Marc F.

I found NOLO very helpful in creating powers of attorney. The templates are easy to download and you get them at a very reasonable price.

Nolo is a type of an online and offline legal assistance for businesses. Established in 1971, Nolo has operated longer than its competitors. It started with publishing self legal guides and has since evolved with technology, coming up with a website,, and developing software to provide legal aid. Below, we take a look at what you as a customer can expect from Nolo.

How well is Nolo rated?

Nolo receives mostly positive online assessment from previous customers. From the reviews, what most people liked about Nolo is that they were utilizing it as a one-stop outlet for all their legal needs. This is because Nolo has established itself by being one of biggest online library that has self-legal information. Previous real customers admit that Nolo provides easy ways to protect you at small fee. Moreover, in 2018, Nolo took home the Consumer Choice Award for excelling in business. When it comes to ranking the legal documents site, Nolo comes in number seven.

Is Nolo Legit?

Even though Nolo is not the best legal assistant for your needs, it is legitimate. For over 40 years, Nolo has established itself as company that is reliable. Many entrepreneurs have gotten help from Nolo to set up their businesses up and running. To prove its legitimacy, Nolo is able to help an individual to set-up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) without any fuss. Furthermore, Nolo has quality content from forms to books that are approved and authored by great legal minds.

Are There Nolo Coupons Or Discount Codes?

Nolo permits up to four discount codes on a purchase. In the time of checking out, you can use the discount code to receive a subsidized price for your order. You can as well keep your eyes out for promotions and special offers that will provide up to 10% off your purchase. Also, Nolo has a 30% off their eBooks. But if you buy an eBook plus any physical book you can qualify for a 20% off your order. Note that Nolo coupons and discount codes have expiration dates, therefore make sure before they become invalid.

Which Services Does Nolo Offer?

Nolo provides its customers with legal ebooks, software, books, and forms. They help an individual to have a better understanding of the law. This platform is also able to help you create custom legal papers like a will. Here is a summary of the services offered by Nolo:

  • Nolo is able to search a local lawyer to help you with your legal affairs.
  • The platform can also assist to incorporate a new LLC in any of the states in America.
  • Nolo has an estate planning software that is easy to use and helps you protect your family.

What Are Nolo Ordering Process & Payment Methods?

When checking-out, Nolo will offer you a chance to pay using PayPal Express or credit card. If you use PayPal Express to pay for your product, you will see each complete transaction having multiple line items. Also if you choose to pay using credit card via PayPal, the completed purchase will show three separate line items. Be assured that these are not duplicate charges but that is how PayPal module completes one single transaction. You can also check your account balance to confirm there is no duplicate charge on the transaction. The following credit cards are accepted when doing your purchase:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • Discover

For eProducts purchased from Nolo, the product will be available in your account for one year after the purchase. During the period you can download the product to your device and save indefinitely.

How Do You Cancel A Nolo Order?

When you order a legal product from Nolo, it is quickly sent to the platform’s third party warehouse that it cannot be stopped. You are only able to correct the shipping address if you submitted a wrong one. But this only applies if you choose UPS as a shipping method. UPS accepts address change even though your order is en route to your location.

You are unlucky if you choose USPS; you will not be able to change the shipping address. Note that you cannot the shipping method too. If you placed an order for a different package, you can refuse the package on arrival and it will be returned to Nolo for a refund. You can also contact Nolo customer services and they will offer you options.

What Are The Nolo’s Policy On Returns?

Nolo offers you a chance to return a wrong product by refusing it when it gets delivered. It will be returned and you will receive a full refund. You may return books to Ingram’s Chambersburg, PA facility if you as a book reseller ordered them directly from Nolo. At the facility the books will sorted and credited to the library’s or reseller’s account.

Credit will only be offered for books received in better condition. You will be able to return Nolo titles within 180 days after out-of-print notification. After the 180 days return notice, Nolo cannot guarantee they will give a proper refund.  Returnable books are sent to Ingram’s Chambersburg, PA facility because in 2012, Nolo came up with a policy of not accepting returns directly.

How Do You Contact Nolo Customer Care Support?

You can contact Nolo using their official contact number, +1-800-631-5158, for any support concerning legal forms, books, and software from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm Pacific Time. On major holiday, you will not be able to contact Nolo support. If you are having trouble contacting Nolo using their phone number, you can contact them via email, which is customersupport(at)

You can as well write to Nolo using the following address; 6801 Koll Center Pkwy, 3rd floor, Pleasanton, United States. Review from a previous customer shows how dedicated Nolo staff are to helping a potential buyer. Therefore, you will be able to receive the required assistance when you contact them using any means mentioned above. The numerous positive reviews speaks for them!

In Conclusion: Nolo Review

Nolo is an established business that offers customers with legal help. They have literature materials from forms to books that will help you with your legal affair. This review has clearly stated the other services offered by this platform such as assisting with the formation of LLC. It has also highlighted how you can make your purchases using different methods.

For over 40 years, Nolo has specialized in offering legal help to businesses and individual therefore they cannot go wrong with your law trouble. You can contact Nolo through email, call or a posted letter and their able customer care team will be able to get back to you as soon as they can.

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