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Read reviews on overstock and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did overstock get and what are the reasons for this?

About overstock

overstock is an online store and furniture manufacturer of the same name. The store’s assortment includes sofas, garden furniture, beds, wardrobes and office furniture. Rugs, tableware, bedding and other home accessories are also available in the store.

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 by Le-Be

Ordered a sofa bed from overstock and was very happy with the ordering process. It was very straightforward and I received delivery information. The sleeper sofa arrived exactly when advertised and was very easy to assemble. Overall, I am very happy with my purchase!

 by Chris67

I was looking for a new bed and found the perfect one on overstock.com. The bed arrived within a few days and was easy to assemble. The quality is great and the price is unbeatable. I would definitely recommend overstock to anyone looking for furniture or bedding.

How Well Is Overstock Rated?

Overstock is a reliable company dealing with the sale of a number of items such as furniture, electronics, and jewelry, among other products. This is a really reliable company in their dealings with their customers. As a result, the company has been favorably rated on various rating platforms. The company has managed to attain a rating of 4 stars meaning that most of the people who did business with them were extremely satisfied with their products and quality of services.

There are a number of factors that have been cited for the extremely favorable reviews by their customers. For instance, the company has a free shipping offer that is well-liked by their customers. The company is well stocked and more often than not, you will find the product that you want.

Is Overstock Legit?

After taking a number of factors into consideration, we can authoritatively say that overstock is a legit company. First and foremost, the company was founded in 1997 meaning that it has been in business for at least a quarter of a decade this year. It is impossible for a company to last for such a long time if it were not legit. Moreover, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people who have bought items from the company.

First-hand testimonies of people who have purchased an item or two from the company are the best evidence that the company is indeed legit and reliable. Actually, the company is an award winner with respect to a number of areas, including ones to do with customer service.

Are There Overstock Coupons or Discount Codes?

If you are wondering whether overstock has discount codes and coupons, the answer is in the affirmative. The discount coupons offered by the company will help you save at least 70 percent on your orders from the company. Currently, the company has more than thirty-six coupons on offer. If you take advantage of the discount coupons and place an order with them, you are guaranteed at least 15 percent off the products that you are purchasing.

By visiting their platform, you will find detailed information on the discount coupons that they have on offer for their clientele. When it comes to offering discount codes, overstock is a leader. You will be eligible for numerous discount codes when you opt to purchase an item from them. The discount codes and coupons are some of the reasons why the company has amazing customer reviews.

Which Products/Categories Does Overstock Offer?

As alluded to earlier, overstock offers a wide range of products for its clientele. That said, the company is mainly known for the provision of home improvement products like furniture and beddings. Accordingly, if you want any kind of furniture, take your time to visit their website and see what they have for you.

If you are planning on embarking on a kitchen improvement project, overstock is your best ally. Just by visiting their platform, you will be able to see a wide range of items that are really crucial for your home improvement project. The icing on the cake is that the company will provide free shipping services after you place an order with them.

Does Overstock Have a Seamless Ordering Process and Effective Payment Methods?

Today, you do not want to waste a lot of time ordering a certain product when there are numerous effective alternatives. Accordingly, overstock is well reputed for having an awesome ordering process. Essentially, the platform enables you to add the items you have selected to your cart. After this is done, you will have the option of reviewing your shopping card.

When you really like the products that you have selected, you will then proceed to checkout and pay for them. You will also have to indicate a billing address for the purchased items. The company provides numerous payment options to enable you to have a pleasant experience with them. For instance, they not only accept different types of credit cards but also PayPal and klarna. Going by the numerous customer reviews, many people are content with the payment options provided.

How Would You Rate Overstock’s Delivery Times, Shipping Service, and Costs?

Shipping is a crucial aspect to take into consideration before placing an order. This is because it is how the products you have purchased will reach you. If you have placed an order with the company, you can expect to have them delivered to you within one and two business days. This applies to more than eighty percent of the products offered by the company.

However, you should realize that there are some items that may need a longer delivery time. Essentially, this entails bulk products like furniture. The company offers free shipping services for products purchased within the US. However, this exempts Alaska and Hawaii. The company does not have any hidden costs. Actually, all costs will be exhibited to you during the checkout process.

Does Overstock Have a clear Right of Return and A Return Policy for Their Clientele?

Indeed, overstock allows their customers a right of return. The company is clear on instances when products can be returned. First and foremost, you might have been sold a defective product that the company was not aware of. If this happens, you are required to return the defective product back to the company. After returning the product, you can expect to be refunded your money in not more than four weeks’ time.

There are also instances when there might have been an overstock error leading to the shipping of the wrong products. If this happens, you have an inherent right to return back to the company. Essentially, the return policy of the company is that you can return defective products and have a refund for them together with the shipping cost within four weeks. Most people who have left a review of the platform leave positive feedback on their return policy.

How Can I Contact Overstock’s Support?

Overstock understands the critical role that communication plays in helping you have a seamless shopping experience. Overstock recognizes that there are common needs that their customers go through. For such, there is a frequently asked questions part that will do for most people purchasing a product from the company. You can access the frequently asked questions part for 24 hours 7 days a week. The company’s platform has clearly narrowed down the different areas that you might want to be assisted with.

This is a comprehensive list entailing things such as order status and requesting to cancel an order. However, there are some serious issues where you might need the direct involvement of their customer care specialists. In instances like this, they have provided telephone numbers that you can use to reach them fast and effectively. Most customer reviews about the company with respect to support are really effective.

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