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Postcode Lotterie Reviews

Read reviews on Postcode Lotterie and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did Postcode Lotterie get and what are the reasons for this?

About Postcode Lotterie

The Postcode Lottery is offered by Postcode Lotterie DT gemeinnützige GmbH. You can participate in the lottery if you are at least 18 years old. When participating, the Postcode is composed of the postal code and two letters. A portion of the participation fees is donated to charitable causes.

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Postcode Lotterie

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Is Postcode Lottery reputable?

Postcode Lottery is reputable. The lottery is run in compliance with the law. There are no hidden costs. Moreover, Postcode Lottery is trustworthy because customer data is kept confidential. In case of any questions, a customer service is available.

How good are the Postcode Lottery experiences?

Participants have very good experiences with Postcode Lottery. There are many positive customer opinions about the chances of winning. Many customers praise the fact that part of the proceeds is donated to charity. Participants also have very good experiences with the customer service.

How does Deutsche Postcode Lottery work?

You can register online on the portal. To do this, you enter your personal data, zip code and address. Then one selects the payment method and sends the registration for participation. You can also register for the Postcode Lottery by phone and via a contact form.

How much does Postcode Lottery cost?

The cost of participation is very reasonable. One pays 12.50 euros per ticket per month. Participants can buy up to three tickets with a maximum stake of 37.50 euros per month.

What is the chance of winning the Postcode Lottery?

There are different prize categories in the lottery and the more Postcodes that participate, the lower the chances of winning. There are around 1.8 million Postcodes in Germany. The chance of winning the Sunday prize of 10 euros is 1:175,000. You can find the current winning numbers on the website. If you win, you will be notified.

How does the German Postcode Lottery work?

Each participant receives an individual ticket number based on the zip code of their place of residence. This is also known as the Postcode. The ticket number consists of the zip code and two letters or a street code. Every month, 30,000 tickets win 10 euros each. The daily winnings of 1,000 euros each go to 20 Postcodes per month. One postal code can win the daily prize of 10,000 euros. This prize is distributed on Saturdays. One non-cash prize is also drawn each month. The monthly prize of 700,000 euros is distributed once a month.

How to cancel Postcode Lottery?

You can cancel your participation in the lottery at any time. If you have cancelled, the term ends automatically after the last draw of the month for which you have paid. Cancellation can be made by e-mail and by phone.

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