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About Safariland

Founded in 1964, Safariland is a reputable company that specializes in a broad range of high-quality safety and protective equipment, primarily serving law enforcement and military markets. Its online store showcases an extensive collection of gear, including body armor, holsters, and tactical equipment. Safariland is especially renowned for its ballistic vests and innovative holster designs, both of which are characterized by durability and reliability. The company’s reputation is bolstered by a commitment to lifesaving innovations and their gear is popular among professionals seeking top-tier defense and security solutions.

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What are customers’ experiences with Safariland?

Many customers report a high degree of satisfaction with Safariland, particularly highlighting the durability and reliability of their tactical gear and body armor. Law enforcement personnel often commend the functional design that allows for efficient performance in critical situations. A smaller contingent has experienced issues with product fit or customer service, but these appear to be outliers. Overall, there is a prevailing sense of trust in the Safariland brand, with many loyal users who depend on it for personal safety.

Is Safariland legit?

Safariland is indeed a reputable company, with a long-standing history in the industry of personal and tactical gear. It is known for producing high-quality equipment, particularly holsters and body armor, that meet stringent safety and performance standards. Customers and professionals within law enforcement often rely on Safariland products due to their durability and reliability. Doubtlessly, this trust manifests as a testament to their legitimate and prominent status in the safety gear sphere. Though one may occasionally stumble upon criticisms or defects, as with any manufacturer, the overarching consensus confirms the legitimacy of Safariland.

What products does Safariland offer for law enforcement?

Safariland is renowned for its comprehensive range of high-quality equipment tailored to law enforcement professionals. Their product line includes an impressive array of body armor, ranging from covert vests to tactical plate carriers, designed with advanced materials to offer vital protection without compromising on mobility. Furthermore, Safariland’s holster selection is both vast and innovative, embracing both retention and quick-access features, adapting to various duty weapons. The company also specializes in less-lethal options, such as batons, restraints, and tear gas canisters, ensuring officers have a full spectrum of tools for diverse operational scenarios. Trusted by the law enforcement community, Safariland’s commitment to durability and functionality is evident in every product they offer, from communication headsets to forensic supplies. Their gear is not only a testimony to technological advancement but also to a resolute mission to keep officers safe and prepared.

How do I find the right size for Safariland body armor?

Selecting the proper size for Safariland body armor is crucial for optimal protection and comfort. It is highly recommended to get professionally measured by a certified expert, as they can ensure the most precise fit. Emphasize the importance of both chest and waist measurements, as these dimensions greatly affect the armor’s performance. Given the variation in sizing among different manufacturers, do not rely solely on clothing sizes as a guide. Safariland provides a detailed sizing chart; however, one should feel confident to ask for assistance or a fitting session to verify that the selected size provides the necessary coverage without restricting movement. A well-fitted body armor can be the difference between life and death, so meticulous attention to sizing cannot be overstated.

Where can I buy Safariland duty gear?

Safariland duty gear is a reputable choice for law enforcement and security professionals seeking reliable, high-quality equipment. Prospective buyers can find a broad range of Safariland products at dedicated tactical equipment stores, both at physical locations and through online retailers. Zenith companies in tactical gear often feature a comprehensive assortment of Safariland holsters, belts, and accessories. Additionally, authorized dealers are listed on the Safariland official website, which can be considered a trustworthy starting point to ensure authenticity and customer support. One should always verify that they are purchasing from a verified source to avoid counterfeit goods, which unfortunately flood the market and compromise user safety and performance.