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Read reviews on SFERRA and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did SFERRA get and what are the reasons for this?


SFERRA is an online store for bedding, home textiles and carpets. Customers can order bedding, mattresses, towels and carpets and much more in the store. Tablecloths and bath mats are also available in the store. When you visit a luxurious hotel, you come eye to eye with quality linen, bedding, and cutlery. Luxurious hotels possess only the best, and it is an experience like no other.

That being said, there is a chance for you to bring this sort of luxury to your home as the things you find there are accessible in different stores, both conventional and online. SFERRA has the finest linens that one can make part of their home. It is quite satisfying to go to bed and feel like your bed sheets are hugging you due to how soft and welcoming they are. So, without further ado, let’s dive into knowing more about SFERRA Company.

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 3 reviews
 by N.P.

A friend recommended to me the bedding from SFERRA. At first I was a little shocked at the prices, but then ordered a set of sheets a few weeks ago. The quality is very good and the bedding is definitely worth the price.

 by Roony

I have ordered SFERRA bedding several times and have always been delighted with the quality. The bedding is luxurious and stays like new even after repeated washing.

 by MiTi

SFERRA comforter covers are a great investment. The material is very nice and the quality is worth the price.

How well is SFERRA rated?

The SFERRA ratings are based on the company's numerous reviews from consumers. Although no company is perfect, the flaws associated with this company are diminutive. This is why the ratings vary from one website to another. The company has dedicated time and effort to producing quality bedding that people appreciate.

Reviews of this company show that although some customers are dissatisfied, many others are satisfied with the products and customer service of the company. SFERRA has fair ratings when balancing out the good and the bad reviews. Do not shy away from checking out this company's websites and, if possible, satisfy the urge to purchase a product from them, as SFERRA is cautious about the quality they provide their customers.

Is SFERRA legit?

Ideally, SFERRA was founded in Italy in 1891 by Gennaro Sferra. The company evidently has had quite a journey and growth in the process. The SFERRA Company is still in operation, which signifies its legitimacy. If this is not enough for you, you can check out the innumerable reviews it has of people praising or discouraging its products.

For these to exist, some people have had the chance to use their products and can speak of them. As per how SFERRA treats its customers, they are doing a good job, which is why people keep returning for more products. You should be associated with this legit company as they are trustworthy and will not run with your money.

Are there SFERRA coupons or discount codes?

There is nothing as salient as getting your money's worth, and this is what you get when you buy from SFERRA. The company offers its customers the best, which is why they provide them with discounts and coupons, which are interesting and a great way of luring customers. The company offers 15% off when you sign up with the company's website and make your first order. Signing up for SFERRA's newsletter also gives you a 10% discount on the things you purchase.

When you buy from the SFERRA official website, you stand a chance to get 40% off the purchases you make. This saves you about 19.4 % of your money, which is a good deal for you, especially if you are buying in bulk. Please use the coupons and discounts before they are no longer viable as they expire. SFERRA will always have these kinds of deals as they update the deals after every forty-three days.

Which products/categories do SFERRA offer?

SFERRA is the greatest option for people who place a high value on style, comfort, and quality since it seamlessly combines artistry, aesthetics, and the finest materials throughout its collections. SFERRA offers customers a wide range of products like duvet covers, placemats, decorative pillows, napkins, runners, duvets, tablecloths, flat sheets, shams, pillowcases, and coverlets.

The company also has fitted sheets, stockings, robes, tub mats, and towels. If you are looking for a quality mattress, SFERRA is the place for you, as they have amazing mattresses that will allow you to sleep well. The products from SFERRA are Italy-made and hand-woven, which signifies that they know their craft, something you will notice they are praised for in their reviews.

What are SFERRA's order process and payment methods?

SFERRA has various payment methods, which means customers are not hindered from buying a product from the business due to the payment method they have that doesn't match with the company's. When you want to order from the company's site, you must visit the site and add the various items you want to buy to your cart.

Once you are done picking, you can pay for them using different payment methods, and here is where you give your personal information to get your products delivered. Reviews speak highly of how the payment methods from this company make things tolerable for them when they are shopping. Some payment methods they accept are Diners Club, Visa, JCB, American Express, Shop Pay, and Master Card.

What are SFERRA's delivery times, shipping service, and costs?

US consumers get their orders shipped for free through UPS. This applies to all items except for the Sonno Notte Matress Toppers, which require a fee of $50 for shipping. In this case, you will receive your products within eight business days.

If you want your products to reach you within three days, you will have to pay a shipping fee of $25 and $50 to receive them within two days. To get your order delivered on Saturday, you must pay $100. When you order things that are over $3000, it is mandatory that you sign for them, as there is no way they will be dropped at your home when you are not around to sign for them.

What is SFERRA’s right of return/return policy?

There are cases whereby you buy a product from SFERRA, and it doesn’t look as you expected, as it might be torn or have a stain. In such a case, you may be prompted to return it to the company. All the SFERRA items, excluding beds, may be returned within thirty days of the order date. The company has a center they use for returns at their official site, where you would submit your request. After doing this, it might take some time for your request to be reviewed and approved for you to receive a notification from the company.

When they check the details of your request and approve it, they will send you a prepaid shipping label and return number that you will use. This number is to be noted on the box you plan to send your items, and attach the label on the box. When you do this, you can drop off the package at a UPS office. Wait for about seven to ten days for the return to get processed, and the refund will be issued when the process is over.

Which are SFERRA’s contact/ support?

To contact SFERRA, you can either email or call them. Their phone number is 732-225-6290, and their email address is customerservice(at)sferra.com. The customer service department operates from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. Customers give SFERRA customer service very good ratings. There are many positive reviews for the competent advice and the quick response to e-mail inquiries.

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