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SRFAX is a software to send e-mails as fax. There are different plans, aimed at institutions and companies. For example, by means of the software you can send faxes from any location or device using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Besides the application for small and medium-sized businesses, there is also the Internet Fax service for companies and healthcare institutions.

The fax-to-email service allows a physical document to be scanned and transmitted via a fax machine. An SRFAX user gets a soft copy of the original in their email in a PDF format. Alternatively, the SRFAX user can send a PDF document back to the individual, which is received as a physical copy on the fax machine. The general concept is that the SRFAX user either has a unique local number or, in the case of a business, it could be a toll-free number for a virtual fax machine. The fax is sent to SRFAX servers that convert it into a preferred file format such as TIFF or PDF and subsequently route them to the email.

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 by BobG

I decided to try SRFAX after seeing an ad for it online. I was looking for a convenient and user-friendly fax service for my office, and SRFAX fit the bill. The free trial was also a big plus. I was very pleased with how easy SRFAX was to use. The interface was very user-friendly and I had no problems sending and receiving faxes.

 by Anna

I recommend SRFAX to any business that needs to send or receive faxes. The security and privacy features are top notch and the prices are very reasonable. The user interface is user friendly and the customer service is excellent. I could not be more pleased with this service.

 by FinnR.

I find SRFAX to be a very convenient email fax service. It has saved me a lot of paperwork in my doctor's office. I don't have to worry about losing important documents and I can access them from anywhere.

How Well is SRFAX Rated?

SRFAX is highly rated by top tech publications while getting numerous positive customer reviews over the years. When the service was first launched in 1995, it was a game changer and a pioneer of the fax-to-email service. All this happened during the dot-com bubble when most businesses were slowly adapting to internet use. Before, most organizations relied on fax machines to send urgent documents such as internal company memos, invoices, and legal notices instead of using the postal service, which took more than a day (24-hrs).

When individuals or even staff members from companies travel to different jurisdictions, they would have to communicate the fax numbers of their new locations to the sender to receive the document. Because everyone maintained the same email despite moving from one place or jurisdiction to another, sending the copy to the email made sense, which is how the fax-to-email concept was conceptualized.

Is SRFAX Legit?

Yes, SRFAX is a company that has been duly registered, and it even complies with the PHIPA (Personal Health Information Protection Act) and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) guidelines. Earlier, faxes were predominantly used in the legal sector between the justice department and law firms, law, and the health sector. In the health sector, a doctor would send confidential paperwork detailing a patient's health history to the hospital's accounting department for billing and record keeping.

The same was also copied to the patient's health insurance carrier. Such confidential information should never be disclosed without a patient's consent which is why the PHIPA and HIPAA Acts were enacted into law. SRFAX meets the legal requirements because it also guarantees a secure system courtesy of its encrypted servers, which receive the fax documents as a digital PDF copy before routing them to their emails.

Are There SRFAX Coupons or Discount Codes?

SRFAX discount codes offer competitive discounts on the available pricing plans for subscribers. These coupons are verified and detail the amount plus the month they are valid. Therefore, customers must review the discount code to ascertain when it is eligible and which subscription plan is qualified.

Some discount codes can work with either of the available plans, whether the Standard Lite, Standard, or basic pricing. It is also worth noting that SRFAX might review its prices or run marketing promos, mainly targeting new subscribers. Would-be customers can take a chance and capitalize on the price deductions to purchase subscriptions.

Which Services Does SRFAX Offer?

SRFAX offers its clientele an easy-to-use service via which they can guarantee safe document transfer from a fax machine to an email. An individual can scan a physical document copy using a fax machine and send it to a user's email as a soft copy in PDF format.

The data is sent to a secure server that serves as a virtual fax machine only and relays this data to the user's email account. A user can then read and discard the fax, thereby guaranteeing privacy. SRFAX is also a reliable backup option, as faxes sent to the user are initially stored on the primary database server encrypted by SSL certificates.

How To Subscribe and Pay On SRFAX?

It is easy to get started on SRFAX because all one needs is to click on the sign-up tab on the top right-hand side of the page. It re-directs to a page where all the available subscription plans are laid out. Select the country or jurisdiction, a number, and its prefix, if it is for a toll number. Otherwise, ignore the prefix if it is just for a local fax number.

Selecting the desired pricing plan from either of the three available will automatically activate a 30-day free trial. The free trial period can be canceled at wish; however, it has a myriad of perks, such as a maximum of 20 faxes per day or unlimited inbound faxes for users who prefer the Standard Lite plan. After this, the page re-directs to the billing info section, and the mode of payment is via credit card. The supported credit cards are American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.

How To Cancel A Subscription On SRFAX?

For the first 30-days, there is no obligation on the free trial offer, and users can sign in and head over to the my-account section. They can cancel the existing plan, which could also be the free trial option.

What Is SRFAXs Right of Return Policy?

Once a user opts for a subscription plan, they must pay for each fax number as an additional surcharge. Depending on the method selected, there is also a surcharge on each additional page if the fax exceeds the exact number allocated to the particular plan. SRFAX has a refund policy if a user ends their subscription, depending on the date they choose to cancel.

To determine the amount to be refunded, SRFAX has to deduct any usage charges due at the time of the subscription’s cancellation. After this, the refund amount is processed within 35 days and paid out via the initial mode of payment. Funds could take 3 to 5 business days to reflect in the user’s account.

How To Contact SRFAX Support?

The SRFAX website is helpful because it details the pricing plans, thus making it easy for users to understand. Any queries are addressed by a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section. If users still find this section unhelpful, they can head over to the knowledge base section, which is more comprehensive.

The feedback has more details, complete with pictures for illustration purposes. If users still find the issue or issues persistent, they can then submit a ticket describing their problem with the app while providing their email address to receive feedback.

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