Read reviews on Sunjoy and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did Sunjoy get and what are the reasons for this?

About Sunjoy

Sunjoy specializes in selling outdoor furniture and more. In the assortment of the online store there are gazebos, fireplaces, garden furniture and carports. Also decoration and accessories for garden and terrace are available at Sunjoy.

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Customer Reviews

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 by Tr78

I was looking for a gazebo for my terrace and came across Sunjoy. I was thrilled by the easy assembly, the fast delivery and the competent advice. I also liked the installment plan. The gazebo is well made and looks great on my patio.

 by Vicky90

The carport I bought from Sunjoy is very nice. It was easy to assemble and the quality is great. The customer service is excellent, they answered all my questions and helped me with the installation.

How Well Is Sunjoy Rated?

Based on the results of reviews on different platforms, we can authoritatively say that Sunjoy is highly rated among its customers. This is because the company has managed to attain a score of 4 out of 5 stars. Essentially, this implies that customers who have bought items from them are more than impressed not only with the quality of their products but also with the reliable customer service department.

Actually, the ratings are based on a number of parameters including customers rating and the competitiveness of their prices in relation to their competitors in the industry. Worth highlighting is the fact that their customers highlighted the superior features of their products as one of the main reasons why they rated them so highly.

Is Sunjoy Legit?

Going by the number of years that Sunjoy has been in business, it is clearly evident that Sunjoy is a legit business. Moreover, there are numerous positive reviews about the company on different platforms to the effect that the company is not only real but also offers high-quality home furnishing products for their customer base.

According to the testimony of many who have purchased a product from them, the shipped products delivered are usually in great condition. The company also provides a manual to their clients on how to install it. Actually, you do not need the help of a professional to install their high-quality products on your premises. According to our background search on the company, it is very clear that they are a legit and reliable company.

Are There Sunjoy Coupons or Discount Codes?

When it comes to discount codes, Sunjoy is an extremely generous company. By purchasing a product from their platform, you are entitled to at least a 20 percent discount on the products you are purchasing for the first time. Considering that the company is in the business of selling high-quality furniture, this can be tons of money. Currently, the company avails more than fifteen different types of coupon codes for their customers. The coupon codes help you to get a killer discount from Sunjoy.

With the company, a ten percent discount code can be a real differentiator. If you manage to purchase goods worth about one thousand five hundred dollars, you are eligible for a discount of about one hundred and fifty dollars. Based on their discount codes, customers review them really well.

Which Products/Categories Does Sunjoy Offer?

As alluded to earlier, Sunjoy deals in the manufacture of home furnishing products. One great example of a product that the company is known for producing is a Gazebo. Sunjoy has become a leader in the patio furniture industry. In its ranks, the company has innovative designers who see to it that they deliver an awesome furniture products. In fact, the company is also known for having innovative development experts who see to it that your product is not only cozy but solid.

By visiting their marketplace platform, it becomes clear that the company has a wide range of products ranging from umbrella bases, chairs, and deep seating sets, among other products. Although the company produces different kinds of products, on visiting their marketplace platform, it becomes clear that they focus more on the development of different types of Gazebo.

Does Sunjoy Have a Straightforward Order Process and Effective Payment Methods?

Sunjoy’s marketplace platform boasts excellent qualities and is easy to navigate. This means that you will not have a hard time ordering your favorite product. Basically, there are three main ways to order a product from Sunjoy. These entail Fax, E-mail, and also the option to order online. After placing an order, the next process is confirming the order. When this is done, you should then proceed to ask for a quotation from the company. This enables you to know the cost estimate for the product.

After this is done, you should then proceed to pay the price amount for your product. After this, you should then proceed to send them the product number and the pictures. Once you have done all this, you can then sit comfortably waiting for the product to be delivered to your address. The straightforward ordering process is one of the reasons the company is reviewed highly.

How well do you rate Sunjoy's delivery times, shipping service and associated costs?

After purchasing a product from Sunjoy’s marketplace platform, you can then expect them to be delivered to your address within a period of five days. In delivering products to their customers, Sunjoy utilizes both the air, sea, and land. When you are purchasing a bulky product and really want to save on the shipping costs, it might be a good idea to explore using the sea.

For those purchasing items from the company, the shipping costs will generally be free. However, if you decide to return a product back to the company for one reason or another, you can expect to pay the shipping cost that will be billed by the company. Based on the reviews made about the company’s delivery times, we can conclude that they are doing some really good work.

What Is Sunjoy’s Return Policy?

After purchasing a product from the platform, you are at liberty to return it to the company based on a number of reasons. For instance, the product might not meet your expectations. If you elect to return a product to the company, it should not be later than thirty days after the product was delivered to your address. Actually, the company has shared with its customers an email address that you can make use of to enquire anything about returning a delivered product back to the company.

When you opt to return the products back to the company, you should expect to incur a 15 percent restocking fee. The company states that you cannot return damaged goods back. This means that you must ensure that the products are in the same condition and state that you received them.

Does Sunjoy Have a Reliable Customer Care Department?

The answer is yes. Actually, Sunjoy has a great customer care department that will respond to your issues and queries promptly. If you decide to reach out to the company for any type of issue, all you have to do is call a number that has been availed by the company. This number is 1-866-578-6569 and is usually displayed on all of their platforms.

If you are not into making calls, you might opt to reach the company by way of an email address shared by them. If you want to contact customer care support to claim your warranty, this is extremely easy. All that you have to do is visit the platform where you placed an order for your product. After doing this, go to your orders section. There, you will find a contact seller button. You can use this feature to send a message and expect a prompt response.

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