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About, an online store specializing in health foods, was founded in 2011. It caters to nutrition-conscious consumers with a range of organic, natural products that promote a healthy lifestyle. offers everything from superfoods, supplements, and snacks to breakfast items and drinks.

The company is particularly renowned for its high-quality green powders and plant-based products that make integrating superfoods into daily diets convenient and accessible. Due to their commitment to pure, sustainably sourced ingredients, has earned popularity among health enthusiasts in the Netherlands.

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 by Mary

I ordered mushroom coffee and supplements from The delivery came faster than expected. The products were well packaged. The mushroom coffee tastes different from normal coffee, but in a pleasant way. It gives me energy without making me nervous. The supplements seem to be of good quality. The capsules are easy to swallow and have no unpleasant aftertaste. The product selection on the site was varied and interesting. However, I did not find the information on some of the products sufficient. A few more details on ingredients and benefits would have been helpful.

What are customers’ experiences with

Customer feedback on tends to be positive, with many praising the site for its extensive range of health-focused products. Users appreciate the quality of the organic food options, and the website’s ease of use is frequently mentioned in reviews. There is a general sentiment of satisfaction regarding the timely and responsive customer service.

While most experiences are favorable, a minority report issues such as delayed shipping or occasional packaging mishaps. Consumer trust is bolstered by transparent product information and inspirational content that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Some recurring shoppers express loyalty to the brand, feeling that understands the essence of a health-conscious community.

Is legit? is a reputable online destination for health enthusiasts seeking nutrient-dense products. This Netherlands-based store caters to a burgeoning market for organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free superfoods, showcasing a variety of items from plant-based proteins to wholesome snacks.

Customers typically report satisfaction with the quality of their products and the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability. It resonates with a growing consumer consciousness that values corporate transparency and ethical sourcing. Some skepticism may arise when new vendors enter the health food domain, but has earned trust through consistent customer service experiences and a user-friendly website that bolsters its legitimacy.

What products does offer? caters to a health-conscious audience with its array of nourishing products, comprising nutritional superfoods, wholesome snacks, and organic supplements. Customers can revitalize their diets with a selection of green powders, essential for those looking to up their intake of vital nutrients.

The website is also a haven for plant-based proteins, supporting the needs of vegetarians and vegans with a keen focus on quality. The passion for health is palpably evident, resonating with consumers’ increasing desire for transparency and eco-conscious options. Enthusiasts of a clean eating lifestyle will find to be an exemplary source for fueling their bodies purely and effectively.

Is organic and sustainable? has built a reputation for embracing organic ingredients and striving for sustainability across its product range. One discerns a genuine commitment to environmentally friendly practices within their sourcing and production processes—choosing suppliers who adhere to strict organic standards.

The emphasis on recyclable packaging and carbon offsetting initiatives illustrate their dedication to sustainability. Such responsible behavior is heartening for consumers who prioritize the planet’s well-being alongside nourishing their bodies.

How can I order from

To place an order with, first, you need to visit their website. Browse through their selection of health-conscious foods and add the desired items to your cart. Once your selection is complete, proceed to the checkout page where you’ll be prompted to enter your shipping information. It’s understandable that customers are often delighted by the range of organic and nutrient-packed options available. Payment can be made using various methods, including credit card or iDEAL for Dutch shoppers.

After confirming your order and payment details, you’ll receive an order confirmation via email. Always make sure to review your order for accuracy before finalizing to avoid any disappointments. Most users find the website straightforward and user-friendly, enhancing the shopping experience. Track your delivery through the link provided by, and soon enough, you’ll have your wholesome goodies directly at your doorstep, bringing not just sustenance but also the joy of healthy living into your home.