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About Tellow, founded in 2015, is a dynamic fintech company that caters primarily to the needs of freelancers and small business owners. Its online platform provides users with a comprehensive suite of financial tools designed to simplify the accounting and invoicing processes.

The company offers solutions such as easy bookkeeping, VAT calculations, and payment tracking to facilitate financial management. is particularly well-known for its user-friendly interface and the ability to streamline the administrative workload, making it popular among entrepreneurs who seek efficiency in managing their finances.

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 by Marc P. offers me, as a small business owner, a comprehensive solution to simplify bookkeeping and invoicing. The platform is characterized by its ease of use, which is particularly useful for me as I have little time for administrative tasks. When it comes to security, takes the protection of customer data seriously by employing advanced security measures such as encryption and regular audits. Despite the inherent risks associated with online tools, provides a solid framework for me to manage invoices and expenses securely.

What are customers’ experiences with

Customers’ experiences with are generally positive, as the platform provides an innovative solution for freelancers and small business owners looking to manage their finances efficiently. Many users report that’s user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, saving them time on administrative tasks. A notable sentiment is the feeling of empowerment that comes from having clearer insights into their financial health.

Additionally, the customer support is often lauded for being responsive and helpful. However, some users have encountered challenges with specific features or integrations, seeking further improvements. Overall, the sense of satisfaction and the robustness of the toolset offered make a favorite among its user base.

Is legit?

When consumers seek financial or bookkeeping solutions, the legitimacy and reliability of the service provider are of utmost importance. has cultivated a strong reputation for its user-friendly interface and effective tools catered to freelancers and small business owners in the Netherlands.

The platform is indeed legitimate, operating with transparency and adherence to Dutch financial regulations. Many users have reported their satisfaction with the services, often highlighting the platform’s ease of use and efficient customer support. One should always exercise due diligence, but the general consensus suggests that is a trustworthy resource for those in need of its offerings.

How does work for freelancers? simplifies the financial administration for freelancers. Once signed up, users can easily track their hours, send invoices, and monitor payments through a seamless interface, reducing the typically tedious paperwork to a few clicks. Its automated features, such as expense tracking and tax calculations, are a godsend, freeing up valuable time that can be invested back into one’s business or personal life.

Moreover, Tellow’s integration with many Dutch banks ensures that transactions are updated in real-time, providing freelancers with a constantly clear picture of their financial standings. As a cloud-based solution, Tellow ensures data is accessible anytime, anywhere, which is a huge plus for the often mobile lifestyle of freelancers.

What are the fees for using, a digital accounting tool tailored for freelancers and small businesses, structures its pricing to be competitive but varies based on the services required. Basic subscription plans are typically affordable, starting at a modest monthly fee.

However, as one would expect, access to premium features, such as advanced invoicing, automated bank reconciliation, and personal support, incurs additional costs. It’s commendable that offers a transparent pricing model, with clear distinctions between different tiers and what they offer; however, the mounting costs can be a pinch for startups already grappling with tight budgets.

Is safe for managing my invoices and expenses?

In the realm of digital accounting tools, has emerged as a reputable platform designed to facilitate the efficient handling of invoices and expenses for freelancers and small business owners. It boasts robust security measures, including encryption and regular audits, to protect user data.

Reliability is further underscored by its compliance with European GDPR standards. That said, users may find a sense of reassurance in the centralizing of financial tasks with, as it diminishes the risk of human error while also safeguarding sensitive information against unauthorized access. However, as with all online tools, the promise of full-proof safety is never guaranteed; users should maintain an active awareness of cybersecurity practices to complement’s security protocols.