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TENWAYS is an expert company on e-bikes giving people the perfect alternative to passing traffic the easy way and getting to their destination in time. The e-bikes they sell are high quality and lightweight, making them easy to move. This company has e-bikes with the power to climb hills with ease and low maintenance, which is an added plus for bike lovers. Most people would concede that e-bikes are much better for big cities than cars. This article will explore TENWAYS paying attention to the quality of services and products they present people with.

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Customer Reviews

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 by Phil Z.

The e-bike I bought at TENWAYS is very good. Have chosen the bike GCO600 and do not regret the purchase. I use the e-bike for the ride through the city to work and I would not want to do without it. Since I switched from the car to the e-bike, I save time that I otherwise wasted in traffic jams.

 by VerFa

I ordered a TENWAYS e-bike because an acquaintance recommended it to me! Delivery was really fast and the ride comfort is great. The battery life is also very long, which is very important to me. Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase!

How well is TENWAYS rated?

The rating on TENWAYS is good, but every good thing has the bad, and you will come across a review from a different website speaking poorly of the company. This is normal and while you are reading through the bad reviews, remember to check out the good reviews as in this case, they are many than the bad.

Different websites online have rated this company, giving them a rating based on customer reviews, and it is good to see that people like this company. Generally, people are pleased with this company's services and products, which means there is a high chance new customers might love it.

Is TENWAYS legit?

Have you lost money online thinking you are buying something valuable? Well, it is a sad state of affairs as many have been victims of such scams, but all these ends once you decide to purchase your e-bikes from TENWAYS as their legitimacy is not questionable. The reviews online show that this company is legit, as no one has complained about losing their money after paying for a product on their site and not receiving it as promised.

Although the company was founded in 2021, it has made tremendous progress in bringing into light, effortless riding options. The company is genuine about the services they provide people, and for the time they have been around, they have sold many bikes to different interested parties.

Are there TENWAYS coupons or discount codes?

TENWAYS like any other legit company, value their customers and the reason why they have different ways of making them come back and bring in new customers. One can use many promotions and discounts when purchasing products from this company as they are at liberty to get gift cards for selected orders.

Buying the Cgo800s makes you eligible for the $100 off coupon code and a $51 off for all orders. These promo codes are the reason why TENWAYS gets to make more sales, as people appreciate a company that is trying to impress them. Doing this is a win-win situation for TENWAYS and their customers as they all get what they want, the company gets more customers, and the customers get better product deals.

Which products /categories do TENWAYS offer?

TENWAYS is attracting massive attention from people as it sells outstanding and unique types of bikes. The bikes this company sells are electric, which are intriguing to most people as they possess exceptional features. The electric bicycles have built-in GPS, reliable gates, carbon belts, smooth hub motor, and more. The products one can purchase from this company include; e-bikes, rear carriers, pannier bags, kickstands, and mudguards for the e-bikes they sell.

They have the CGO600 and CGO800S e-bikes that one can get from them and feel how comfortable and capable they are to ride. Ride all around town without worrying about being tired as this is a feeling you will not experience but feel exhilarated.

What Are TENWAYS Order Process and Payment Methods?

Nothing is more annoying than trying to buy something online only to learn that you forgot your credit card at home or have locked it inside your car. You leave your website account open, thinking you will get back to it sometime later. Well, you might or might not return. However, if you already have a TENWAYS account, you can use your previously saved payment method.

Like most online platforms, TENWAYS accepts major credit cards such as VISA, Mastercard, and the rest. It also accepts payment through Paypal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Shop Pay. People living in Austria, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands should take advantage of Klarna as the mode of payment accepted by the company.

What Are TENWAYS Delivery Times, Shipping Services, and Costs?

Although TENWAYS offers a riding experience above and beyond the norm, their pricing is still reasonable, according to several customer reviews. The company can provide quality to its customers at competitive prices because of its reliable supply chain and 20 years of industry experience. For example, the company’s original E-bike model, CGO 600, is only priced at $ 1,400 which is quite favorable compared to other website prices. Although shipping is done to several states in the U.S., the company does not ship its items to remote or isolated regions.

Electric bicycles are delivered within the European Union and the United Kingdom. However, deliveries are not made in Cyprus, Malta, and the EU-outermost regions. Deliveries are also made to the Contiguous United States for customers living in North America. Currently, shipping is free in the mentioned regions. Deliveries are made on the specified date.

However, if you do not get your package on time, the company will deliver it approximately 30 days after you’ve placed the order. Once your order is shipped, you will automatically receive an email containing tracking information.

What Are TENWAYS Right of Return / Return Policy?

If you are a consumer, you have an opportunity to return the purchased electric bikes without necessarily providing a reason. However, this option is only provided to buyers not purchasing the brand’s products for use during their trade, profession, or business. Also, the option is only available for those purchasing from the company’s official website. TENWAYS has a 14-day return policy, meaning that buyers have 14 business days to return the products after receiving them. For the E-bike to be eligible for a return, it should be in the same condition that you received it.

Additionally, it should not be worn out or unused, should contain the tags, and should have its original packaging. You should also have a receipt proving that you purchased the company. In the event you lose the original package, you can send approximately $150 to the company for a new package.

How is TENWAYS Contact / Support?

If your package is delayed or you’re worried about making the wrong payment, you can contact the company by emailing support(at)tenways.com. The company has an effective and efficient team that will respond within 24 hours on weekdays and weekends. You can tap on the chat bubble to begin a conversation with the support team. If the matters are urgent, you can contact the company at +852 5808 2008.

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