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About Tibber

Tibber is an innovative energy provider that puts technology and sustainability at the heart of its services. Rather than being a traditional energy company, Tibber is positioning itself as a digital assistant for energy conservation. Through a user-friendly app, the company offers real-time insights into household energy consumption and provides recommendations to be more energy efficient. Unique to Tibber is its dynamic pricing model, where power prices fluctuate based on market prices. This allows consumers to save by consuming energy at favorable times. In addition, Tibber is strongly committed to green energy and encourages the use of renewable energy sources. The company originated in Scandinavia but has expanded its services to other European markets, including the Netherlands.

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 by Jenny

Since I switched to Tibber, my view of energy consumption has completely changed. The handy app not only gives me a detailed look at my daily energy usage, but also helps me understand when I use the most and how I can save. The dynamic pricing has actually saved me money, especially because I can now put my biggest energy consumers in the cheaper times.

What are the experiences with Tibber?

Tibber, a relative newcomer to the energy market, has grown rapidly in popularity thanks to its customer-centric approach. Customers seem to particularly appreciate the ease of use of the Tibber app and the transparency of their energy consumption. Dynamic pricing, which varies depending on market prices, allows customers to save on their energy bills, generating positive feedback. Some have criticized customer service, but this seems to be in the minority.

How much are power prices at Tibber?

Tibber’s pricing model, which is based on real-time market prices, is both unique and innovative. It differs from traditional fixed rates in that prices can fluctuate throughout the day. This allows users to realize potential savings by adjusting their energy consumption to these fluctuating prices. While some customers were initially skeptical of this model, many have realized its benefits after using it.

Is Tibber a reliable provider?

Since its introduction to the market, Tibber has built a solid reputation as a reliable energy provider. By maintaining transparency and openness in their business processes and pricing models, they have gained the trust of many customers. Their emphasis on sustainability and customer satisfaction further sets them apart from other players in the market.

What is ‘Pulse’ at Tibber?

‘Pulse’ is one of Tibber’s flagship products. It is an advanced tool that allows customers to monitor and analyze their energy consumption in real time. This helps users identify inefficiencies in their consumption and take action. The feature is designed so that even less technically savvy users can handle it.

What payment methods does Tibber offer?

Tibber has streamlined the payment experience for its customers by offering a variety of payment methods. This includes everything from traditional bank transfers to modern digital payment options. Their flexibility in this area makes it easier for customers to manage their accounts and make payments on time.

Are there alternatives to Tibber on the market?

Yes, the energy market is saturated with providers. While Tibber has distinctive features, such as their dynamic pricing model and “Pulse” tool, other providers also have their own unique offerings. Customers are always advised to do their research and choose what best suits their needs.

How do I cancel my Tibber account?

Tibber’s cancellation process is designed to be as painless as possible. Customers can express their desire to cancel via the app or the official website. Tibber’s customer service team is also available to answer any questions and assist with the process.

What should you know about the notice period with Tibber?

As with most services, Tibber has a notice period that needs to be taken into account. This is usually one month, but it is always advisable to read the contract and terms and conditions carefully.

How do I contact Tibber?

Contacting Tibber is quite easy. They offer several channels, including email, phone and a chat feature on their website. Their customer service team is trained to respond to questions quickly and efficiently.

What meters is Tibber compatible for?

Tibber’s technology is designed to be compatible with a wide range of modern energy meters. They continue to update their software to ensure that as many households as possible can benefit from their services. When in doubt, it is always a good idea to check their compatibility list.

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