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VIOME offers health tests. By means of the tests, one can detect food intolerances. You can order the whole body test in VIOME online store. Understanding that your teeth and gut are essential is crucial for anyone interested in traveling a successful oral and gut maintenance journey. Most people understand that their gut is crucial to their digestive system. As a result, they invest their hard-earned money in-home test kits that analyze their gut microbiome.

VIOME is a famous company that makes the best test kits as the reviews shows. Consequently, if you are concerned about your gut health, especially as research emerges about the connection between your gut health and the immune system, you would want to get a test kit from a company that can be trusted.

Common gut health problems include irritable bowel disease, constipation, diarrhea, and food intolerances. If you are constantly experiencing weight loss, it might be a sign that you are suffering from gut health issues. However, you might need to buy a test kit for confirmation instead of second-guessing yourself. The way to buy the test kits made by VIOME is mainly because the company delivers exactly what it preaches.

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Customer Reviews

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 by EriC

I recently took the VIOME test kit to find out if I have food intolerances, and I'm glad I did! The test was easy to do and it only took a few days to get my results back. It was worth it to find out what foods I should avoid in order to feel well.

 by J.E.

The Viome test kit was a little expensive, but it was worth the money. I was tired and flabby, and the test helped me identify my intestinal problems. The test results helped me understand what was going on with my body. I feel better now.

 by Paul

I was very pleased with the ease of use of the VIOME test kit. The instructions were clear and it didn't take long to get the results. I think it is really important to have a product like this to maintain gut health.

How well is VIOME rated?

VIOME is one of the most trusted kit-producing companies that has gathered many positive reviews from satisfied customers. The reason behind the numerous positive reviews is that the company produces microbiome testing kits that have shown promising and reliable results.

The platform is showered with numerous praises, especially after helping most people discover that they might have some problem with their gut. The kits have allowed them to take proactive action by visiting a doctor to examine them, and most of them are pleased that they were able to prevent severe problems from developing. The positive ratings also indicate that most of the users had an overall good experience making purchases from the company.

Is VIOME legit?

VIOME has been a legitimate company selling gut health test kits since 2016. The company has received much love and appreciation from multiple users who maintained excellent gut health after testing their gut using the provided kits. VIOME is also famous for addressing issues concerning the epidemic of chronic diseases, aging, and cancer. We have reasons to believe that the company is legitimate, mainly because it claims that the tests listed on its official website are FDA-approved. But we are sure about the company’s FDA approval for its mRNA technology.

The company's test kits are capable of detecting threats and oral cancers. Users can confidently utilize the kits provided by the company for microbiome tests to detect the traces of fungi, microbes, and yeast that might be present in their stool. Additionally, the above positive ratings and reviews prove that the test kits provided by the company are legitimate. If they were not, most customers wouldn’t have shown the online platform much love as they did on its official website and other websites.

Are there VIOME coupons or discount codes?

VIOME’s discount codes are available, specifically aimed at helping buyers save money. It enables users to take their level to a new level by offering them some of the best test kits, probiotics, and supplements at a discounted cost. The discount codes are provided to customers that spend approximately 249 USD and above on kits.

The company also discounts its two less intensive tests. Buyers should also take advantage of some of the codes on the platform’s official website to get a health insurance or gut intelligence test. Subscribing to the company allows you to get 20% off your first three months. All you need to do is enter the provided promo code and activate it at checkout.

Which products/categories make VIOME offer?

VIOME is a company that manufactures microbiome testing kits that can be used at home. The test kits are essential to people interested in learning about their gut health. Microbiomes are microorganisms that are frequently found in the intestines, and at times, inside the mouth. Some of these microbiomes are beneficial to our health, while some of them are pretty dangerous.

VIOME uses a platform powered by AI to collect users’ blood and stool samples, and they use it to examine gut microbial. However, the user must first order the kit, collect their sample and send the kit back to the company using a prepaid mailer. Once the company receives the test kit, they analyze the sent sample and send back the results to the user within four weeks. Users can review their results through the company’s site and accompanying app.

What are the VIOME order process and payment methods?

VIOME provides customers with three major types of testing. The testing ranges from 249 USD and 399 USD. Typically, the company offers approximately 20 to 30 USD off when they use the provided coupon codes or once they get signed into the platform’s mailing list. VIOME accepts multiple payment options, including Visa, Discover, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shop Now, and American Express.

As a test kit buyer, you can always choose the payment option that suits you best to complete the payments. Unfortunately, the platform is not correctly covered by insurance. In simple terms, the company doesn’t accept health insurance, HSA, or FSA for payment.

What are VIOME’s delivery times, shipping services, and costs?

Gut Intelligence Test, Full Body Intelligence Test, and Health Intelligence Tests are sent through United States Postal Service for users living in the United States. Once the test kits have been dispatched, the platform will send a tracking number. The company delivers placed orders within 3 to 5 business days.

It also claims that it might take fewer days to deliver specific orders. VIOME provides a pre-paid return mailer that customers can use to return their samples to the company’s laboratory. On the other hand, probiotics and supplements are shipped through United Parcel Service. Shipping is done every 30 days for active subscriptions. It takes approximately 11-16 days to deliver supplement orders after the customer’s next order date.

What is VIOME’s right of return/return policy?

VIOME’s return policy dictates that if a refund is requested after 24 hours within 14 days of purchase, the customer will get a partial refund, exceptionally if their sample has not been returned. The refund includes taxes paid plus shipping costs used. However, the refund is based on the buying price minus the 35 dollars processing fee. The policy applies to all purchases regardless of where the purchase is made from.

How is VIOME contact/support?

VIOME has very supportive customer support that is always ready to respond to any questions you might have concerning their kits. If you have questions concerning the platform’s probiotics, supplements, delivery dates, or shipping fees, you can contact VIOME’s customer support at (855) 958-4663, and they will respond as soon as possible.

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