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About Vivint

Vivint is a provider of security systems. In the company’s online store there are home security systems, security sensors and alarm systems. Surveillance cameras, smart home technology and smart home control are also available at Vivint.

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 by RyDy

Bought a Vivint system. Installation was easy and customer service is excellent. They always answer my questions and help me solve problems. The app is user friendly and I love that I can control all my devices from one place. The security system is top notch and I feel safe knowing it is monitoring my home 24/7 even when I am not home.

 by Tom R.

I am very satisfied with the Vivint security system! The installation went smoothly and the technicians were very knowledgeable. Customer service was also very helpful in answering my questions. The system has worked flawlessly since installation and I feel much safer knowing it's there.

Vivint Review

Innovations in different sectors have made huge impacts on the lives of many. In the security sector, the same is seen with practical, smart, and affordable security systems and devices. Security is paramount, and it’s important to prioritize it and find the necessary means of improving it.

Lurkers are potential burglars; you can get rid before they do anything to your house or garage by having the proper security systems. Smart home security empowers you by ensuring that everything is in place even when you are not home, and no one can get in without being noticed. Vivint is a company specializing in security matters, and we will be learning more about them and their products.

How well is Vivint rated?

Depending on your website, Vivint's rating differs from one to another as the reviews are different, carrying specific negative or positive feedback. According to the more significant percentage of reviews, customers highlight how professional the installation of different security devices was, which shows that most people are impressed with their services.

Vivint Company's rating is good and is a sign that you can trust them to do an incredible job. Vivint Company is reliable, and because they make the most significant part of their equipment, they seem capable of taking care of your security concerns as they are the experts.

Is Vivint legit?

Vivint has the prowess to create the best smart home devices to provide a high level of security to your homes. With over 1.5 million customers in North America, it is safe to conclude that this is a legit company. Another factor that shows beyond doubt that this company is legit is the number of years they have been active as they have been in operation for twenty years, and in these twenty years, customer reviews speak highly of them.

The company has also bagged some awards in these twenty years, like the Business Intelligence Group Excellence in Customer Service Award, PCMag Editor's Choice Award, U.S. News & World Report's Best Home Security System, and more. The bottom line here is that the company may have some flaws, but it is competent, and people can trust the quality of its products.

Are there Vivint coupons or discount codes?

Vivint sometimes offers coupons, promos, and discount codes to customers to help bring in new customers as a result as people love it when they get things on discount as they save some money in the process. Vivint does have several promotions like the free $200 credit for the new customers, a $50 bill credit for signing up on their website, a $ 50 gift card and free installation of a security system, free shipping and installation on all U.S. orders and 30 percent off all Vivint products and standard installation.

With these promotions, customers feel appreciated and considered, which prompts them to bring a friend when purchasing different security systems or devices from your company. Remember, word of mouth goes a long way, and the moment people speak great things about your business, there are listening ears picking on what is being said.

Which products/categories do Vivint offer?

Vivint is a company that provides people with effective security options for better protection in their homes. With security cameras, a control panel hub, home automation gadgets, a connected automobile gadget, and security and safety sensors, Vivint provide a complete smart home solution. There is the option for buyers to fund their purchases so they can start with a fully functional smart home without having to pay for everything upfront.

This means one does not have to struggle with financing everything all at once, as this can be exhausting. Specifically, Vivint products include the indoor camera, smart hub, Kwikset smart lock, doorbell camera pro, smart sensor, glass-break detector, motion sensor, and outdoor camera pro, among others.

Which are Vivint's order process and payment methods?

Suppose you are interested in any of Vivint's security products. In that case, you cannot order online as you have to call the company and speak to a home security professional who will guide you through the best choice for your needs, and you can go ahead and order with customer service. To pay for the products, there is something they regard as Equipment Financing that provides customers with flexible options for paying for everything all at once.

Equipment financing involves three companies; Citizen's Pay, Citizens One, and Fortiva Retail Credit. If you plan to fund the home security system, you must sign a contract that lasts for four to five years with a strict cancellation policy.

What are Vivint's delivery times, shipping service, and costs?

Primarily, Vivint operates in the U.S., which is why their deliveries are fast as they are not shipping to other countries. When you order a product from this company, and your zip code aligns with the ones they have as places where they deliver, you will receive your order within the day, and the shipping service will send you a message on when to expect your order.

The shipping costs for products here are free as they do not cover long distances and feel their customers deserve to get their orders without paying for shipping. Reviews on the delivery and shipping of this company's products are great, which shows people are happy with them. Although this is the case, you may not lack a review with lousy feedback concerning the same.

What is Vivint’s right of return/ return policy?

According to Vivint’s rigid return policy, customers have the opportunity to cancel an agreement you both made, which is called the Right of Rescission (ROR), which should take place right after the installation of the security system. This is where you get to cancel and not to worry about incurring any penalties as the Right of Rescission lasts for three days after you sign it, and after this terminating the agreement would lead to penalties.

There is a cancellation policy that must be followed after these three days have passed and one wants to termite the contract, and in such a case, it will cost you money as you will still have to pay for the total amount of the system. Before purchasing any home security system or device from this company, be sure it is what you need to avoid this.

Which is Vivint’s contact/support?

Contacting Vivint about their services and products is a good idea; they know this and why they have several reliable means in place for you to use to reach them. Customers can call 855.895.8357 when it’s on matters to do with purchases and email the company at customersupport(at)

People in the United States can call 801.377.911, and Canadian customers can use 800.216.5232. Customer reviews indicate that Vivint’s customer support is robust and reliable, which most customers are keen about before engaging with any business.

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