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About OHRA

OHRA is a Dutch insurance company founded in 1925. The company offers a range of insurance options, including health, auto, travel, and home insurance. As a subsidiary of Delta Lloyd Group, which is part of NN Group, OHRA has a strong financial foundation. The company focuses on direct sales to consumers, primarily through online channels. Transparency and customer-friendliness are central to the company’s philosophy. The user-friendly website and mobile application make it easy to take out insurance, make changes, and file claims. Customer service is accessible through multiple channels, including telephone and social media, contributing to the overall user experience.

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Customer Reviews

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 by Gibb

I have been a customer of OHRA for two years and have my car insurance there. Taking out the policy was surprisingly straightforward. In terms of claims processing, OHRA was quick and efficient. The website and mobile app offer useful features for managing the policy.

How reliable is OHRA with their insurances?

OHRA’s reliability in offering insurance is widely recognized. The company has years of experience in the insurance sector and focuses on customer satisfaction and transparency. Through their website and customer service, one can quickly and effectively get help, boosting confidence in the company. A wide range of insurance packages are offered, from auto to pet insurance, allowing customers to find tailor-made solutions.

What are the experiences with OHRA’s auto insurance?

OHRA’s auto insurance is highly regarded. Various customer reviews emphasize efficient claims handling and clarity in the policy terms. You can choose from different coverage levels, offering flexibility in finding the right balance between cost and coverage.

Can you easily take out pet insurance with OHRA?

Taking out pet insurance with OHRA is a streamlined process. The website offers an easy-to-use interface where customers can specify their needs and get an immediate quote. The company offers various packages that cover basic care as well as more extensive medical treatments.

What are OHRA’s rates for health insurance?

OHRA offers different rates for health insurance, designed to meet different needs and budgets. Options range from basic insurance to extensive packages that also cover alternative treatments. The price-quality ratio is considered good, and it is possible to adjust your own risk.

How do you report damage with OHRA’s travel insurance?

Reporting damage with OHRA’s travel insurance is easy. You can do this both online and by phone. After submitting, the claim is quickly reviewed, and payouts are efficiently handled. This allows policyholders to travel comfortably, knowing that any problems will be addressed.

What are the costs of contents insurance with OHRA?

The costs of contents insurance with OHRA depend on various factors such as the value of your contents, the type of home, and location. OHRA offers different coverage packages, from basic to all-risk, each with its own price tag. It is possible to request a quote through the OHRA website to get a clear picture of expected costs. Extra coverages like glass breakage or outdoor coverage can increase the premium.

How does logging in at OHRA work?

Logging in at OHRA is streamlined and secure. Through the website, you gain access to a personal portal where you can manage all your insurance matters. Two-factor authentication provides an additional layer of security.

Is OHRA’s accident insurance reliable?

OHRA’s accident insurance is a solid choice for those looking for financial security in unexpected events like an accident. OHRA has a good reputation in claim handling and customer service. The company offers different packages with variable coverage levels. In the case of permanent disability or death due to an accident, the insurance pays out a predetermined amount. Claims are generally handled quickly and efficiently, contributing to confidence in this specific insurance.

What does OHRA’s building insurance cover?

OHRA’s building insurance provides coverage against damage to your home due to factors like fire, storm, and burglary. In addition to the house itself, outbuildings like sheds and garages are usually also covered. OHRA also offers the option to add extra coverages, such as for glass breakage or water damage. In the case of a damage claim, an expert is involved to assess the damage and calculate the payout.

Are there discounts or benefits with OHRA’s legal insurance?

OHRA’s legal insurance comes with various benefits and discount opportunities. The company, for instance, offers a no-claim discount that can increase if you don’t make a claim for an extended period. In addition, there are opportunities for collective discounts, making this insurance attractive to various target groups.

How can you cancel an OHRA insurance?

Canceling an OHRA insurance can be done in several ways, depending on the type of insurance and the cancellation period. For most insurances, a one-month notice period applies. You can cancel online through the personal OHRA environment after logging in. Here, you can follow the steps required for canceling your policy. Another option is to send a registered letter to OHRA stating your intent to cancel. Canceling by phone is also an option; make sure you have all relevant information at hand to facilitate the process.

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