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Read reviews on energiedirect.nl and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did energiedirect.nl get and what are the reasons for this?

About energiedirect.nl

Energiedirect.nl is a prominent Dutch energy supplier that provides both individuals and businesses with electricity and gas. Founded with the aim of making energy simpler, cheaper and more transparent, the company has positioned itself as a no-nonsense supplier in the market. They distinguish themselves through competitive rates and a customer-friendly approach. Through their online platform, energiedirect.nl allows customers to easily manage their energy affairs. In addition, the company is strongly committed to sustainability, with green power options and initiatives aimed at reducing their carbon footprint. Over the years, energiedirect.nl has gained the trust of many Dutch people who value reliable and affordable energy.

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Customer Reviews

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 by J.K.

I have been a customer of energiedirect.nl for over a year. The transparency of the tariff offer and the clear communication of the company convinced me right from the start. My switch to this provider was uncomplicated and the customer service answered all my questions quickly and competently. I particularly appreciate energiedirect.nl's efforts in terms of sustainability. With their selection of green energy, I feel good about contributing to environmental protection. The online platform is user-friendly, and submitting meter readings or changing my data is hassle-free.

What are the experiences with energiedirect.nl?

Energiedirect.nl has built up a solid customer base over the years. Many customers praise the company’s transparency and clear communication about rates and terms and conditions. Satisfied customers often point to the user-friendly website and easy switching procedure. Yet, as with any company, there are also critical voices, usually focused on specific problems or misunderstandings.

How green is energiedirect.nl’s electricity?

Energiedirect.nl has taken steps in recent years to make their offerings more sustainable. They offer green electricity, mainly generated from renewable sources such as wind and solar. The company is also transparent about the origin of their green power, allowing customers to make informed choices.

Does energiedirect.nl also offer gas?

Yes, energiedirect.nl also supplies gas in addition to electricity. They strive to produce this gas as sustainably as possible, although the transition to green gas is more complicated than that to green electricity. Nevertheless, the company tries to keep its carbon footprint as low as possible.

Are energiedirect.nl’s tariffs competitive?

Energiedirect.nl is known for its competitive rates. They closely monitor market trends to offer competitive prices. Their no-nonsense approach eliminates many overheads, resulting in cost savings for the customer.

How can I change or cancel my contract?

If you want to make changes to your contract or terminate it, you can easily do so through the online customer portal. If you encounter any obstacles, energiedirect.nl’s customer service is ready to assist. It is important to check the general terms and conditions for any termination costs or other provisions.

How do I contact energiedirect.nl?

Energiedirect.nl has various communication channels. You can reach them by phone, email, and sometimes even via chat on their website. They aim for fast response times and customer-friendliness, so your questions or problems are dealt with quickly.

What does the fixed price guarantee of energiedirect.nl mean?

The fixed price guarantee means that during the term of your contract you pay a fixed rate for your energy. This protects you against price increases in the energy market. It offers security and transparency for customers who want to stabilize their expenses.

How do I log in to my energiedirect.nl account?

Go to the energiedirect.nl website and look for the ‘Log in’ button. Then enter your login details. If you have problems logging in, such as a forgotten password, there are options available to reset your password or contact customer service.

How can I enter my meter readings at energiedirect.nl?

Meter readings can easily be entered through the online customer portal. This is often an annual procedure to calculate your actual consumption. Follow the step-by-step instructions on the website, and make sure you submit the readings correctly and on time.

How seriously does energiedirect.nl take sustainability?

Sustainability is a core objective for energiedirect.nl. In addition to offering green electricity and steps to green gas, the company is constantly looking for innovative ways to make their operations and services more environmentally friendly. It is clear that for energiedirect.nl, sustainability is not just a trend, but an ongoing corporate mission.

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