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Frank Energie Review

Read reviews on Frank Energie and find out how satisfied customers have been lately. What ratings did Frank Energie get and what are the reasons for this?

About Frank Energie

Frank Energie is a modern and innovative energy supplier that stands out in the Dutch market for its strong emphasis on sustainability. The company supplies energy derived entirely from renewable sources. In doing so, it actively contributes to the transition to a greener and more sustainable energy landscape. In addition to green power, Frank Energie offers customers a range of tools and services, such as smart meters and apps, to better understand and manage their energy consumption. Through their customer-centric approach and transparent communication, the company has quickly become one of the preferred choices for consumers looking for eco-friendly energy solutions without sacrificing quality or service.

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Frank Energie

Customer Reviews

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 by Lou

Favorable rates, I pay noticeably less in the summer, a flexible offer from Frank Energie that I like to use. Switching was very easy. I registered online two years ago and they did it for me.

What are the experiences with Frank Energie?

Frank Energie has become a progressive player in the energy market since its inception. Several reviews show that the company scores high on customer service and transparency. In particular, customers appreciate the clear billing, clarity about where the energy comes from, and quick responses to questions or problems. In addition, the company’s educational initiatives, such as webinars and workshops on renewable energy, are highly rated.

Does Frank Energie really offer Green electricity?

Yes, Frank Energie is known for its commitment to sustainability. They use energy from renewable sources such as wind turbines, solar panels and hydroelectric plants. Their partnerships with green energy producers ensure that customers can rely on a steady supply of renewable power. The company is also transparent about their energy sources, allowing customers to clearly see where their power comes from.

How reliable is Frank Energie?

When it comes to reliability, Frank Energie has a name to uphold. The company has strict standards for quality and service. They are quick to resolve any outages and problems. In addition, their customer service is trained to help customers in a professional and efficient manner, so they consistently receive positive feedback.

What are Frank Energie rates?

Frank Energie rates are competitive and reflect their commitment to both quality and sustainability. They have designed different rate packages to meet the diverse needs of their customer base. Whether you have a large family, a small apartment, or run a business, there is a plan to suit you. They also offer customized advice to help you choose the best rate.

How are the prices at Frank Energie?

Although their prices are sometimes slightly higher than market averages, the benefits offered by Frank Energy justify these small differences. Their green energy initiatives, combined with excellent customer service and transparency, make for good value for money.

How can I switch to Frank Energie?

Switching to Frank Energie is a streamlined process. First, you need to take a look at their website where you’ll find a handy switching tool. Enter your details, and the company will take care of everything for you, from canceling with your current supplier to setting up your new contract.

What are the benefits of Frank Energie?

Frank Energie’s biggest advantage is their green energy initiative. They are also known for their customer service, which is available 24/7. Their price transparency ensures that there are no hidden fees. In addition, they have an intuitive app and website that allows customers to track their usage, pay bills and ask questions.

How do I log into my Frank Energie account?

Logging in is simple. Go to Frank Energie’s website and click the login button. Enter your information and you’ll have access to all your data, usage statistics and more. If you have problems logging in, customer service is always ready to help.

How do I contact Frank Energie?

There are several ways to contact Frank Energie. They can be reached by phone, email and live chat on their website. The company is known for its quick response time, so you can expect your questions and concerns to be addressed quickly.

Is there an app available for Frank Energie customers?

Yes, Frank Energie has developed a user-friendly app for both Android and iOS. It allows customers to track their usage in real time, view and pay bills, and even chat live with customer service if they have questions or concerns. It is a convenient tool that makes interacting with the company easier.

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