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Chegg is a portal for homework help. Chegg provides digital learning products that help students improve their performance. In addition to low-cost rental books, there are on-demand online tutors and personalized learning tools.

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 3 reviews
 by Elly

Chegg is an online study aid that offers diverse study materials, support for comprehension problems, and friendly instructors. I have recommended it as very helpful for my studies. The lecturers are always willing to help me with anything I don't understand and the selection of materials on the website is huge.

 by P.P.

Chegg is a great tool for my chemistry studies. The instructors are friendly and knowledgeable, and the prices for borrowing books are very reasonable.

 by Tom

Chegg has been a great help to me in my math studies. The wide range of study aids they offer has allowed me to find the resources I need to be successful. The customer service is also excellent; they always respond quickly and are very helpful. I highly recommend Chegg to any student who needs a little extra help with their studies.

Chegg is a service that helps students with their homework to develop the information and skills relevant to their studies. Generally, the platform offers advice and assistance with virtually all research fields. This diversity has allowed its user base to grow. Chegg offers content and materials on several topics, including chemistry, economics, computer science, geometry, accounting, etc. However, it raises questions about whether Chegg encourages cheating in schools and examinations. In addition, many people have had concerns about the validity of the platform and whether it is legitimate.

Most people who have used Chegg for many years argued that most of the concerns that students have over the possibility of being found cheating are more significant. Below is an in-depth analysis of the platform and the services it provides. The document will attempt to address some of the concerns most people are worried about regarding the forum. It is also suitable for anyone wanting to know whether the platform is a trustworthy source for answers.

How Well is Chegg Rated?

Chegg has 4.8 stars. Based on the impressive reviews, we can confidently conclude that most students who have used Chegg's services were generally impressed and satisfied with the answers they received from the platform. Most of the students who have signed up with the platform have done amazingly well in their exams and courses, as evident from most of the customer reviews they have read. Most customers also state that the company is known for its fantastic customer experience.

Is Chegg Legit?

Since Chegg continues to be utilized by multiple students worldwide, it indicates that the platform is legitimate and reliable. It has been proven numerous times that most of the platform’s answers and solutions to student questions are accurate. Students have stated that more than 80% of the solutions provided on the website are typically authentic. The answers are not taken directly from a solutions manual. Instead, they are manually solved by instructors and professional tutors who work for the platform. This results in some very slight errors. Explanations and solutions provided by Chegg are always detailed to give the student a clear path to approach specific problems.

According to multiple student reviews available on several platforms, Chegg is a website that you can entirely rely on for solutions to problems that are difficult to answer. It is also the best platform for students to compare their answers to those provided by professional tutors. The official website has a comment section where previous students commented on the topic and whether the explanations provided were correct. Since the platform has impressed so many people, it has received an overall rating of 4.8, showing that the platform is loved and trusted by many.

Are There Chegg Coupons or Discount Codes?

There is currently a Chegg student discount for 25% of their first month of a Chegg study pack subscription. Once you are signed up to the platform, you also enjoy discounts on textbooks and other services by utilizing coupon codes that are widely available on the platform’s official website.

Which Services Does Chegg Offer?

Chegg has constantly been growing in popularity, especially among students, due to the educational services that it has been offering to its students. Some of the services that the company has provided for its students for many years include the lending of books, administration of scholarships, provision of homework and exam solutions, and provision of online tutoring. It illustrates a web-based educational platform that provides excellent services to each visitor who tries the platform.

As a student, you can rely on the platform for answers. Many students utilize it due to the extensive range of services it offers. It provides the students with step-by-step solutions to some of their homework problems in all subjects. More than 90% of students who have utilized Chegg to search for answers reported an improvement in their marks as a direct result of using the platform. This is in accordance with multiple customer reviews on the platform’s official website.

What is Chegg Order Process & Payment Methods?

The decision to purchase is the first step to placing an order in Chegg. At this stage, buyers review and decide what kind of items they want to get from the platform. Then follows the issuance of the purchase order. At this point, the customer issues the purchase order to the relevant supplier and mentions all the necessary information for the order. The buyer then accepts or rejects the purchase order. If pleased with the order, the customer accepts it. If not, the order is canceled.

Once the order is accepted, it is prepared for dispatch and delivered to the indicated location. The platform includes a purchase order number in the packing list to prevent orders from mixing up. An invoice is then carried out using the buying order number. The final stage involves making payments, and this is the stage where the customer pays the supplier. Books and tutors are paid for through credit cards. All you are required to do is submit your bank account details and approve the payment.

What Are Chegg Costs and Cancellation Processes?

You can continue to utilize Chegg’s services until the date of your next billing cycle, even after you’ve terminated your subscription with the platform. You also can temporarily suspend your subscription, especially if you are a monthly subscriber.

Ensure that you have canceled your subscription before the billing starts to prevent being charged, mainly if you are using the free trial version. If you’ve ordered a book and realized it is not the one you wanted, you can cancel the order within 30 minutes. However, once 30 minutes are over, you will need to accept the book and return it within 21 days.

What is Chegg’s Right of Return / Return Policy?

Chegg provides a refund policy that allows customers to ask for their money back up to 21 days after they’ve purchased a book. The book sent back should be in the same condition as when you received the order for you to be fully refunded (Minus the shipping cost). You will also receive a full refund for your digital books when you return them within fourteen days of purchase. Once logged in, you will see the necessary information and instructions on your account page.

How is Chegg’s Contact / Support?

Chegg has responsive customer support available 24/7 to help you review all the problems you might experience with the platform. You can call them at +1-855-477-0177 if you have any questions concerning an order delay or are worried about payment methods. You can also call them for guidance, especially if you want to be connected to suitable tutors or if you want to give them feedback on their services.

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